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SCRIBUS_API Protocol Reference

A Bookmark Palette. More...

#include <about.h>

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struct  AboutData
 ScPlugin provides an interface to ask plugins for information about themselves. More...
struct  ActionInfo
struct  Bead
struct  BookMa
struct  Cata
struct  Dest
struct  Elem
struct  fileMod
struct  fontSet
struct  gData
struct  GlyphData
struct  ICCD
struct  imageEffect
struct  OCGInfo
struct  oldPageVar
struct  OpData
struct  OpenNodesList
struct  OutL
struct  PagL
struct  PagT
struct  PDe
struct  PluginData
 PluginData is structure for plugin related informations. More...
class  ScFaceData
 see accessors for ScFace for docs More...
protocol  SCRIBUS_API
struct  ShIm
struct  SpotC
struct  TabRecord
struct  testCache
class  TransactionObject
 Dummy subclass of UndoObject which is used for holding the name. More...
class  UndoItem
 UndoItem provides a custom QListBoxItem for the undo history view. More...

Public Types

enum  CheckMode {
  checkNULL, checkPDF, checkEPS, checkPrint,
 State of the P.V. More...
enum  defectMode {
  normalVision = 0, protanopeVision = 1, deuteranopeVision = 2, tritanopeVision = 3,
  colorBlindnessVision = 4
 Enumerate Vision Defects for readable ComboBox access. More...
enum  PixmapType { smallPixmap, widePixmap, fancyPixmap }
enum  TipType { ColorListBox, Table, TableHeader, TreeView }
enum  Status {
enum  FontType {
enum  FontFormat {
enum  GuideType { Standard, Auto }
enum  loadFlags {
  lfCreateDoc = 1, lfUseCurrentPage = 2, lfInsertPage = 4, lfInteractive = 8,
  lfScripted = 16
enum  presetID {
  none = 0, gutenberg = 1, magazine = 2, fibonacci = 3,
  goldencut = 4, nineparts = 5
 Integerized indexes for tr() strings. More...
enum  MenuType { Normal, DLL }
enum  ItemType {
  ItemType1 = 1, ImageFrame = 2, ItemType3 = 3, TextFrame = 4,
  Line = 5, Polygon = 6, PolyLine = 7, PathText = 8,
  Multiple = 99
 Item Type. More...
enum  TextFlowMode {
  TextFlowDisabled = 0, TextFlowUsesFrameShape = 1, TextFlowUsesBoundingBox = 2, TextFlowUsesContourLine = 3,
  TextFlowUsesImageClipping = 4
 Text flow mode. More...
enum  ItemFrameType {
  Unspecified = -1, Rectangle = 0, Ellipse = 1, Round = 2,
  Other = 3
 Frame Type. More...
enum  VerifyResults { Verify_NoError = 0, Verify_OptionConflict, Verify_OptionOutOfRange, Verify_OtherError }
enum  PDFVersion { PDFVersion_13 = 13, PDFVersion_14 = 14, PDFVersion_15 = 15, PDFVersion_X3 = 12 }
enum  PDFPageLayout { SinglePage = 0, OneColumn, TwoColumnLeft, TwoColumnRight }
enum  RequestType {
  CMYKData = 0, RGBData = 1, RGBProof = 2, RawData = 3,
  Thumbnail = 4
enum  ImageEffectCode {
enum  FillMode {
  None, Solid, Gradient, Pattern,
  None, Solid, Gradient, Pattern
enum  FillMode {
  None, Solid, Gradient, Pattern,
  None, Solid, Gradient, Pattern
enum  ColorMode { rgbMode = 1, cmykMode = 2 }
enum  ImageMode { cmykImages, rgbImages, rgbProofImages, rawImages }
enum  Capabilities { basic = 0, transparencies = 1, patterns = 2 }
enum  ActionType {
  Normal, DataInt, DataDouble, DataQString,
  RecentFile, DLL, Window, RecentScript,
  UnicodeChar, Layer, ActionDLL, RecentPaste
enum  AlignTo {
  alignFirst, alignLast, alignPage, alignMargins,
  alignGuide, alignSelection
 Some internal align tools. More...
enum  LineSpacingMode { FixedLineSpacing = 0, AutomaticLineSpacing = 1, BaselineGridLineSpacing = 2 }
enum  AlignmentType {
  Leftaligned = 0, Centered = 1, Rightaligned = 2, Justified = 3,
  Extended = 4
enum  OpticalMarginType {
  OM_None = 0, OM_LeftProtruding = 1, OM_RightProtruding = 2, OM_LeftHangingPunct = 4,
  OM_RightHangingPunct = 8, OM_Default = OM_RightProtruding + OM_LeftHangingPunct + OM_RightHangingPunct
enum  HyphenationMode { NoHyphenation = 0, ManualHyphenation = 1, AutomaticHyphenation = 2 }
enum  VGradientType { linear = 0, radial = 1, conic = 2 }
enum  VGradientRepeatMethod { none = 0, reflect = 1, repeat = 2 }
enum  Type { linear = 0, radial = 1, conic = 2 }
enum  RepeatMethod { none = 0, reflect = 1, repeat = 2 }

Public Slots

void languageChange ()
void handleMultipleSelections (bool isMultiple)
void setGuide (int, double)
void languageChange ()
void NewName ()
void IPlace ()
void RemoveNIcon ()
void RemovePIcon ()
void RemoveRIcon ()
void IconsEin ()
void GetNIcon ()
void GetPIcon ()
void GetRIcon ()
void SelectFelder ()
void editKeySc ()
void editFormatSc ()
void editValidSc ()
void editCalcSc ()
void editJavaSc ()
void SetFormNum ()
void SetCurr ()
void HandleVali ()
void SetVali ()
void HandleCalc ()
void SetCalc ()
void SetFoScript (int it)
void SetCo (double x, double y)
void SetPg (int v)
void SetCross ()
void SetVals ()
void SetZiel (int i)
void GetFile ()
void SetActTyp (int it)
void SetLimit ()
void SetActScript (int it)
void setDateSample (const QString &ds)
void SetExternL ()
void SetCo (double x, double y)
void SetPg (int v)
void SetCross ()
void SetVals ()
void SetZiel (int i)
void GetFile ()
void selForm (int a)
void selForm (int a)
void AddPageItem (PageItem *ite)
void ChangeText (PageItem *currItem)
void languageChange ()
void languageChange ()
void newChar (uint i)
void userNewChar (uint i)
void delChar ()
void newFont (int font)
void newCharClass (int c)
void delEdit ()
void insChar ()
void showAlternate ()
 No usage now.
void appendUnicode (QString s, uint base=16)
 appends an unicode char into m_characters list.
void slotSelect (QListViewItem *ite)
 Called when is selected a new item in error list.
void doReScan ()
 Do a manual rechecking.
void newScan (const QString &name)
 Process error checking itself.
virtual void slotCMSon ()
virtual void setValues ()
virtual void slotSimula ()
void SetValueS (int val)
void ToggleSL ()
QPixmap SliderPix (int farbe)
QPixmap SliderBlack ()
void SelSwatch (int n)
void setSpot ()
void setRegist ()
void SelModel (const QString &mod)
void setColor ()
void setColor2 (int h, int s, bool ende)
void SelFromSwatch (int c)
void setValues ()
void Verlassen ()
void InhaltButton ()
void InnenButton ()
void SetColors (ColorList newColorList)
void updateCList ()
void SetPatterns (QMap< QString, ScPattern > *docPatterns)
void selectPattern (QIconViewItem *c)
void changePatternProps ()
void ToggleKette ()
void HChange ()
void VChange ()
void updatePatternList ()
void updateBoxS (QString Farbe)
void selectColor (QListBoxItem *c)
QColor setColor (QString farbe, int shad)
void slotGrad (int nr)
void slotColor (QString n, int s)
void ChooseGrad (int nr)
void setActFarben (QString p, QString b, int shp, int shb)
void setActGradient (int typ)
void setActPattern (QString pattern, double scaleX, double scaleY, double offsetX, double offsetY, double rotation)
void setSpecialGradient (double x1, double y1, double x2, double y2)
void changeSpecial ()
void setActShade ()
void setActTrans (double, double)
void changeBlendMode (int)
void setActBlend (int, int)
void setGradTrans (double val)
void slotTrans (int val)
void unitChange (double old, double neww, int ein)
void languageChange ()
void handleCompress ()
 Switch the filename extensions by compress checkbox state.
virtual void start ()
 Starts the timer and begins processing.
void runUntilFinished ()
 Run continuously without returning control to the event loop, until either aborted(bool) or finished() are emitted.
virtual void cancel ()
 Abort the search and emit aborted(true).
void setMinMax (int min, int max, int cur)
void saveIt ()
void selFormat (QListBoxItem *c)
void selEditFormat (QListBoxItem *c)
void editFormat ()
void neuesFormat ()
void dupFormat ()
void deleteFormat ()
void loadStyles ()
virtual void leaveOK ()
virtual void updateSolarize (int val)
virtual void updateContrast (int val)
virtual void updateBright (int val)
virtual void createPreview ()
virtual void saveValues (bool final)
virtual void moveToEffects ()
virtual void moveFromEffects ()
virtual void moveEffectUp ()
virtual void moveEffectDown ()
virtual void selectEffect (QListBoxItem *c)
virtual void selectAvailEffect (QListBoxItem *c)
virtual void selectAvailEffectDbl (QListBoxItem *c)
void changedLayer ()
void selLayer (int layer)
void selPath (QListBoxItem *c)
void noPath ()
virtual void start ()
 Begin searching.
const QStringList & matchingFiles () const
 Return a list of files matched.
int foundCount () const
 Return the number of files found so far.
const QString & fileName () const
 Return the name we're searching for.
const QDir & currentDir () const
 Return a const reference to the QDir we're using to track our progress.
void addFile (QString fileName)
void removeFile (QString fileName)
void addDir (QString fileName)
void removeDir (QString fileName)
void start ()
void stop ()
void forceScan ()
void setCurrentFont (QString f)
void languageChange ()
void slotClick (QListViewItem *ite, const QPoint &, int col)
void ReplaceSel (int r, int c)
void UpdateFliste ()
void DelEntry ()
void SelectPath (QListBoxItem *c)
void AddPath ()
void ChangePath ()
void DelPath ()
void MoveN ()
void SetXY (double x, double y)
void HaveNode (bool have, bool mov)
void IsOpen ()
void PolyStatus (int typ, uint size)
void languageChange ()
void unitChange ()
void EndEdit ()
void setPos (double)
void changePos (int)
void languageChange ()
virtual void setSource (const QString &name)
 Sets the name of the displayed document to name.
virtual void overLink (const QString &link)
void Draw (int where)
 draw mark
void unitChange ()
void Check ()
void DoSkip ()
void accept ()
void reject ()
void slotNewSettings (int Wordlen, bool Autom, bool ACheck, int Num)
 Writes actual hyphen configuration into doc object.
void slotHyphenateWord (PageItem *it, const QString &text, int firstC)
 Make hyphenation when user edits text in text frame manually.
