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supertuxkart  0.5+dfsg1
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btAxisSweep3.h File Reference
#include "LinearMath/btPoint3.h"
#include "LinearMath/btVector3.h"
#include "btOverlappingPairCache.h"
#include "btBroadphaseInterface.h"
#include "btBroadphaseProxy.h"
#include "btOverlappingPairCallback.h"
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class  btAxisSweep3Internal< BP_FP_INT_TYPE >
 btAxisSweep3Internal is an internal template class that implements sweep and prune. Dont use this class directly, use btAxisSweep3 or bt32BitAxisSweep3 instead. More...
class  btAxisSweep3Internal< BP_FP_INT_TYPE >::Edge
class  btAxisSweep3
 btAxisSweep3 is an efficient implementation of the 3d axis sweep and prune broadphase. It uses arrays rather then lists for storage of the 3 axis. Also it operates using 16 bit integer coordinates instead of floats. For large worlds and many objects, use bt32BitAxisSweep3 instead. bt32BitAxisSweep3 has higher precision and allows more then 16384 objects at the cost of more memory and bit of performance. More...
class  bt32BitAxisSweep3
 bt32BitAxisSweep3 allows higher precision quantization and more objects compared to the btAxisSweep3 sweep and prune. This comes at the cost of more memory per handle, and a bit slower performance. It uses arrays rather then lists for storage of the 3 axis. More...




int gOverlappingPairs

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