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scribus-ng  1.3.4.dfsg+svn20071115
Todo List
Member BarcodeType::BarcodeType (QString cmd, QString exa, QString comm, QString regExp, bool includeCheck=false, bool includeCheckInText=false)
Make better regular expressions for BCDs.
Member SCRIBUS_API::AnName
This is Annotation Name.. not item name, needs splitting up.
Member SCRIBUS_API::ApplyMasterPage ()
Make this work with real page numbers, negative numbers and document sections when they are implemented
Member SCRIBUS_API::moveImageInFrame (double newX, double newY)
Move to PageItem_ImageFrame
Member scribus_newdoc (PyObject *, PyObject *args)
Obsolete! In the case of no facing pages use only firstpageleft scripter is not new-page-size ready. What is it: don't allow to use wrong FSL constant in the case of onesided document.