void slotHyphenate (PageItem *it)
 Make hyphenation as described in.
void slotDeHyphenate (PageItem *it)
void updateName (int r)
void addLayer ()
void dupLayer ()
void removeLayer ()
void upLayer ()
void downLayer ()
void changeName (int row, int col)
void visibleLayer ()
void printLayer ()
void lockLayer ()
void flowToggleLayer ()
void outlineToggleLayer ()
void markLayer ()
void changeOpacity ()
void changeBlendMode (int blend)
void setActiveLayer (int row)
void ClearInhalt ()
void markActiveLayer (int layerNumber=-1)
void languageChange ()
void saveIt ()
void selFormat (QListBoxItem *c)
void selEditFormat (QListBoxItem *c)
void editFormat ()
void neuesFormat ()
void dupFormat ()
void deleteFormat ()
void loadLStyles ()
virtual void okButton_clicked ()
virtual void cancelButton_clicked ()
virtual void setPageSize ()
 as setOrien for orientationQComboBox current item
virtual void setSize (const QString &gr)
 Sets page size and enables/disables size widgets.
virtual void setOrien (int ori)
 Sets page orientation and sizes regarding the given value.
virtual void setPageWidth (int v)
 Recompute the page width for current unit.
virtual void setPageHeight (int v)
 Recompute the page height for current unit.
void setTop ()
 Recompute the values after spinbox change.
void setBottom ()
void setLeft ()
void setRight ()
void setPreset ()
 Recompute margins in PresetLayout combobox and disable/enable widgets.
void ToggleKette ()
void changeBleeds ()
void setValues (double x1, double y1, double x2, double y2, double angle, double length, int unitIndex)
void languageChange ()
virtual void newFont (const QString &replacement)
void setMainWindow (ScribusMainWindow *mw)
void languageChange ()
void setDoc (ScribusDoc *d)
void unsetDoc ()
void unsetItem ()
void setMultipleSelection (bool)
void NewSel (int nr)
void SetCurItem (PageItem *i)
void unitChange ()
void setLevel (uint l)
void setXY (double x, double y)
void setBH (double x, double y)
void setR (double r)
void setRR (double r)
void setCols (int r, double g)
void setLspMode (int id)
void setLsp (double r)
void setSize (int s)
void setFontFace (const QString &)
void setExtra (int e)
void setDvals (double left, double top, double bottom, double right)
void ChangeScaling ()
void setLvalue (double scx, double scy, double x, double y)
void setSvalue (double s)
void setLIvalue (Qt::PenStyle p, Qt::PenCapStyle pc, Qt::PenJoinStyle pj)
void updateStyle (const ParagraphStyle &newCurrent)
 update TB values:
void setStil (int s)
void setAli (int e)
void setParStyle (const QString &name)
void setCharStyle (const QString &name)
void setOpticalMargins (int)
void setMinWordTracking ()
void setNormWordTracking ()
void setMinGlyphExtension ()
void setMaxGlyphExtension ()
void setShadowOffs (int x, int y)
void setUnderline (int p, int w)
void newUnderline ()
void setStrike (int p, int w)
void newStrike ()
void setOutlineW (int x)
void newOutlineW ()
void setTScale (int e)
void NewTScale ()
void NewTScaleV ()
void NewTBase ()
void setTScaleV (int e)
void setTBase (int e)
void SetLineFormats (ScribusDoc *dd)
void SetSTline (QListBoxItem *c)
void NewTFont (QString)
void newTxtFill ()
void newTxtStroke ()
void setActShade ()
void setActFarben (QString p, QString b, int shp, int shb)
void ManageTabs ()
void setLocked (bool)
void setSizeLocked (bool)
void setPrintingEnabled (bool)
void setFlippedH (bool)
void setFlippedV (bool)
void textChanged ()
virtual void stepDown ()
void setMaxValue (double val)
 Sets the Maximum Value of the Spinbox.
void setMinValue (double val)
 Sets the Minimum Value of the Spinbox.
virtual void setValue (double val)
 Sets the Value of the Spinbox.
void setReadOnly (bool ro)
void setValues (double min, double max, int deci, double val)
void getValues (double *min, double *max, int *deci, double *val)
void NewName ()
void DelSubLine ()
void NewSubLine ()
void NewLJoin ()
void NewLEnd ()
void NewLSty ()
void NewLColor ()
void NewLWidth ()
void NewLShade ()
void slotEditStyle (int i)
void selectMasterPage (QString name)
void setHeight (int v)
void setWidth (int v)
void selectItem (uint nr)
void itemSelected (QIconViewItem *ic)
void handleAutoFrame ()
void setDist (int v)
void setUnit (int u)
void ExitOK ()
void setOrien (int ori)
void setPGsize (const QString &)
void setDS (int layout)
void recentDocListBox_doubleClicked (int index)
 Opens document on doubleclick.
void openFile (const QString &)
void ToggleKette ()
void changeSizesH ()
void changeSizesW ()
void itemSelected (QIconViewItem *ic)
void itemSelected (int ic)
virtual void GotoPg (int)
virtual void setMaxValue (int)
void languageChange ()
void clearFocus ()
void loadPatternDir ()
void loadPattern ()
void patternSelected (QIconViewItem *it)
void removeAllPatterns ()
void removePattern ()
void languageChange ()
void UpdatePreView ()
double GetFaktor ()
void ValFromSpin (int a)
void ValFromSpin2 (int a)
void accept ()
 Overridden to emit accepted(), which plugin panels use.
void setDS (int layout)
 Preferences (Document / Page Size), switches default between Facing Pages and swaps text labels for margin guides.
void unitChange ()
 Preferences (General, Units). Sets scaling factors and units descriptions when default units are changed. Updates preference values.
void switchCMS (bool enable)
void itemSelected (QIconViewItem *ic)
virtual void apply ()=0
 applies changes made to prefs to the app.
void ToSeite (int num)
 Jump to newly selected page and create the new preview.
void redisplay ()
 Create the new preview.
void ToggleCMYK ()
 When CMYK preview is toggled, (dis)enable the CMYK controls and create the new preview.
void ToggleCMYK_Colour ()
 If CMYK preview is enabled, create a new preview with the new CMYK plate settings.
void scaleBox_valueChanged (int value)
 Recompute scaling factor of the preview image.
void Leave ()
virtual bool run (ScribusDoc *doc, QString target=QString::null)=0
 Run the plug-in's main action.
virtual bool run (QWidget *parent, ScribusDoc *doc, QString target=QString::null)
 Run the plug-in's main action.
virtual bool run (ScribusDoc *doc, QIODevice *target)
 Run the plugin on a QIODevice.
virtual DeferredTaskrunAsync (QString target=QString::null)
 Run the plugin asynchronously.
virtual DeferredTaskrunAsync (QIODevice *target)
 Run the plugin asynchronously.
const QString & runResult () const
 ! Obsolete method - do not use this or rely on it in new code.
void toggle ()
void languageChange ()
void languageChange ()
void specialActionKeyEvent (const QString &actionName, int unicodevalue)
void newView ()
void ToggleStickyTools ()
void ToggleAllGuides ()
void ToggleAllPalettes ()
void slotStoryEditor ()
void slotCharSelect ()
void ImageEffects ()
QString Collect (const bool compress=false, const bool withFonts=false, const bool withProfiles=false, const QString &newDirectory=QString::null)
void AddBookMark (PageItem *ite)
void DelBookMark (PageItem *ite)
void BookMarkTxT (PageItem *ite)
void StoreBookmarks ()
void setStatusBarMousePosition (double xp, double yp)
void setStatusBarInfoText (QString newText)
bool DoFileClose ()
void fontMenuAboutToShow ()
void windowsMenuAboutToShow ()
void newActWin (QWidget *w)
void closeActiveWindowMasterPageEditor ()
void updateActiveWindowCaption (const QString &newCaption)
void windowsMenuActivated (int id)
void UnDoAction ()
void RedoAction ()
void slotTest ()
void slotTest2 ()
void PutScrap ()
void PutToPatterns ()
void changeLayer (int)
void showLayer ()
void ManageJava ()
void manageMasterPages (QString temp="")
void manageMasterPagesEnd ()
bool slotFileNew ()
 generate a new document in the current view
bool slotPageImport ()
bool loadPage (QString fileName, int Nr, bool Mpa, const QString &renamedPageName=QString::null)
void slotGetContent ()
void slotGetContent2 ()
void slotFileAppend ()
 Appends a Textfile to the Text in the selected Textframe at the Cursorposition.
void removeRecent (QString fn)
void loadRecent (QString fn)
void rebuildRecentFileMenu ()
void rebuildRecentPasteMenu ()
void pasteRecent (QString fn)
void rebuildLayersList ()
bool slotDocOpen ()
bool loadDoc (QString)
bool postLoadDoc ()
 Do post loading functions.
void slotAutoSaved ()
bool slotFileSave ()
 save a document
bool slotFileSaveAs ()
 save a document under a different filename
void slotFileRevert ()
void SaveText ()
 Sichert den Text eines Elements.
bool slotFileClose ()
 close the actual file
void slotFilePrint ()
 print the actual file
void slotReallyPrint ()
bool doPrint (PrintOptions &options)
 Generate and print PostScript from a doc.
void slotFileQuit ()
 exits the application
void slotEditCut ()
 put the marked text/object into the clipboard and remove it from the document
void slotEditCopy ()
 put the marked text/object into the clipboard
void slotEditPaste ()
 paste the clipboard into the document
void slotEditCopyContents ()
void slotEditPasteContents (int absolute=0)
void EnableTxEdit ()
void DisableTxEdit ()
void SelectAll ()
void deselectAll ()
void ClipChange ()
void slotHelpAbout ()
 shows an about dialog
void slotHelpAboutPlugins ()
void slotHelpAboutQt ()
void slotOnlineHelp ()
void ToggleTips ()
void slotNewPageP (int wo, QString templ)
 Erzeugt eine neue Seite.
void slotNewPageM ()
void slotNewMasterPage (int w, const QString &)
void slotNewPage (int w, const QString &masterPageName=QString::null, bool mov=true)
void duplicateToMasterPage ()
void DeletePage ()
 Loescht die aktuelle Seite.
void DeletePage (int from, int to)
 Delete pages.
void DeletePage2 (int pg)
void MovePage ()
 Verschiebt Seiten.
void CopyPage ()
void changePageMargins ()
void slotZoom (double zoomFactor)
 Zoom the view. Take the ScMW zoom actions and pass the view a %. Actions have whole number values like 20.0, 100.0, etc. Zoom to Fit uses -100 as a marker.
void ToggleMarks ()
 Schaltet Raender ein/aus.
void ToggleBleeds ()
void ToggleFrames ()
void ToggleLayerMarkers ()
void ToggleTextLinks ()
void ToggleTextControls ()
void ToggleColumnBorders ()
void ToggleRulers ()
void ToggleRulerMode ()
void togglePagePalette ()
void setPagePalette (bool visible)
void toggleUndoPalette ()
void setUndoPalette (bool visible)
void toggleCheckPal ()
void TogglePics ()
 Schaltet M_ViewShowImages ein/aus.
