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btGjkEpa2.cpp File Reference
#include "BulletCollision/CollisionShapes/btConvexInternalShape.h"
#include "BulletCollision/CollisionShapes/btSphereShape.h"
#include "btGjkEpa2.h"

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struct  gjkepa2_impl::MinkowskiDiff
struct  gjkepa2_impl::GJK
struct  gjkepa2_impl::GJK::sSV
struct  gjkepa2_impl::GJK::sSimplex
struct  gjkepa2_impl::GJK::eStatus
struct  gjkepa2_impl::EPA
struct  gjkepa2_impl::EPA::sFace
struct  gjkepa2_impl::EPA::sList
struct  gjkepa2_impl::EPA::sHorizon
struct  gjkepa2_impl::EPA::eStatus


namespace  gjkepa2_impl


#define GJK_MAX_ITERATIONS   128
#define GJK_ACCURARY   ((btScalar)0.0001)
#define GJK_MIN_DISTANCE   ((btScalar)0.0001)
#define GJK_DUPLICATED_EPS   ((btScalar)0.0001)
#define GJK_SIMPLEX2_EPS   ((btScalar)0.0)
#define GJK_SIMPLEX3_EPS   ((btScalar)0.0)
#define GJK_SIMPLEX4_EPS   ((btScalar)0.0)
#define EPA_MAX_VERTICES   64
#define EPA_MAX_ITERATIONS   255
#define EPA_ACCURACY   ((btScalar)0.0001)
#define EPA_PLANE_EPS   ((btScalar)0.00001)
#define EPA_INSIDE_EPS   ((btScalar)0.01)


typedef unsigned int gjkepa2_impl::U
typedef unsigned char gjkepa2_impl::U1
typedef MinkowskiDiff gjkepa2_impl::tShape


static void gjkepa2_impl::Initialize (const btConvexShape *shape0, const btTransform &wtrs0, const btConvexShape *shape1, const btTransform &wtrs1, btGjkEpaSolver2::sResults &results, tShape &shape, bool withmargins)

Class Documentation

struct gjkepa2_impl::GJK::sSV

Definition at line 82 of file btGjkEpa2.cpp.

Collaboration diagram for gjkepa2_impl::GJK::sSV:
Class Members
btVector3 d
btVector3 w
struct gjkepa2_impl::GJK::sSimplex

Definition at line 86 of file btGjkEpa2.cpp.

Collaboration diagram for gjkepa2_impl::GJK::sSimplex:
Class Members
sSV * c
btScalar p
U rank
struct gjkepa2_impl::EPA::sFace

Definition at line 445 of file btGjkEpa2.cpp.

Collaboration diagram for gjkepa2_impl::EPA::sFace:
Class Members
sSV * c
btScalar d
U1 e
sFace * f
sFace * l
btVector3 n
btScalar p
U1 pass

Define Documentation

#define EPA_ACCURACY   ((btScalar)0.0001)

Definition at line 31 of file btGjkEpa2.cpp.


Definition at line 32 of file btGjkEpa2.cpp.

#define EPA_INSIDE_EPS   ((btScalar)0.01)

Definition at line 34 of file btGjkEpa2.cpp.


Definition at line 29 of file btGjkEpa2.cpp.

#define EPA_MAX_ITERATIONS   255

Definition at line 30 of file btGjkEpa2.cpp.

#define EPA_MAX_VERTICES   64

Definition at line 28 of file btGjkEpa2.cpp.

#define EPA_PLANE_EPS   ((btScalar)0.00001)

Definition at line 33 of file btGjkEpa2.cpp.

#define GJK_ACCURARY   ((btScalar)0.0001)

Definition at line 20 of file btGjkEpa2.cpp.

#define GJK_DUPLICATED_EPS   ((btScalar)0.0001)

Definition at line 22 of file btGjkEpa2.cpp.

#define GJK_MAX_ITERATIONS   128

Definition at line 19 of file btGjkEpa2.cpp.

#define GJK_MIN_DISTANCE   ((btScalar)0.0001)

Definition at line 21 of file btGjkEpa2.cpp.

#define GJK_SIMPLEX2_EPS   ((btScalar)0.0)

Definition at line 23 of file btGjkEpa2.cpp.

#define GJK_SIMPLEX3_EPS   ((btScalar)0.0)

Definition at line 24 of file btGjkEpa2.cpp.

#define GJK_SIMPLEX4_EPS   ((btScalar)0.0)

Definition at line 25 of file btGjkEpa2.cpp.