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supertuxkart  0.5+dfsg1
HullLibrary Member List
This is the complete list of members for HullLibrary, including all inherited members.
allocateTriangle(int a, int b, int c)HullLibrary [private]
b2bfix(Tri *s, Tri *t)HullLibrary [private]
BringOutYourDead(const btVector3 *verts, unsigned int vcount, btVector3 *overts, unsigned int &ocount, unsigned int *indices, unsigned indexcount)HullLibrary [private]
calchull(btVector3 *verts, int verts_count, TUIntArray &tris_out, int &tris_count, int vlimit)HullLibrary [private]
calchullgen(btVector3 *verts, int verts_count, int vlimit)HullLibrary [private]
checkit(Tri *t)HullLibrary [private]
CleanupVertices(unsigned int svcount, const btVector3 *svertices, unsigned int stride, unsigned int &vcount, btVector3 *vertices, btScalar normalepsilon, btVector3 &scale)HullLibrary [private]
ComputeHull(unsigned int vcount, const btVector3 *vertices, PHullResult &result, unsigned int vlimit)HullLibrary [private]
ConvexHCrop(ConvexH &convex, const btPlane &slice)HullLibrary [private]
CreateConvexHull(const HullDesc &desc, HullResult &result)HullLibrary
deAllocateTriangle(Tri *)HullLibrary [private]
extrudable(btScalar epsilon)HullLibrary [private]
extrude(class Tri *t0, int v)HullLibrary [private]
FindSimplex(btVector3 *verts, int verts_count, btAlignedObjectArray< int > &allow)HullLibrary [private]
m_trisHullLibrary [private]
ReleaseResult(HullResult &result)HullLibrary
removeb2b(Tri *s, Tri *t)HullLibrary [private]
test_cube()HullLibrary [private]