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scribus-ng  1.3.4.dfsg+svn20071115
scimgdataloader_tiff.cpp File Reference
#include <qfile.h>
#include <qfileinfo.h>
#include <qobject.h>
#include "scconfig.h"
#include "scimgdataloader_tiff.h"
#include "colorutil.h"

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static void TagExtender (TIFF *tiff)

Function Documentation

static void TagExtender ( TIFF *  tiff) [static]

Definition at line 15 of file scimgdataloader_tiff.cpp.

       static const TIFFFieldInfo xtiffFieldInfo[] =
              { 37724, -3, -3, TIFF_UNDEFINED, FIELD_CUSTOM, TRUE, TRUE,   const_cast<char*>("PhotoshopLayerData") }
       TIFFMergeFieldInfo(tiff, xtiffFieldInfo, sizeof (xtiffFieldInfo) / sizeof (xtiffFieldInfo[0]));

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