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supertuxkart  0.5+dfsg1
btWheelInfo.h File Reference
#include "LinearMath/btVector3.h"
#include "LinearMath/btTransform.h"
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struct  btWheelInfoConstructionInfo
struct  btWheelInfo
 btWheelInfo contains information per wheel about friction and suspension. More...
struct  btWheelInfo::RaycastInfo

Class Documentation

struct btWheelInfoConstructionInfo

Definition at line 19 of file btWheelInfo.h.

Collaboration diagram for btWheelInfoConstructionInfo:
Class Members
bool m_bIsFrontWheel
btVector3 m_chassisConnectionCS
btScalar m_frictionSlip
btScalar m_maxSuspensionTravelCm
btScalar m_suspensionRestLength
btScalar m_suspensionStiffness
btVector3 m_wheelAxleCS
btVector3 m_wheelDirectionCS
btScalar m_wheelRadius
btScalar m_wheelsDampingCompression
btScalar m_wheelsDampingRelaxation
struct btWheelInfo::RaycastInfo

Definition at line 39 of file btWheelInfo.h.

Collaboration diagram for btWheelInfo::RaycastInfo:
Class Members
btVector3 m_contactNormalWS
btVector3 m_contactPointWS
void * m_groundObject
btVector3 m_hardPointWS
bool m_isInContact
btScalar m_suspensionLength
btVector3 m_wheelAxleWS
btVector3 m_wheelDirectionWS