void ToggleRaster ()
 Schaltet Raster ein/aus.
void ToggleURaster ()
 Schaltet Rasterbenutzung ein/aus.
void ToggleFrameEdit ()
 Schaltet Rahmenbearbeitung ein/aus.
void slotSelect ()
void setAppMode (int mode)
 Switch appMode.
void setAppModeByToggle (bool isOn, int newMode)
void HaveNewDoc ()
 Neues Dokument erzeugt.
void HaveNewSel (int Nr)
void rebuildStyleMenu (int itemType)
void slotDocCh (bool reb=true)
 Dokument ist geaendert worden.
void setItemFarbe (int id)
 Setzt die Farbe.
void setItemShade (int id)
 Setzt die Abstufung.
void setItemFont (int id)
 Setzt den Font.
void setItemFont2 (int id)
void AdjustFontMenu (const QString &nf)
 Korrigiert das FontMenu.
void SetNewFont (const QString &nf)
void setItemFSize (int id)
 Setz die Zeichensatzgroesse.
void setFSizeMenu (int size)
void slotEditColors ()
void updtGradFill ()
 Style Manager.
void setCSMenu ()
void MakeFrame (int f, int c, double *vals)
 Fragt nach den Farben.
void ObjektDup ()
 Dupliziert das Element.
void ObjektDupM ()
 Dupliziert das Element mehrfach.
bool slotDocSetup ()
 Refromat the document when user click "OK" in ReformDoc dialog.
void objectAttributes ()
void getImageInfo ()
void generateTableOfContents ()
void buildFontMenu ()
void slotPrefsOrg ()
 Change Preferences dialog.
void saveStyles (StilFormate *dia)
void setNewAlignment (int a)
void setNewParStyle (const QString &name)
void setNewCharStyle (const QString &name)
void setAbsValue (int a)
void selectItemsFromOutlines (PageItem *ite)
void selectItemsFromOutlines (int Page, int Item, bool single=false)
void selectPagesFromOutlines (int Page)
void doPrintPreview ()
void printPreview ()
void SaveAsEps ()
void reallySaveAsEps ()
void SaveAsPDF ()
void doSaveAsPDF ()
void setMainWindowActive ()
void setItemHoch (int h)
void setStilvalue (int s)
void setItemTypeStyle (int id)
void slotElemRead (QString Name, double x, double y, bool art, bool loca, ScribusDoc *docc, ScribusView *vie)
void slotChangeUnit (int art, bool draw=true)
void NoFrameEdit ()
void ApplyMasterPage ()
 Apply master pages from the Apply Master Page dialog.
void Apply_MasterPage (QString pageName, int pageNumber, bool reb=true)
void GroupObj (bool showLockDia=true)
void UnGroupObj ()
void StatusPic ()
void ModifyAnnot ()
void ToggleGuides ()
void ToggleBase ()
void ToggleUGuides ()
void HaveRaster (bool art)
void EditTabs ()
void SearchText ()
void imageEditorExited ()
void callImageEditor ()
 call gimp and wait upon completion
void docCheckToggle (bool visible)
bool scanDocument ()
 Scan a document for errors, return true on errors found.
void setUndoMode (bool isObjectSpecific)
void insertSampleText ()
 Apply a Lorem Ipsum to the each item in a selection.
void updateItemLayerList ()
void docSetup (ReformDoc *dia)
 Apply changes from ReformDoc dialog.
void prefsOrg (Preferences *dia)
 Apply changes from Preferences dialog.
void slotInsertFrame ()
 Insert a frame friendly dialog.
void managePatterns ()
 manages the documents patterns
void enableTextActions (QMap< QString, QGuardedPtr< ScrAction > > *actionMap, bool enabled, const QString &fontName=QString::null)
 enable or disable the unicode actions and their menus
StyleManagerstyleMgr () const
 allow SE to get the SM for edit stlyes
void itemSelection_ToggleLock ()
void itemSelection_ToggleSizeLock ()
void itemSelection_ToggleImageShown ()
void itemSelection_TogglePrintEnabled ()
void itemSelection_ChangePreviewResolution (int id)
void itemSelection_ClearItem (Selection *customSelection=0)
void itemSelection_DeleteItem (Selection *customSelection=0, bool forceDeletion=false)
 Delete the items in the current selection. When force is true, we do not warn the user and make SE happy too. Force is used from.
void itemSelection_SetItemFillTransparency (double t)
void itemSelection_SetItemLineTransparency (double t)
void itemSelection_SetItemFillBlend (int t)
void itemSelection_SetItemLineBlend (int t)
void itemSelection_SetLineGradient (VGradient &newGradient, Selection *customSelection=0)
void itemSelection_SetFillGradient (VGradient &newGradient, Selection *customSelection=0)
void itemSelection_ApplyImageEffects (ScImageEffectList &newEffectList, Selection *customSelection=0)
void itemSelection_FlipH ()
void itemSelection_FlipV ()
void itemSelection_DoHyphenate ()
void itemSelection_DoDeHyphenate ()
void itemSelection_SendToLayer (int layerNumber)
void itemSelection_SetImageOffset (double x, double y, Selection *customSelection=0)
void itemSelection_SetImageScale (double x, double y, Selection *customSelection=0)
void itemSelection_SetImageScaleAndOffset (double ox, double oy, double sx, double sy, Selection *customSelection=0)
void itemSelection_AlignLeftOut (AlignTo currAlignTo, double guidePosition)
void itemSelection_AlignRightOut (AlignTo currAlignTo, double guidePosition)
void itemSelection_AlignBottomIn (AlignTo currAlignTo, double guidePosition)
void itemSelection_AlignRightIn (AlignTo currAlignTo, double guidePosition)
void itemSelection_AlignBottomOut (AlignTo currAlignTo, double guidePosition)
void itemSelection_AlignCenterHor (AlignTo currAlignTo, double guidePosition)
void itemSelection_AlignLeftIn (AlignTo currAlignTo, double guidePosition)
void itemSelection_AlignCenterVer (AlignTo currAlignTo, double guidePosition)
void itemSelection_AlignTopOut (AlignTo currAlignTo, double guidePosition)
void itemSelection_AlignTopIn (AlignTo currAlignTo, double guidePosition)
void itemSelection_DistributeDistH (bool usingDistance=false, double distance=0.0)
void itemSelection_DistributeAcrossPage (bool useMargins=false)
void itemSelection_DistributeRight ()
void itemSelection_DistributeBottom ()
void itemSelection_DistributeCenterH ()
void itemSelection_DistributeDistV (bool usingDistance=false, double distance=0.0)
void itemSelection_DistributeDownPage (bool useMargins=false)
void itemSelection_DistributeLeft ()
void itemSelection_DistributeCenterV ()
void itemSelection_DistributeTop ()
void itemSelection_MultipleDuplicate (ItemMultipleDuplicateData &)
void itemSelection_UniteItems (Selection *customSelection=0)
void itemSelection_SplitItems (Selection *customSelection=0)
void itemSelection_adjustFrametoImageSize (Selection *customSelection=0)
 Adjust an image frame's size to fit the size of the image in it.
void itemSelection_ApplyArrowHead (int startArrowID=-1, int endArrowID=-1, Selection *customSelection=0)
 startArrowID or endArrowID of -1 mean not applying a selection at this point.
void ItemPen (QString farbe)
void ItemPenShade (int sha)
void ItemBrush (QString farbe)
void ItemBrushShade (int sha)
void ItemGradFill (int typ)
void ItemPatternFill (QString pattern)
void ItemPatternProps (double scaleX, double scaleY, double offsetX, double offsetY, double rotation)
void updatePic ()
void updatePict (QString name)
void removePict (QString name)
void languageChange ()
void toggleCMS ()
void switchPreviewVisual (int vis)
void togglePreview ()
void unitChange ()
void setRulersShown (bool isShown)
void slotUpdateContents ()
void slotUpdateContents (const QRect &r)
void slotDoZoom ()
 Zooms in or out.
void slotZoom100 ()
void slotZoomIn (int mx=0, int my=0)
 Zooms in.
void slotZoomOut (int mx=0, int my=0)
void DrawNew ()
 Redraws everything.
void setMenTxt (int Seite)
void setLayerMenuText (const QString &)
void GotoPa (int Seite)
void GotoLa (int l)
void GotoPage (int Seite)
void ChgUnit (int art)
void SetCPo (double x, double y)
void SetCCPo (double x, double y)
void editExtendedImageProperties ()
void RefreshItem (PageItem *currItem)
void RefreshGradient (PageItem *currItem, double dx=8, double dy=8)
void ToggleBookmark ()
 Adjust an image frame's size to fit the size of the image in it.
