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supertuxkart  0.5+dfsg1
StaticSSG Member List
This is the complete list of members for StaticSSG, including all inherited members.
allBucketsType typedefStaticSSG [private]
allLeavesType typedefStaticSSG [private]
collision(sgSphere *s, AllHits *allHits)StaticSSG
Distribute(ssgEntity *start, sgMat4 m)StaticSSG [private]
Draw(ssgBranch *b)StaticSSG
GetHash(float x, float y)StaticSSG [inline, private]
GetHash(int m1, int n1)StaticSSG [inline, private]
GetRowCol(float x, float y, int *m1, int *n1)StaticSSG [inline, private]
hot(sgVec3 start, sgVec3 end, ssgLeaf **l, sgVec4 **nrm)StaticSSG
m_all_leavesStaticSSG [private]
m_bucketsStaticSSG [private]
m_invdxStaticSSG [private]
m_invdyStaticSSG [private]
m_mStaticSSG [private]
m_nStaticSSG [private]
m_startStaticSSG [private]
m_test_numberStaticSSG [private]
m_x_maxStaticSSG [private]
m_x_minStaticSSG [private]
m_y_maxStaticSSG [private]
m_y_minStaticSSG [private]
Setup(int n)StaticSSG [private]
StaticSSG(ssgEntity *start, int n)StaticSSG
StoreTriangle(ssgLeaf *l, int indx, sgVec3 vv1, sgVec3 vv2, sgVec3 vv3)StaticSSG [private]