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tetex-bin  3.0
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PannerP.h File Reference
#include "Panner.h"
#include <X11/Xaw/SimpleP.h>

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struct  PannerClassPart
struct  _PannerClassRec
struct  PannerPart
struct  _PannerRec
struct  PannerPart.tmp


#define PANNER_HSCALE(pw, val)   ((pw)->panner.haspect * ((double) (val)))
#define PANNER_VSCALE(pw, val)   ((pw)->panner.vaspect * ((double) (val)))
#define PANNER_DSCALE(pw, val)
#define PANNER_DEFAULT_SCALE   8 /* percent */
#define PANNER_OUTOFRANGE   -30000


typedef struct _PannerClassRec PannerClassRec
typedef struct _PannerRec PannerRec


PannerClassRec pannerClassRec

Class Documentation

struct PannerClassPart

Definition at line 36 of file PannerP.h.

Class Members
int dummy
struct _PannerClassRec

Definition at line 40 of file PannerP.h.

Collaboration diagram for _PannerClassRec:
Class Members
CoreClassPart core_class
PannerClassPart panner_class
SimpleClassPart simple_class
struct PannerPart

Definition at line 46 of file PannerP.h.

Collaboration diagram for PannerPart:
Class Members
Boolean allow_off
Dimension canvas_height
Dimension canvas_width
Dimension default_scale
Pixel foreground
double haspect
Dimension internal_border
Dimension knob_height
Dimension knob_width
Position knob_x
Position knob_y
Position last_x
Position last_y
Dimension line_width
XtCallbackList report_callbacks
Boolean resize_to_pref
Boolean rubber_band
Pixel shadow_color
GC shadow_gc
XRectangle shadow_rects
Dimension shadow_thickness
Boolean shadow_valid
GC slider_gc
Dimension slider_height
Dimension slider_width
Position slider_x
Position slider_y
String stipple_name
struct PannerPart tmp
double vaspect
GC xor_gc
struct _PannerRec

Definition at line 84 of file PannerP.h.

Collaboration diagram for _PannerRec:
Class Members
CorePart core
PannerPart panner
SimplePart simple
struct PannerPart.tmp

Definition at line 70 of file PannerP.h.

Class Members
Boolean doing
Position dx
Position dy
Boolean showing
Position startx
Position starty
Position x
Position y

Define Documentation

#define PANNER_DEFAULT_SCALE   8 /* percent */

Definition at line 95 of file PannerP.h.

#define PANNER_DSCALE (   pw,
(Dimension)  \
  ((((unsigned long) (val)) * (unsigned long) pw->panner.default_scale) / 100L)

Definition at line 93 of file PannerP.h.

#define PANNER_HSCALE (   pw,
)    ((pw)->panner.haspect * ((double) (val)))

Definition at line 90 of file PannerP.h.

#define PANNER_OUTOFRANGE   -30000

Definition at line 97 of file PannerP.h.

#define PANNER_VSCALE (   pw,
)    ((pw)->panner.vaspect * ((double) (val)))

Definition at line 91 of file PannerP.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct _PannerRec PannerRec

Variable Documentation