void ToggleAnnotation ()
void ToBack ()
void ToFront ()
void LowerItem ()
void RaiseItem ()
void ToPicFrame ()
void ToPolyFrame ()
void ToTextFrame ()
void ToBezierFrame ()
void ToPathText ()
void FromPathText ()
void Bezier2Poly ()
void PasteToPage ()
void PasteRecentToPage (int id)
void TextToPath ()
void blinkCursor ()
void adjustCanvas (double width, double height, double dX=0.0, double dY=0.0)
void slotAutoSave ()
virtual void setPaletteShown (bool)
virtual void setFontSize ()
int exec (QWidget *newParent)
void languageChange ()
virtual void slotSearch ()
virtual void slotReplace ()
virtual void slotReplaceAll ()
virtual void enableTxSearch ()
virtual void enableStyleSearch ()
virtual void enableFontSearch ()
virtual void enableSizeSearch ()
virtual void enableEffSearch ()
virtual void enableFillSearch ()
virtual void enableFillSSearch ()
virtual void enableStrokeSearch ()
virtual void enableStrokeSSearch ()
virtual void enableTxReplace ()
virtual void enableStyleReplace ()
virtual void enableFontReplace ()
virtual void enableSizeReplace ()
virtual void enableEffReplace ()
virtual void enableFillReplace ()
virtual void enableFillSReplace ()
virtual void enableStrokeReplace ()
virtual void enableStrokeSReplace ()
virtual void writePrefs ()
virtual void clear ()
void ToggleNam ()
void setView (ScribusView *view)
void DelMPage (QString tmp)
void MPage (int r, int c)
void GotoPage (int r, int c, int b)
void enablePalette (const bool)
void handlePageLayout (int layout)
void handleFirstPage (int fp)
void RebuildTemp ()
void RebuildPage ()
void Rebuild ()
void markPage (uint nr)
void selMasterPage ()
QPixmap CreateIcon (int nr, QPixmap pixin)
void languageChange ()
void SetRetVal ()
void RemoveSel ()
void PutToSel ()
void SelAField (QListBoxItem *c)
void SelEField (QListBoxItem *c)
void setDoc (ScribusDoc *newCurrentDoc)
void setFormat (QString name)
void updateFormatList ()
void selFormat (int e)
void setDoc (ScribusDoc *newCurrentDoc)
void setFormat (QString name)
void updateFormatList ()
void selFormat (int e)
void cut ()
void copy ()
void paste ()
void ClipChange ()
void SelClipChange ()
void setPStyle (const QString &)
void doMove (int x, int y)
void doRepaint ()
void setRepaint (bool r)
void editStyles ()
 slot raising style manager
void SetColor (int c)
void SetShade (int s)
void newShadeHandler ()
void languageChange ()
void SetColor (int c)
void SetShade (int s)
void newShadeHandler ()
void languageChange ()
void newStrikeHandler ()
void newUnderlineHandler ()
void newOutlineHandler ()
void newShadowHandler ()
void newKernHandler ()
void SetShadow (int x, int y)
void setStrike (int p, int w)
void setUnderline (int p, int w)
void setOutline (int o)
void SetStyle (int s)
void SetKern (int k)
void languageChange ()
void SetAlign (int s)
void SetParaStyle (int s)
void languageChange ()
void SetFont (QString f)
void SetSize (double s)
void SetScale (int s)
void SetScaleV (int s)
void newSizeHandler ()
void newAlign (int st)
void newTxFill (int c, int s)
void newTxStroke (int c, int s)
void newTxFont (const QString &f)
void newTxSize (double s)
void newTxStyle (int s)
void setDoc (ScribusDoc *doc)
void languageChange ()
void unitChange ()
void languageChange ()
void languageChange ()
void languageChange ()
void languageChange ()
void languageChange ()
void putProfile ()
void setProfile (const QString &name)
void addProf ()
void delProf ()
void changePostScriptTool ()
void changeImageTool ()
void changeExtBrowserTool ()
void rescanForTools ()
void exitOK ()
void doDocBleeds ()
void ToggleEncr ()
void EnablePDFX (int a)
void DoDownsample ()
void RemoveEmbed ()
void PutToEmbed ()
void RemoveOutline ()
void PutToOutline ()
void SelAFont (QListBoxItem *)
void SelEFont (QListBoxItem *)
void SelSFont (QListBoxItem *)
void EmbedAll ()
void OutlineAll ()
void PagePr ()
void SetPgEff (int nr)
void SetEffOpts (int nr)
void ValidDI (int nr)
void PDFMirror ()
void Rotation (int value)
void DoEffects ()
void EffectOnAll ()
void SelRange (bool e)
void EnablePr (int a)
void EnablePG ()
void EnablePGI ()
void EnablePGI2 ()
void EnableLPI (int a)
void EnableLPI2 ()
void SelLPIcol (int)
void enableCMS (bool enable)
void checkInfo ()
void resetOffsetInc ()
void decreaseOffset ()
void increaseOffset ()
void changeTab (int t)
void changeTabChar (QChar t)
void moveTab (double t)
void moveFirstLine (double t)
void moveLeftIndent (double t)
void resetOFfL ()
void resetOFfR ()
void clearAll ()
void tabAdded ()
void lastTabRemoved ()
void setTabType (int t)
void setType ()
void setTabData (double t)
void setTab ()
void setFirstLineData (double t)
void setFirstLine ()
void setLeftIndentData (double t)
void setLeftIndent ()
void setRightIndentData (double t)
void setRightIndent ()
void setTabFillChar (QChar t)
void setFillChar ()
void setCustomFillChar (const QString &txt)
void invalidateAll ()
 call this if some logical style changes (redos shaping and layout)
void generateDefault ()
void BuildTree (bool storeVals=true)
void languageChange ()
void slotShowSelect (uint SNr, int Nr)
void setPaletteShown (bool)
virtual void insertUndoItem (UndoObject *target, UndoState *state)=0
 Insert a new undo item.
virtual void insertRedoItem (UndoObject *target, UndoState *state)=0
 Insert a new redo item.
virtual void updateUndo (int steps)=0
 Update undo stack representation with number of steps.
virtual void updateRedo (int steps)=0
 Update redo stack representation with number of steps.
virtual void updateUndoActions ()=0
 Update the scrActions.
virtual void clearRedo ()=0
 Clear the redo action items.
virtual void popBack ()=0
 Remove the last (oldest) item from the undo stack representation.
void insertUndoItem (UndoObject *target, UndoState *state)
 Insert a new undo item.
void insertRedoItem (UndoObject *target, UndoState *state)
 Insert a new redo item.
void updateUndo (int steps)
 Update undo stack representation with number of steps.
void updateRedo (int steps)
 Update redo stack representation with number of steps.
void clearRedo ()
 Clear the redo action items.
void popBack ()
 Remove the last (oldest) item from the undo stack representation.
void languageChange ()
 Sets GUI strings on language change.
void insertUndoItem (UndoObject *target, UndoState *state)
 Insert a new undo item.
void insertRedoItem (UndoObject *target, UndoState *state)
 Insert a new redo item.
void updateUndo (int steps)
 Update undo stack representation with number of steps.
void updateRedo (int steps)
 Update redo stack representation with number of steps.
void clearRedo ()
 Clear the redo action items.
void popBack ()
 Remove the last (oldest) item from the undo stack representation.
void updateFromPrefs ()
 Recieve prefsChanged() signal to update shortcuts.
void languageChange ()
 Updates strings when the GUI language is changed.
void action (UndoObject *target, UndoState *state, QPixmap *targetPixmap=0)
 Adds a new action to the undo stack.
void action (UndoObject *target, UndoState *state, const QString &targetName, QPixmap *targetPixmap=0)
 Adds a new action to the undo stack.
void undo (int steps)
 Informs UndoManager to perform undo.
void redo (int steps)
 Informs UndoManager to perform redo.
void showObject (int uid)
 Switches the state of UndoManager (global/object specific undo).
void setHistoryLength (int steps)
 Sets the length of the undo stack.
void setAllHistoryLengths (int steps)
void languageChange ()
 Slot for changing language of GUI.
void Draw (int where)
 draw mark
void unitChange ()
void GetPolyProps ()
void SelShape (int s, int c, double *vals)
void languageChange ()


void documentChanged ()
void State (int)
void FormSel (int, int, double *)
void FormSel (int, int, double *)
void MarkMoved ()
void SelectElement (PageItem *)
void changed ()
void insertSpecialChar ()
 A signall emitted when is the dialog modeless and user press the "Insert" button.
void insertUserSpecialChar (QChar)
void selectChar (uint)
void delChar ()
 When user press the DELETE/BACKSPACE key.
void selectElement (int, int)
 Signal emitted when user selects any page item in error list.
void selectPage (int)
 Signal emitted when user selects any page in error list.
void selectMasterPage (QString)
 Signal emitted when user selects any master page in error list.
void selectMasterPageElement (QString, int)
 Signal emitted when user selects any master page item in error list.
void ignoreAllErrors ()
 Signal emitted when user press the "ignore errors" button.
void cmsOn (bool)
void ColorVal (int h, int s, bool ende)
void NewPen (QString)
void NewBrush (QString)
void NewPenShade (int)
void NewBrushShade (int)
void NewGradient (int)
void NewPattern (QString)
void NewPatternProps (double, double, double, double, double)
void NewSpecial (double, double, double, double)
void NewTrans (double)
void NewTransS (double)
void NewBlend (int)
void NewBlendS (int)
void modeChanged ()
void gradientChanged ()
void editGradient ()
void modified ()
void aborted (bool)
 Emitted if the processing work was aborted before completion.
void finished ()
 Emitted when processing is complete, from DeferredTask::done().
void progress (int)
 Emitted to inform anybody interested of the approximate level of progress made in the processing task.
void doPreview ()
void saveStyle (StilFormate *)
void searchComplete (const QStringList &, const QString &)
 Emitted when the search has finished.
void fileChanged (QString)
void fileDeleted (QString)
void dirChanged (QString)
void dirDeleted (QString)
void statePending (QString)
void fontSelected (QString)
void Schliessen ()
void DocChanged ()
void selectedColor (QString, int)
void currTrans (double)
void currStep (double)
void gradientChanged ()
void gradientChanged ()
void DocChanged (bool)
void MarkerMoved (double, double)
void docChanged (bool)
void updtName (int)
void LayerChanged ()
void LayerActivated (int)
void saveStyle (LineFormate *)
void Leaved ()
void DocChanged ()
void NewParStyle (int)
void NewAlignment (int)
void NewEffects (int)
void ShapeEdit ()
void NewFont (const QString &)
void UpdtGui (int)
void actionStart ()
void actionEnd ()
void removePage (int)
void finished ()
void Coords (double x, double y)
void myself (PageItem *)
void frameType (int)
void position (double, double)
void widthAndHeight (double, double)
void rotation (double)
void colors (QString, QString, int, int)
void gradientType (int)
void patternFill (QString, double, double, double, double, double)
void gradientColorUpdate (double, double, double, double, double, double)
void transparency (double, double)
void blendmode (int, int)
void frameLocked (bool)
void frameSizeLocked (bool)
void frameFlippedH (bool)
void frameFlippedV (bool)
void printEnabled (bool)
void columns (int, double)
void cornerRadius (double)
void lineWidth (double)
void lineStyleCapJoin (Qt::PenStyle, Qt::PenCapStyle, Qt::PenJoinStyle)
void lineSpacing (double)
void textKerning (int)
void textStyle (int)
void textFont (const QString &)
void textSize (int)
void textWidthScale (int)
void textHeightScale (int)
void textBaseLineOffset (int)
void textOutline (int)
void textShadow (int, int)
void textUnderline (int, int)
void textStrike (int, int)
void textColor (QString, QString, int, int)
void textFormatting (int)
void textToFrameDistances (double, double, double, double)
void imageOffsetScale (double, double, double, double)
void selectedLayout (int)
void selectedFirstPage (int)
void GotoPage (int)
void rowPicChanged (unsigned int)
 Emitted when the pic for a row is replaced. Arg is row index.
void selectPage (int)
void selectMasterPage (QString)
void selectElement (int, int, bool)
void refreshItem (PageItem *)
void accepted ()
 Panels listen to this and save their changes when they get it.
void prefsChanged ()
void doPrint ()
void activatedData (int)
void activatedData (double)
void activatedData (QString)
void activatedData (ScribusDoc *)
void toggledData (bool, int)
void toggledData (bool, double)
void toggledData (bool, QString)
void activatedUnicodeShortcut (const QString &, int)
void ToggleAllPalettes ()
void Schliessen ()
void CloseMpal ()
void CloseTpal ()
void updateRecentMenue ()
void TextStyle (const ParagraphStyle &)
void TextISize (int)
void TextIFont (const QString &)
void TextUSval (int)
void TextStil (int)
void TextFarben (QString, QString, int, int)
void TextScale (int)
void TextScaleV (int)
void TextBase (int)
void TextShadow (int, int)
void TextOutline (int)
void TextUnderline (int, int)
void TextStrike (int, int)
void appStarted ()
void docChanged ()
 Let the document tell whatever is listening that it has changed.
