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supertuxkart  0.5+dfsg1
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gjkepa2_impl Namespace Reference


struct  MinkowskiDiff
struct  GJK
struct  EPA


typedef unsigned int U
typedef unsigned char U1
typedef MinkowskiDiff tShape


static void Initialize (const btConvexShape *shape0, const btTransform &wtrs0, const btConvexShape *shape1, const btTransform &wtrs1, btGjkEpaSolver2::sResults &results, tShape &shape, bool withmargins)

Typedef Documentation

Definition at line 76 of file btGjkEpa2.cpp.

typedef unsigned int gjkepa2_impl::U

Definition at line 38 of file btGjkEpa2.cpp.

typedef unsigned char gjkepa2_impl::U1

Definition at line 39 of file btGjkEpa2.cpp.

Function Documentation

static void gjkepa2_impl::Initialize ( const btConvexShape *  shape0,
const btTransform wtrs0,
const btConvexShape *  shape1,
const btTransform wtrs1,
btGjkEpaSolver2::sResults results,
tShape shape,
bool  withmargins 
) [static]

Definition at line 719 of file btGjkEpa2.cpp.

/* Results           */ 
results.witnesses[0] =
results.witnesses[1] =      btVector3(0,0,0);
results.status                     =      btGjkEpaSolver2::sResults::Separated;
/* Shape             */ 
shape.m_shapes[0]           =      shape0;
shape.m_shapes[1]           =      shape1;
shape.m_toshape1            =      wtrs1.getBasis().transposeTimes(wtrs0.getBasis());
shape.m_toshape0            =      wtrs0.inverseTimes(wtrs1);

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