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tetex-bin  3.0
BaseStream Member List
This is the complete list of members for BaseStream, including all inherited members.
addFilters(Object *dict)Stream
BaseStream(Object *dictA)BaseStream
close()Stream [virtual]
decRef()Stream [inline]
decryptBaseStream [protected]
dictBaseStream [private]
doDecryption(Guchar *fileKey, int keyLength, int objNum, int objGen)BaseStream [virtual]
getBaseStream()BaseStream [inline, virtual]
getChar()=0Stream [pure virtual]
getDict()BaseStream [inline, virtual]
getKind()=0Stream [pure virtual]
getLine(char *buf, int size)Stream [virtual]
getPos()=0Stream [pure virtual]
getPSFilter(int psLevel, char *indent)Stream [virtual]
getRawChar()Stream [virtual]
getStart()=0BaseStream [pure virtual]
ignoreLength()Stream [inline, virtual]
incRef()Stream [inline]
isBinary(GBool last=gTrue)BaseStream [inline, virtual]
isEncoder()Stream [inline, virtual]
lookChar()=0Stream [pure virtual]
makeSubStream(Guint start, GBool limited, Guint length, Object *dict)=0BaseStream [pure virtual]
moveStart(int delta)=0BaseStream [pure virtual]
reset()=0Stream [pure virtual]
setPos(Guint pos, int dir=0)=0BaseStream [pure virtual]
~BaseStream()BaseStream [virtual]
~Stream()Stream [virtual]