void updateContents ()
void updateContents (const QRect &r)
void refreshItem (PageItem *)
void canvasAdjusted (double width, double height, double dX, double dY)
void firstSelectedItemType (int)
void setApplicationMode (int)
void signalRebuildOutLinePalette ()
 A signal for when the outline palette needs to rebuild itself Emit when:
void widthAndHeight (double, double)
 Temporary signal for SizeItem.
void changeUN (int)
void changeLA (int)
void ItemPos (double, double)
void HaveSel (int)
void ItemGeom (double, double)
void DocChanged ()
void PolyOpen ()
void PStatus (int, uint)
void SetAngle (double)
void SetSizeValue (double)
void SetLineArt (Qt::PenStyle, Qt::PenCapStyle, Qt::PenJoinStyle)
void SetLocalValues (double, double, double, double)
void ItemTextAttr (double)
void ItemTextUSval (int)
void ItemTextCols (int, double)
void SetDistValues (double, double, double, double)
void ItemTextAbs (int)
void ItemTextFont (const QString &)
void ItemTextSize (int)
void ItemTextSca (int)
void ItemTextScaV (int)
void ItemTextBase (int)
void ItemTextOutline (int)
void ItemTextShadow (int, int)
void ItemTextUnderline (int, int)
void ItemTextStrike (int, int)
void ItemTextFarben (QString, QString, int, int)
void ItemTextStil (int)
void HasTextSel ()
void HasNoTextSel ()
void MVals (double, double, double, double, double, double, int)
void PaintingDone ()
void LoadPic ()
void AppendText ()
void DoGroup ()
void CutItem ()
void CopyItem ()
void Amode (int)
void AddBM (PageItem *)
void DelBM (PageItem *)
void ChBMText (PageItem *)
void ToScrap (QString)
void LoadElem (QString, double, double, bool, bool, ScribusDoc *, ScribusView *)
void LevelChanged (uint)
void RasterPic (bool)
void HavePoint (bool, bool)
void ClipPo (double, double)
void AnnotProps ()
void EndNodeEdit ()
void Hrule (int)
void Vrule (int)
void MousePos (double, double)
void callGimp ()
void signalGuideInformation (int, double)
void AutoSaved ()
void paletteShown (bool)
 Let the action for this palette know when something changes and it hasnt caused it.
void NewFont (const QString &)
void NewAbs (int)
void ThumbChanged ()
void UseTemp (QString, int)
void NewPage (int, QString)
void MovePage (int, int)
void Click (int, int, int)
void DelPage (int)
void DelMaster (QString)
void EditTemp (QString)
void GotoSeite (int)
void selectionIsMultiple (bool)
void empty ()
void selectionChanged ()
void newStyle (const QString &)
void editStyle ()
void newStyle (const QString &)
void editCharStyle ()
void setProps (int, int)
void SideBarUp (bool)
void SideBarUpdate ()
void PasteAvail ()
void ChangeStyle (int, const QString &)
void sigEditStyles ()
 signal raised when user ask for style manager
void NewColor (int, int)
void NewColor (int, int)
void NewKern (int)
void NewShadow (int, int)
void newOutline (int)
void newStrike (int, int)
void newUnderline (int, int)
void newStyle (int)
void newAlign (int)
void newParaStyle (const QString &)
void NewFont (const QString &)
void NewSize (double)
void NewScale (int)
void NewScaleV (int)
void DocChanged ()
void EditSt ()
void closed ()
void State (int)
void noInfo ()
void hasInfo ()
void tabMoved (double)
void typeChanged (int)
void fillCharChanged (QChar)
void leftIndentMoved (double)
void firstLineMoved (double)
void noTabs ()
void newTab ()
void mouseReleased ()
void tabSelected ()
void tabrulerChanged ()
 This signal is emited when is something changed in the tab ruler dialog/widget.
void tabsChanged ()
 emitted when tabs are changed
void leftIndentChanged (double)
 emitted when left indent is changed
void rightIndentChanged (double)
 emitted when right indent is changed
void firstLineChanged (double)
 emitted when first line is changed
void mouseReleased ()
void ToggleAllPalettes ()
void selectElement (int, int, bool)
void selectPage (int)
void selectMasterPage (QString)
void undo (int steps)
 Emitted when undo is requested.
void redo (int steps)
 Emitted when redo is requested.
void objectMode (bool isEnabled)
 Emitted when undo behaviour should be changed from global undo.
void undo (int steps)
 Emitted when undo is requested.
void redo (int steps)
 Emitted when redo is requested.
void newAction (UndoObject *target, UndoState *state)
 Emitted when a new undo action is stored to the undo stack.
void undoSignal (int steps)
 Emitted when an undo action has been done.
void redoSignal (int steps)
 Emitted when a redo action has been done.
void clearRedo ()
 Emitted when a new actions comes in and UndoManager is in object.
void popBack ()
 This signal is used to notify registered UndoGui instances that.
void undoRedoDone ()
 This signal is emitted when all requested undo/redo actions have been done.
void setVisibleState (bool)
 Emitted when the dialog gets hidden.
void chosenUnicode (QString)
 Signal transfering the chosen character as QString.

Public Member Functions

 About (QWidget *parent)
 ~About ()
 ActionManager (QObject *parent, const char *name)
 ~ActionManager ()
void init (ScribusMainWindow *)
void createActions ()
void disconnectModeActions ()
void connectModeActions ()
void disconnectNewViewActions ()
void connectNewViewActions (ScribusView *)
void disconnectNewDocActions ()
void connectNewDocActions (ScribusDoc *)
void disconnectNewSelectionActions ()
void connectNewSelectionActions (ScribusView *, ScribusDoc *)
void saveActionShortcutsPreEditMode ()
void restoreActionShortcutsPostEditMode ()
void enableActionStringList (QMap< QString, QGuardedPtr< ScrAction > > *actionMap, QStringList *list, bool enabled, bool checkingUnicode=false, const QString &fontName=QString::null)
void enableUnicodeActions (QMap< QString, QGuardedPtr< ScrAction > > *actionMap, bool enabled, const QString &fontName=QString::null)
void setPDFActions (ScribusView *)
 AlignDistributePalette (QWidget *parent=0, const char *name=0, bool modal=FALSE, WFlags fl=0)
 ~AlignDistributePalette ()
virtual void setDoc (ScribusDoc *newDoc)
void unitChange ()
 AlignSelect (QWidget *parent)
 ~AlignSelect ()
void setStyle (int s)
int getStyle ()
 Annot (QWidget *parent, PageItem *it, int Seite, int b, int h, ColorList Farben, ScribusView *vie)
 ~Annot ()
void DecodeNum ()
void DecodeVali ()
void DecodeCalc ()
 Annota (QWidget *parent, PageItem *it, int Seite, int b, int h, ScribusView *vie)
 ~Annota ()
 Annotation ()
virtual void saxx (SaxHandler &handler, const Xml_string &elemtag) const
 Writes an XML representation of this object.
virtual void saxx (SaxHandler &handler) const
 Writes an XML representation of this object using the default element tag, see below.
void setType (int newType)
void setAction (const QString &newAction)
void setE_act (const QString &newE_act)
void setX_act (const QString &newX_act)
void setD_act (const QString &newD_act)
void setFo_act (const QString &newFo_act)
void setBl_act (const QString &newBl_act)
void setK_act (const QString &newK_act)
void setF_act (const QString &newF_act)
void setV_act (const QString &newV_act)
void setC_act (const QString &newC_act)
void setExtern (const QString &newExtern)
void setZiel (int newZiel)
void setActionType (int newActType)
void setToolTip (const QString &newToolTip)
void setRollOver (const QString &newRollOver)
void setDown (const QString &newDown)
void setBorderColor (const QString &newBorderColor)
void setBwid (int newBwid)
void setBsty (int newBsty)
void setFeed (int newFeed)
void setFlag (int newFlag)
void addToFlag (int dFlag)
void setMaxChar (int newMaxChar)
void setVis (int newVis)
void setFont (int newFont)
void setChkStil (int newChkStil)
void setFormat (int newFormat)
void setIsChk (bool newIsChk)
void setAAact (bool newAAct)
void setHTML (bool newHTML)
void setUseIcons (bool newUseIcons)
void setIPlace (int newIPlace)
void setScaleW (int newScaleW)
int Type () const
QString Action () const
QString E_act () const
QString X_act () const
QString D_act () const
QString Fo_act () const
QString Bl_act () const
QString K_act () const
QString F_act () const
QString V_act () const
QString C_act () const
QString Extern () const
int Ziel () const
int ActionType () const
QString ToolTip () const
QString RollOver () const
QString Down () const
QString borderColor () const
int Bwid () const
int Bsty () const
int Feed () const
int Flag () const
int MaxChar () const
int Vis () const
int Font () const
int ChkStil () const
int Format () const
bool IsChk () const
bool AAact () const
bool HTML () const
bool UseIcons () const
int IPlace () const
int ScaleW () const
 ApplyMasterPageDialog (QWidget *parent=0, const char *name=0, bool modal=FALSE, WFlags fl=0)
 ~ApplyMasterPageDialog ()
virtual void setup (ScribusDoc *view, QString Nam)
virtual QString getMasterPageName ()
virtual int getPageSelection ()
virtual bool usingRange ()
virtual int getFromPage ()
virtual int getToPage ()
 ArrowChooser (QWidget *pa, bool direction)
 ~ArrowChooser ()
void rebuildList (QValueList< ArrowDesc > *arrowStyles)
 Autoforms (QWidget *parent)
 ~Autoforms ()
QPixmap getIconPixmap (int nr)
 AutoformButtonGroup (QWidget *parent)
 ~AutoformButtonGroup ()
double * getShapeData (int a, int *n)
QPixmap getIconPixmap (int nr, int pixmapSize=22)
 BookMItem (QListViewItem *parent, struct ScribusDoc::BookMa *Bm)
 BookMItem (QListViewItem *parent, QListViewItem *after, struct ScribusDoc::BookMa *Bm)
 BookMItem (QListView *parent, QListViewItem *after, struct ScribusDoc::BookMa *Bm)
 BookMItem (QListView *parent, struct ScribusDoc::BookMa *Bm)
 BookMItem (QListView *parent, QListViewItem *after, int nr, PageItem *PObject)
 BookMItem (QListView *parent, int nr, PageItem *PObject)
 ~BookMItem ()
void SetUp (struct ScribusDoc::BookMa *Bm)
virtual QString key (int, bool) const
 BookMView (QWidget *parent)
 ~BookMView ()
void AddItem (QString text, QString Tit, PageItem *PageObject)
void DeleteItem (PageItem *PageObject)
void SetAction (PageItem *currItem, QString Act)
 BookPalette (QWidget *parent)
 ~BookPalette ()
 ButtonIcon (QWidget *parent, PageItem *ite)
 ~ButtonIcon ()
 CharSelect (QWidget *parent)
 ~CharSelect ()
void show ()
void setDoc (ScribusDoc *doc)
void setEnabled (bool state, PageItem *item=0)
const QString & fontInUse () const
void setFontInUse (const QString f)
void setCharacterClass (int c)
const PageItemitem () const
void setItem (PageItem *newItem)
const QString & getCharacters ()
void scanFont ()
void setupRangeCombo ()
void generatePreview (int charClass)
CharTableuserTable ()
 CharTable (QWidget *parent, int cols, ScribusDoc *doc, QString font)
 ~CharTable ()
void setFontInUse (QString font)
void setCharacters (CharClassDef ch)
CharClassDef characters ()
void recalcCellSizes ()
 "Repaint" and refill the table with new font characters
void enableDrops (bool e)
 Set the widget to accept/reject drop events.
void setDoc (ScribusDoc *doc)
 CharZoom (QWidget *parent, uint currentChar, ScFace face)
 ~CharZoom ()
 CheckDocument (QWidget *parent, bool modal)
 ~CheckDocument ()
void clearErrorList ()
 Clean the list view tree and reset the P.V.
void buildErrorList (ScribusDoc *doc)
 Get all possible errors for given document.
void setIgnoreEnabled (bool state)
 Enable/disable "ignore" button and noButton property.
bool isIgnoreEnabled ()
 Get the state of the "ignore" button.
