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supertuxkart  0.5+dfsg1
Smoke Member List
This is the complete list of members for Smoke, including all inherited members.
getCreationRate() const ParticleSystem [inline]
getNumActiveParticles() const ParticleSystem [inline]
getNumParticles() const ParticleSystem [inline]
getSize() const ParticleSystem [inline]
init(int initial_num)ParticleSystem
m_kartSmoke [private]
particle_create(int index, Particle *p)Smoke [virtual]
particle_delete(int index, Particle *p)Smoke [virtual]
particle_update(float deltaTime, int index, Particle *p)Smoke [virtual]
ParticleSystem(int num, float _create_rate, int _turn_to_face, float sz, float bsphere_size)ParticleSystem
setCreationRate(float cr)ParticleSystem [inline]
setSize(float sz)ParticleSystem [inline]
Smoke(Kart *kart, int num, float _create_rate, int _turn_to_face, float sz, float bsphere_size)Smoke
update(float t)Smoke [virtual]
~ParticleSystem()ParticleSystem [virtual]