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system-config-printer  1.3.9+20120706
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cupshelpers Namespace Reference


namespace  cupshelpers
namespace  installdriver
namespace  openprinting
namespace  ppds
namespace  xmldriverprefs


def _no_debug
def _debugprint
def set_debugprint_fn


list __all__
 _debugprint_fn = _no_debug

Function Documentation

def cupshelpers._debugprint (   x) [private]

Definition at line 34 of file

00035 def _debugprint (x):
00036     _debugprint_fn (x)

def cupshelpers._no_debug (   x) [private]

Definition at line 30 of file

00031 def _no_debug (x):
00032     return

def cupshelpers.set_debugprint_fn (   debugprint)
Set debugging hook.

@param debugprint: function to print debug output
@type debugprint: fn (str) -> None

Definition at line 37 of file

00038 def set_debugprint_fn (debugprint):
00039     """
00040     Set debugging hook.
00042     @param debugprint: function to print debug output
00043     @type debugprint: fn (str) -> None
00044     """
00045     global _debugprint_fn
00046     _debugprint_fn = debugprint

Variable Documentation

Initial value:
00001 ['set_debugprint_fn',
00002             'Device', 'Printer', 'activateNewPrinter',
00003             'copyPPDOptions', 'getDevices', 'getPrinters',
00004             'missingPackagesAndExecutables', 'missingExecutables',
00005             'parseDeviceID',
00006             'setPPDPageSize',
00007             'ppds',
00008             'openprinting']


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