 CMSettings (ScribusDoc *doc, const QString &profileName, int intent)
 ~CMSettings ()
ScribusDocdoc () const
QString profileName () const
QString outputProfile () const
int intent () const
bool useOutputProfile () const
void setOutputProfile (const QString &prof)
bool useColorManagement () const
QString defaultMonitorProfile () const
QString defaultPrinterProfile () const
QString defaultImageRGBProfile () const
QString defaultImageCMYKProfile () const
QString defaultSolidColorRGBProfile () const
QString defaultSolidColorCMYKProfile () const
int colorRenderingIntent () const
int imageRenderingIntent () const
bool useBlackPoint () const
bool doSoftProofing () const
bool doGamutCheck () const
cmsHPROFILE monitorProfile () const
cmsHPROFILE printerProfile () const
cmsHTRANSFORM rgbColorDisplayTransform () const
cmsHTRANSFORM rgbColorProofingTransform () const
cmsHTRANSFORM rgbImageDisplayTransform () const
cmsHTRANSFORM rgbImageProofingTransform () const
cmsHTRANSFORM rgbToCymkColorTransform () const
cmsHTRANSFORM rgbGamutCheckTransform () const
cmsHTRANSFORM cmykColorDisplayTransform () const
cmsHTRANSFORM cmykColorProofingTransform () const
cmsHTRANSFORM cmykToRgbColorTransform () const
cmsHTRANSFORM cmykGamutCheckTransform () const
 CMSPrefs (QWidget *parent, CMSData *Vor, ProfilesL *InputProfiles, ProfilesL *InputProfilesCMYK, ProfilesL *PrinterProfiles, ProfilesL *MonitorProfiles)
 ~CMSPrefs ()
void restoreDefaults (CMSData *prefs, ProfilesL *InputProfiles, ProfilesL *InputProfilesCMYK, ProfilesL *PrinterProfiles, ProfilesL *MonitorProfiles)
void updateDocSettings (ScribusDoc *doc)
 CMYKChoose (QWidget *parent, ScribusDoc *doc, ScColor orig, QString name, ColorList *Colors, QStringList Cust, bool newCol)
 ~CMYKChoose ()
virtual void mouseReleaseEvent (QMouseEvent *m)
 VisionDefectColor (int r, int g, int b)
 QColor like constructors.
 VisionDefectColor (QColor c)
 QColor like constructors.
 VisionDefectColor ()
 Default constructors.
void convertDefect ()
 Perform conversion itself.
QColor convertDefect (QColor c, int d)
 Perform conversion itself.
uint getRed ()
 Return the color parts.
uint getGreen ()
 Return the color parts.
uint getBlue ()
 Return the color parts.
QColor getColor ()
 Return QColor.
 ColorChart (QWidget *parent, ScribusDoc *doc)
 ~ColorChart ()
void mouseMoveEvent (QMouseEvent *m)
void mousePressEvent (QMouseEvent *m)
void mouseReleaseEvent (QMouseEvent *m)
void paintEvent (QPaintEvent *e)
void drawMark (int x, int y)
void setMark (int h, int s)
void drawPalette (int val)
 ColorSmallPixmapItem (const ScColor &col, ScribusDoc *doc, const QString colName)
 ~ColorSmallPixmapItem ()
virtual void redraw (void)
virtual int rtti () const
 ColorWidePixmapItem (const ScColor &col, ScribusDoc *doc, const QString colName)
 ~ColorWidePixmapItem ()
virtual void redraw (void)
virtual int rtti () const
 ColorFancyPixmapItem (const ScColor &col, ScribusDoc *doc, const QString colName)
 ~ColorFancyPixmapItem ()
virtual void redraw (void)
virtual int rtti () const
 ColorListBox (QWidget *parent=0, const char *name=0, WFlags f=0)
 Standard QListBox like constructor.
void updateBox (ColorList &list, ColorListBox::PixmapType type)
 Fill the list box with values taken from list.
void insertItems (ColorList &list, ColorListBox::PixmapType type)
 Fill the list box with values taken from list.
void insertSmallPixmapItems (ColorList &list)
 Insert ColorSmallPixmapItems into the list.
void insertWidePixmapItems (ColorList &list)
 Insert ColorWidePixmapItems into the list.
void insertFancyPixmapItems (ColorList &list)
 Insert ColorFancyPixmapItems into the list.
 ColorManager (QWidget *parent, ColorList doco, ScribusDoc *doc, QString docColSet, QStringList custColSet)
 ~ColorManager ()
QString getColorSetName ()
 Returns the name of the current/selected color set.
 ColorSetManager ()
 ~ColorSetManager ()
void initialiseDefaultPrefs (struct ApplicationPrefs &appPrefs)
void findPaletteLocations ()
void findPalettes ()
QStringList paletteNames ()
const QString & paletteFileFromName (const QString &paletteName)
 CommonStrings ()
 Cpalette (QWidget *parent)
 ~Cpalette ()
void setDocument (ScribusDoc *doc)
void setCurrentItem (PageItem *item)
void updateFromItem ()
 CreateRange (QString currText, int pageCount, QWidget *parent, const char *name="", WFlags fl=0)
 ~CreateRange ()
void getCreateRangeData (CreateRangeData &)
 CupsOptions (QWidget *parent, QString Geraet)
 ~CupsOptions ()
 KCurve (QWidget *parent)
virtual ~KCurve ()
void setPixmap (QPixmap pix)
double getCurveValue (double x)
FPointArray getCurve ()
void setCurve (FPointArray inlist)
void resetCurve ()
void setLinear (bool setter)
bool isLinear ()
 CurveWidget (QWidget *parent)
 ~CurveWidget ()
void setLinear (bool setter)
 ImIconProvider (QWidget *pa)
 ~ImIconProvider ()
const QPixmap * pixmap (const QFileInfo &fi)
 FDialogPreview (QWidget *pa)
 ~FDialogPreview ()
void updtPix ()
void GenPreview (QString name)
virtual void previewUrl (const QUrl &url)
 CustomFDialog (QWidget *parent, QString wDir, QString caption="", QString filter="", int flags=fdExistingFiles)
 Create Scribus file dialog.
 ~CustomFDialog ()
void setExtension (QString e)
 Set the default extension of the resulting file name.
QString extension ()
 Get the file extension.
void setZipExtension (QString e)
 Set the "compress" extension of the resulting file name.
QString zipExtension ()
 Get the zipped file extension.
 DelColor (QWidget *parent, ColorList colorList, QString colorName, bool haveDoc)
 ~DelColor ()
const QString getReplacementColor ()
virtual ~DeferredTask ()
 If you override the destructor, call DeferredTask::cleanup() at the end of your dtor.
bool isFinished () const
 Returns true iff processing has finished.
virtual const QString & lastError () const
 Return a human-readable version of the last error message.
 DelPages (QWidget *parent, int currentPage, int maxPage)
 ~DelPages ()
const int getFromPage ()
const int getToPage ()
 DocInfos (QWidget *parent, DocumentInformation &docInfo)
 ~DocInfos ()
DocumentInformation getDocInfo ()
 Returns the changed values.
void restoreDefaults ()
 (Re)loads the document informations.
 DocumentInformation ()
 ~DocumentInformation ()
const QString getAuthor ()
const QString getComments ()
const QString getContrib ()
const QString getCover ()
const QString getDate ()
const QString getFormat ()
const QString getIdent ()
const QString getKeywords ()
const QString getLangInfo ()
const QString getPublisher ()
const QString getRelation ()
const QString getRights ()
const QString getSource ()
const QString getTitle ()
const QString getType ()
void setAuthor (const QString &_author)
void setComments (const QString &_comments)
void setContrib (const QString &_contrib)
void setCover (const QString &_cover)
void setDate (const QString &_date)
void setFormat (const QString &_format)
void setIdent (const QString &_ident)
void setKeywords (const QString &_keywords)
void setLangInfo (const QString &_langInfo)
void setPublisher (const QString &_publisher)
void setRelation (const QString &_relation)
void setRights (const QString &_rights)
void setSource (const QString &_source)
void setTitle (const QString &_title)
void setType (const QString &_type)
 Druck (QWidget *parent, ScribusDoc *doc, QString PDatei, QString PDev, QString PCom, QByteArray &PSettings, bool gcr, QStringList spots)
 ~Druck ()
QString printerName ()
QString outputFileName ()
bool outputToFile ()
int numCopies ()
bool outputSeparations ()
QString separationName ()
QStringList allSeparations ()
bool color ()
bool mirrorHorizontal ()
bool mirrorVertical ()
bool doGCR ()
bool doClip ()
int PSLevel ()
bool doDev ()
bool doSpot ()
bool doOverprint ()
bool ICCinUse ()
 DynamicTip (QListBox *parent, ColorList *pale)
 DynamicTip (QTable *parent)
 DynamicTip (QHeader *parent)
 DynamicTip (QListView *parent)
virtual ~DynamicTip ()
void addHeaderTip (QString tip)
void clearHeaderTips ()
 EditStyle (QWidget *parent, ParagraphStyle *vor, const StyleSet< ParagraphStyle > &v, bool neu, double au, int dEin, ScribusDoc *doc)
 ~EditStyle ()
 DelStyle (QWidget *parent, StyleSet< ParagraphStyle > &sty, QString styleName)
 ~DelStyle ()
const QString getReplacementStyle ()
 ChooseStyles (QWidget *parent, StyleSet< ParagraphStyle > *styleList, StyleSet< ParagraphStyle > *styleOld)
 ~ChooseStyles ()
 StilFormate (QWidget *parent, ScribusDoc *doc)
void UpdateFList ()
 Editor (QWidget *parent, QString daten, ScribusView *vie=0)
 ~Editor ()
 EffectListItem (QListBox *parent, QString f)
virtual ~EffectListItem ()
virtual const int width (const QListBox *)
virtual const int height (const QListBox *)
 EffectsDialog (QWidget *parent, PageItem *item, ScribusDoc *docc)
 ~EffectsDialog ()
void selectEffectHelper (bool final=false)
 ExtImageProps (QWidget *parent, ImageInfoRecord *info, PageItem *item, ScribusView *view)
 ~ExtImageProps ()
 FileLoader (const QString &fileName)
 ~FileLoader ()
int TestFile ()
bool LoadPage (ScribusDoc *currDoc, int PageToLoad, bool Mpage, QString renamedPageName=QString::null)
bool LoadFile (ScribusDoc *currDoc)
bool SaveFile (const QString &fileName, ScribusDoc *doc, QProgressBar *dia2)
bool ReadStyles (const QString &fileName, ScribusDoc *doc, StyleSet< ParagraphStyle > &docParagraphStyles)
bool ReadCharStyles (const QString &fileName, ScribusDoc *doc, StyleSet< CharStyle > &docCharStyles)
bool ReadPageCount (const QString &fileName, int *num1, int *num2, QStringList &masterPageNames)
bool ReadColors (const QString &fileName, ColorList &colors)
bool ReadLineStyles (const QString &fileName, QMap< QString, multiLine > *Sty)
bool postLoad (ScribusDoc *currDoc)
void informReplacementFonts ()
 FileSearch (QObject *parent, const QString &fileName, const QString &searchBase=QString::null, int depthLimit=-1, bool caseSensitive=true)
 Construct a new FileSearch object to search for the specified filename.
