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btOdeJoint.h File Reference
#include "LinearMath/btScalar.h"
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struct  BU_ContactJointNode
class  btOdeJoint
struct  btOdeJoint::Info1
struct  btOdeJoint::Info2


typedef btScalar dVector3 [4]

Class Documentation

struct BU_ContactJointNode

Definition at line 24 of file btOdeJoint.h.

Collaboration diagram for BU_ContactJointNode:
Class Members
btOdeSolverBody * body
btOdeJoint * joint
struct btOdeJoint::Info1

Definition at line 46 of file btOdeJoint.h.

Class Members
int m
int nub
struct btOdeJoint::Info2

Definition at line 52 of file btOdeJoint.h.

Class Members
btScalar * c
btScalar * cfm
btScalar erp
int * findex
btScalar fps
btScalar * hi
btScalar * J1a
btScalar * J1l
btScalar * J2a
btScalar * J2l
btScalar * lo
int rowskip

Typedef Documentation

typedef btScalar dVector3[4]

Definition at line 28 of file btOdeJoint.h.