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tetex-bin  3.0
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BuiltinFontTables.h File Reference
#include "BuiltinFont.h"
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#define nBuiltinFonts   14
#define nBuiltinFontSubsts   12


void initBuiltinFontTables ()
void freeBuiltinFontTables ()


BuiltinFont builtinFonts [nBuiltinFonts]
BuiltinFontbuiltinFontSubst [nBuiltinFontSubsts]

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#define nBuiltinFonts   14

Definition at line 14 of file BuiltinFontTables.h.

#define nBuiltinFontSubsts   12

Definition at line 15 of file BuiltinFontTables.h.

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Definition at line 4278 of file

  int i;

  for (i = 0; i < 14; ++i) {
    delete builtinFonts[i].widths;

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