 ~FileSearch ()
 FileUnzip (QString zipFilePath)
 ~FileUnzip ()
QString getFile (QString name)
 FileWatcher (QObject *parent)
 ~FileWatcher ()
bool isActive ()
void setTimeOut (const int newTimeOut, const bool restartTimer=false)
const int timeOut ()
QValueList< QString > files ()
 FmItem (const QString &s, const ScFace &f)
 ~FmItem ()
void paint (QPainter *p, const QColorGroup &cg, bool act, bool enabled, int x, int y, int w, int h)
QSize sizeHint ()
QString Ctext ()
 FontListItem (QComboBox *parent, QString f, QFont fo)
virtual ~FontListItem ()
virtual const int width (const QListBox *)
virtual const int height (const QListBox *)
 FontCombo (QWidget *pa)
 ~FontCombo ()
void RebuildList (ScribusDoc *currentDoc, bool forAnnotation=false, bool forSubstitute=false)
 FontComboH (QWidget *parent, bool labels=false)
 ~FontComboH ()
QString currentFont ()
void RebuildList (ScribusDoc *currentDoc, bool forAnnotation=false, bool forSubstitute=false)
 FontPrefs (QWidget *parent, bool Hdoc, QString PPath, ScribusDoc *doc)
 ~FontPrefs ()
void restoreDefaults ()
 FontReplaceDialog (QWidget *parent, QMap< QString, QString > *RList)
 ~FontReplaceDialog ()
 FtFace (QString fam, QString sty, QString variant, QString scname, QString psname, QString path, int face)
FT_Face ftFace () const
virtual ~FtFace ()
double ascent (double sz=1.0) const
double descent (double sz=1.0) const
double xHeight (double sz=1.0) const
double capHeight (double sz=1.0) const
double height (double sz=1.0) const
double strikeoutPos (double sz=1.0) const
double underlinePos (double sz=1.0) const
double strokeWidth (double) const
double maxAdvanceWidth (double sz=1.0) const
QString ascentAsString () const
QString descentAsString () const
QString capHeightAsString () const
QString FontBBoxAsString () const
QString ItalicAngleAsString () const
uint char2CMap (QChar ch) const
double glyphKerning (uint gl1, uint gl2, double sz) const
void RawData (QByteArray &bb) const
bool glyphNames (QMap< uint, std::pair< QChar, QString > > &GList) const
void load () const
void unload () const
void loadGlyph (uint ch) const
 ScFace ()
 ScFace (const ScFace &other)
 ~ScFace ()
bool isNone () const
 test for null object
ScFaceoperator= (const ScFace &other)
bool operator== (const ScFace &other) const
 two ScFaces are equal if they either are both NULLFACEs or they agree on family, style, variant and fontpath
bool operator!= (const ScFace &other) const
bool EmbedFont (QString &str)
void RawData (QByteArray &bb)
bool glyphNames (QMap< uint, std::pair< QChar, QString > > &gList)
void increaseUsage () const
 prevent unloading of face data
void decreaseUsage () const
 unload face data if not used any more
void unload () const
 unload face data. It will be reloaded on need
QString scName () const
 the name Scribus uses for this font
QString replacementName () const
 the name of the font which was used for replacement
QString replacementForDoc () const
 the name of the font which was used for replacement
bool isReplacement () const
 check if this is a replacement font
ScFace mkReplacementFor (QString name, QString doc)
 makes a repalcement font for font "name" using this fonts data
void chReplacementTo (ScFace &other, QString doc)
QString psName () const
 the name PostScript uses for this font
QString fontPath () const
 the physical location of the fontfile
QString fontFilePath () const
 the file path of the fontfile
int faceIndex () const
 if the fontfile contains more than one face, the index, else -1
QString localForDocument () const
 path name of the document this face is local to
FontType type () const
 font type, eg. Type1 or TTF
FontFormat format () const
 font format, which might be a little more complicated
bool usable () const
 test if this face can be used in documents
bool embedPs () const
 test if this face can be embedded in PS/PDF
bool subset () const
 test if this face can be embedded as outlines in PS/PDF
void usable (bool flag)
void embedPs (bool flag)
void subset (bool flag)
bool hasNames () const
 deprecated? tells if the face has PS names
bool isStroked () const
 tells if this font is an outline font
bool isFixedPitch () const
 tells if this font is a fixed pitch font
bool isOTF () const
 tells if this is an OTF/CFF font
uint maxGlyph () const
 returns the highest glyph index in this face
QString family () const
 returns the font family as seen by Scribus
QString style () const
 returns the font style as seen by Scribus (eg. bold, Italic)
QString variant () const
 returns an additional discriminating String for this face
double ascent (double sz=1.0) const
QString ascentAsString () const
QString descentAsString () const
QString capHeightAsString () const
QString FontBBoxAsString () const
QString ItalicAngleAsString () const
double descent (double sz=1.0) const
double xHeight (double sz=1.0) const
double capHeight (double sz=1.0) const
double height (double sz=1.0) const
double strikeoutPos (double sz=1.0) const
double underlinePos (double sz=1.0) const
double strokeWidth (double sz=1.0) const
double maxAdvanceWidth (double sz=1.0) const
QString stemV (double sz=1.0) const
QString italicAngle (double sz=1.0) const
QString fontBBox (double sz=1.0) const
QMap< QString, QString > fontDictionary (double sz=1.0) const
 returns a map of values used for font dictionaries in PS/PDF
double glyphWidth (uint gl, double sz=1.0) const
 returns the glyphs normal advance width at size 'sz'
double glyphKerning (uint gl1, uint gl2, double sz=1.0) const
 returns the glyph kerning between 'gl1' and 'gl2' at size 'sz'
GlyphMetrics glyphBBox (uint gl, double sz=1.0) const
 returns the glyphs bounding box at size 'sz', ie. the area where this glyph will produce marks
FPointArray glyphOutline (uint gl, double sz=1.0) const
 returns the glyph's outline as a cubic Bezier path
FPoint glyphOrigin (uint gl, double sz=1.0) const
 returns the glyph's origin FIXME: what's that exactly?
bool canRender (QChar ch) const
 test if the face can render this char
uint char2CMap (QChar ch) const
 translate unicode to glyph index
double charWidth (QChar ch, double sz=1.0, QChar ch2=QChar(0)) const
 returns the combined glyph width and kerning for 'ch' if followed by 'ch2'
double realCharWidth (QChar ch, double sz=1.0) const
 deprecated, see glyphBBox()
double realCharHeight (QChar ch, double sz=1.0) const
 deprecated, see glyphBBox()
double realCharAscent (QChar ch, double sz=1.0) const
 deprecated, see glyphBBox()
double realCharDescent (QChar ch, double sz=1.0) const
 deprecated, see glyphBBox()
 ScFace_ttf (QString fam, QString sty, QString alt, QString scname, QString psname, QString path, int face)
bool EmbedFont (QString &str) const
void RawData (QByteArray &bb) const
 FPoint ()
 FPoint (double x, double y)
 FPoint (const QPoint &p)
 FPoint (const FPoint &p)
 FPoint (const double x, const double y, const double dx, const double dy, const double rot, const double sx, const double sy, const bool invert=false)
FPointoperator= (const FPoint &rhs)
double x () const
double y () const
void setX (double x)
void setY (double y)
void setXY (double x, double y)
bool operator== (const FPoint &rhs) const
bool operator!= (const FPoint &rhs) const
FPointoperator+= (const FPoint &p)
FPointoperator-= (const FPoint &p)
void transform (const double dx, const double dy, const double rot, const double sx, const double sy, const bool invert)
FPoint transformPoint (const double dx, const double dy, const double rot, const double sx, const double sy, const bool invert)
 FPointArray ()
 FPointArray (int size)
 FPointArray (const FPointArray &a)
uint size () const
bool resize (uint newCount)
void setPoint (uint i, double x, double y)
void setPoint (uint i, FPoint p)
bool setPoints (int nPoints, double firstx, double firsty,...)
bool putPoints (int index, int nPoints, double firstx, double firsty,...)
