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tetex-bin  3.0
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FoFiType1C.h File Reference
#include <aconf.h>
#include "gtypes.h"
#include "FoFiBase.h"
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struct  Type1CIndex
struct  Type1CIndexVal
struct  Type1CTopDict
struct  Type1CPrivateDict
struct  Type1COp
struct  Type1CEexecBuf
class  FoFiType1C
union  Type1COp.__unnamed__


#define type1CMaxBlueValues   14
#define type1CMaxOtherBlues   10
#define type1CMaxStemSnap   12

Class Documentation

struct Type1CIndex

Definition at line 25 of file FoFiType1C.h.

Class Members
int endPos
int len
int offSize
int pos
int startPos
struct Type1CIndexVal

Definition at line 33 of file FoFiType1C.h.

Class Members
int len
int pos
struct Type1CTopDict

Definition at line 38 of file FoFiType1C.h.

Class Members
int charsetOffset
int charStringsOffset
int charstringType
int copyrightSID
int encodingOffset
int familyNameSID
int fdArrayOffset
int fdSelectOffset
int firstOp
double fontBBox
double fontMatrix
int fullNameSID
int isFixedPitch
double italicAngle
int noticeSID
int orderingSID
int paintType
int privateOffset
int privateSize
int registrySID
double strokeWidth
int supplement
double underlinePosition
double underlineThickness
int uniqueID
int versionSID
int weightSID
struct Type1CPrivateDict

Definition at line 75 of file FoFiType1C.h.

Class Members
int blueFuzz
double blueScale
int blueShift
int blueValues
double defaultWidthX
GBool defaultWidthXFP
double expansionFactor
int familyBlues
int familyOtherBlues
GBool forceBold
double forceBoldThreshold
GBool hasForceBold
GBool hasStdHW
GBool hasStdVW
int initialRandomSeed
int languageGroup
int nBlueValues
int nFamilyBlues
int nFamilyOtherBlues
double nominalWidthX
GBool nominalWidthXFP
int nOtherBlues
int nStemSnapH
int nStemSnapV
int otherBlues
double stdHW
double stdVW
double stemSnapH
double stemSnapV
int subrsOffset
struct Type1COp

Definition at line 108 of file FoFiType1C.h.

Class Members
union Type1COp __unnamed__
GBool isFP
GBool isNum
struct Type1CEexecBuf

Definition at line 117 of file FoFiType1C.h.

Class Members
GBool ascii
int line
FoFiOutputFunc outputFunc
void * outputStream
Gushort r1
union Type1COp.__unnamed__

Definition at line 111 of file FoFiType1C.h.

Class Members
double num
int op

Define Documentation

#define type1CMaxBlueValues   14

Definition at line 71 of file FoFiType1C.h.

#define type1CMaxOtherBlues   10

Definition at line 72 of file FoFiType1C.h.

#define type1CMaxStemSnap   12

Definition at line 73 of file FoFiType1C.h.