bool putPoints (int index, int nPoints, const FPointArray &from, int fromIndex=0)
void point (uint i, double *x, double *y) const
const FPointpoint (uint i) const
QPoint pointQ (uint i) const
void translate (double dx, double dy)
void scale (double sx, double sy)
FPoint WidthHeight () const
void map (QWMatrix m)
FPointArrayoperator= (const FPointArray &a)
FPointArray copy () const
void setMarker ()
void addPoint (double x, double y)
void addPoint (FPoint p)
bool hasLastQuadPoint (double x1, double y1, double x2, double y2, double x3, double y3, double x4, double y4) const
void addQuadPoint (double x1, double y1, double x2, double y2, double x3, double y3, double x4, double y4)
void addQuadPoint (FPoint p1, FPoint p2, FPoint p3, FPoint p4)
double lenPathSeg (int seg) const
double lenPathDist (int seg, double t1, double t2) const
void pointTangentNormalAt (int seg, double t, FPoint *p, FPoint *tn, FPoint *n) const
void pointDerivativesAt (int seg, double t, FPoint *p, FPoint *d1, FPoint *d2) const
bool operator== (const FPointArray &rhs) const
bool operator!= (const FPointArray &rhs) const
 ~FPointArray ()
void svgInit ()
void svgMoveTo (double x, double y)
void svgLineTo (double x, double y)
void svgCurveToCubic (double x1, double y1, double x2, double y2, double x3, double y3)
void svgArcTo (double r1, double r2, double angle, bool largeArcFlag, bool sweepFlag, double x1, double y1)
void svgClosePath ()
void calculateArc (bool relative, double &curx, double &cury, double angle, double x, double y, double r1, double r2, bool largeArcFlag, bool sweepFlag)
bool parseSVG (const QString &svgPath)
QString svgPath () const
 NodePalette (QWidget *parent)
 ~NodePalette ()
void setDoc (ScribusDoc *dc, ScribusView *vi)
ScribusDoccurrentDocument () const
 GradientPreview (QWidget *pa)
 ~GradientPreview ()
void paintEvent (QPaintEvent *e)
void mousePressEvent (QMouseEvent *m)
void mouseReleaseEvent (QMouseEvent *)
void mouseMoveEvent (QMouseEvent *m)
void leaveEvent (QEvent *)
void enterEvent (QEvent *)
void updateDisplay ()
void setActColor (QColor c, QString n, int s)
void setActTrans (double t)
void setActStep (double t)
 GradientEditor (QWidget *pa)
 ~GradientEditor ()
 gtAction (bool append, PageItem *pageitem)
 ~gtAction ()
void setTextFrame (PageItem *frame)
void setProgressInfo ()
void setProgressInfoDone ()
void setInfo (QString infoText)
double getLineSpacing (int fontSize)
void clearFrame ()
void getFrameFont (gtFont *font)
void getFrameStyle (gtFrameStyle *fstyle)
void write (const QString &text, gtStyle *style)
void applyFrameStyle (gtFrameStyle *fstyle)
void createParagraphStyle (gtParagraphStyle *pstyle)
void updateParagraphStyle (const QString &pstyleName, gtParagraphStyle *pstyle)
void removeParagraphStyle (const QString &name)
void removeParagraphStyle (int index)
double getFrameWidth ()
QString getFrameName ()
bool getUpdateParagraphStyles ()
void setUpdateParagraphStyles (bool newUPS)
bool getOverridePStyleFont ()
void setOverridePStyleFont (bool newOPSF)
 gtFileDialog (const QString &filters, const QStringList &importers, const QString &wdir)
 ~gtFileDialog ()
 gtImporterDialog (const QStringList &importers, int currentSelection)
 ~gtImporterDialog ()
bool shouldRemember ()
QString getImporter ()
 gtDialogs ()
 ~gtDialogs ()
const QString & getFileName ()
const QString & getEncoding ()
int getImporter ()
bool importTextOnly ()
bool runFileDialog (const QString &filters, const QStringList &importers)
bool runImporterDialog (const QStringList &importers)
void noEffects ()
bool isToggled (FontEffect fe)
bool toggleEffect (FontEffect fe)
int getEffectsValue ()
void setName (QString newName)
void setFamily (QString newFamily)
QString getFamily ()
void setWeight (FontWeight newWeight)
void setWeight (QString newWeight)
QString getWeight ()
void setSlant (FontSlant newSlant)
void setSlant (QString newSlant)
QString getSlant ()
void setWidth (FontWidth newWidth)
void setWidth (QString newWidth)
QString getWidth ()
void setSize (int newSize)
void setSize (double newSize)
void setColor (QString newColor)
void setShade (int newShade)
void setStrokeColor (QString newColor)
void setStrokeShade (int newShade)
QString getName ()
QString getName (uint i)
int getSize ()
QString getColor ()
int getShade ()
QString getStrokeColor ()
int getStrokeShade ()
int getHscale ()
void setHscale (int newHscale)
int getKerning ()
void setKerning (int newKerning)
 gtFont ()
 gtFont (const gtFont &f)
 ~gtFont ()
 gtFrameStyle (QString name)
 gtFrameStyle (const gtFrameStyle &f)
 gtFrameStyle (const gtParagraphStyle &p)
 gtFrameStyle (const gtStyle &s)
 ~gtFrameStyle ()
int getColumns ()
void setColumns (int newColumns)
double getColumnsGap ()
void setColumnsGap (double newColumnsGap)
QString getBgColor ()
void setBgColor (QString newBgColor)
int getBgShade ()
void setBgShade (int newBgShade)
void getParagraphStyle (gtParagraphStyle *pstyle)
QString target ()
 gtGetText (ScribusDoc *doc)
 ~gtGetText ()
ImportSetup run ()
void launchImporter (int importer, const QString &filename, bool textOnly, const QString &encoding, bool append, PageItem *target=0)
double getLineSpacing ()
void setLineSpacing (double newLineSpacing)
bool getAutoLineSpacing ()
void setAutoLineSpacing (bool newALS)
int getAlignment ()
void setAlignment (Alignment newAlignment)
void setAlignment (int newAlignment)
double getIndent ()
void setIndent (double newIndent)
double getFirstLineIndent ()
void setFirstLineIndent (double newFirstLineIndent)
double getSpaceAbove ()
void setSpaceAbove (double newSpaceAbove)
double getSpaceBelow ()
void setSpaceBelow (double newSpaceBelow)
< ParagraphStyle::TabRecord > * 
getTabValues ()
void setTabValue (double newTabValue, TabType ttype=LEFT_T)
bool hasDropCap ()
void setDropCap (bool newDropCap)
void setDropCap (int newHeight)
int getDropCapHeight ()
void setDropCapHeight (int newHeight)
bool isAdjToBaseline ()
void setAdjToBaseline (bool newAdjToBaseline)
void getStyle (gtStyle *style)
 gtParagraphStyle (QString name)
 gtParagraphStyle (const gtParagraphStyle &p)
 gtParagraphStyle (const gtStyle &s)
 ~gtParagraphStyle ()
QString target ()
 gtStyle (QString name)
 gtStyle (const gtStyle &s)
void setFont (gtFont newFont)
gtFontgetFont ()
QString getName ()
void setName (QString newName)
virtual ~gtStyle ()
virtual QString target ()
 gtWriter (bool append, PageItem *pageitem)
 ~gtWriter ()
gtFrameStylegetDefaultStyle ()
void setFrameStyle (gtFrameStyle *fStyle)
void setParagraphStyle (gtParagraphStyle *pStyle)
void setCharacterStyle (gtStyle *cStyle)
void unsetFrameStyle ()
void unsetParagraphStyle ()
void unsetCharacterStyle ()
double getPreferredLineSpacing (int fontSize)
double getPreferredLineSpacing (double fontSize)
void append (const QString &text)
void append (const QString &text, gtStyle *style)
void append (const QString &text, gtStyle *style, bool updatePStyle)
double getFrameWidth ()
QString getFrameName ()
bool getUpdateParagraphStyles ()
void setUpdateParagraphStyles (bool newUPS)
bool getOverridePStyleFont ()
void setOverridePStyleFont (bool newOPSF)
 GuideListItem (QListView *parent, QString c1)
 Only 2 columns here...
int compare (QListViewItem *i, int col, bool asc) const
 Reimplemented compare method to handle double values.
 GuideManager (QWidget *parent)
 ~GuideManager ()
void setDoc (ScribusDoc *doc)
 Set the doc fo the guidemanager to work on.
void setupPage ()
 Set the widgets on the page change.
void setupGui ()
void clearRestoreHorizontalList ()
 Clear and reset the GUI horizontal list widget.
void clearRestoreVerticalList ()
 Clear and reset the GUI vertical list widget.
Guides selectedHorizontals ()
 Get selected standard guides from GUI list.
Guides selectedVerticals ()
 Get selected standard guides from GUI list.
uint pageNr () const
 check the current page number to prevent drawing marks on the others pages.
 GuideManagerCore ()
 GuideManagerCore (Page *parentPage)
 ~GuideManagerCore ()
void addHorizontal (double value, GuideType type)
void addHorizontals (Guides values, GuideType type)
void addVertical (double value, GuideType type)
void addVerticals (Guides values, GuideType type)
void deleteHorizontal (double value, GuideType type)
void deleteVertical (double value, GuideType type)
void moveHorizontal (double from, double to, GuideType type)
void moveVertical (double from, double to, GuideType type)
Guides horizontals (GuideType type)
Guides verticals (GuideType type)
double horizontal (uint ix, GuideType type)
double vertical (uint ix, GuideType type)
void clearHorizontals (GuideType type)
void clearVerticals (GuideType type)
void copy (GuideManagerCore *target)
void copy (GuideManagerCore *target, GuideType type)
void drawPage (ScPainter *p, ScribusDoc *doc, double lineWidth)
bool isMouseOnHorizontal (double low, double high, GuideType type)
bool isMouseOnVertical (double low, double high, GuideType type)
void setPage (Page *p)
QPair< double, double > topLeft (double x, double y)
QPair< double, double > topRight (double x, double y)
QPair< double, double > bottomLeft (double x, double y)
QPair< double, double > bottomRight (double x, double y)
int horizontalAutoCount ()
 Properties for Auto guides remembrance. See GuideManager.
void setHorizontalAutoCount (int val)
 Properties for Auto guides remembrance. See GuideManager.
int verticalAutoCount ()
 Properties for Auto guides remembrance. See GuideManager.
void setVerticalAutoCount (int val)
 Properties for Auto guides remembrance. See GuideManager.
double horizontalAutoGap ()
 Properties for Auto guides remembrance. See GuideManager.
double verticalAutoGap ()
 Properties for Auto guides remembrance. See GuideManager.
void setHorizontalAutoGap (double gap)
 Properties for Auto guides remembrance. See GuideManager.
void setVerticalAutoGap (double gap)
 Properties for Auto guides remembrance. See GuideManager.
int horizontalAutoRefer ()
 Properties for Auto guides remembrance. See GuideManager.
void setHorizontalAutoRefer (int val)
 Properties for Auto guides remembrance. See GuideManager.
int verticalAutoRefer ()
 Properties for Auto guides remembrance. See GuideManager.
void setVerticalAutoRefer (int val)
 Properties for Auto guides remembrance. See GuideManager.
 GuideManagerIO ()
 ~GuideManagerIO ()
 HelpListItem (QListView *parent, QString c1, QString c2, QString c3)
 Only 3 columns here...
int compare (QListViewItem *i, int col, bool asc) const
 Reimplemented compare method to handle int values.
 TextBrowser (QWidget *parent=0, const char *name=0)
 HelpBrowser (QWidget *parent, QString caption, QString guiLangage="en", QString jumpToSection="", QString jumpToFile="")
 ~HelpBrowser ()
void setText (QString str)
 Set text to the browser.
 Hruler (ScribusView *pa, ScribusDoc *doc)
 ~Hruler ()
void setItem (PageItem *item)
 WortEdit (QWidget *parent)
 ~WortEdit ()
void keyPressEvent (QKeyEvent *k)
 HyAsk (QWidget *parent, QString HWort)
 ~HyAsk ()
 Hyphenator (QWidget *parent, ScribusDoc *dok)
 Constructor reads user configuration and sets hyphenator properties.
 ~Hyphenator ()
 HySettings (QWidget *parent, QMap< QString, QString > *langs)
 ~HySettings ()
void restoreDefaults (struct ApplicationPrefs *prefsData)
void restoreDefaults (ScribusDoc *prefsData)
 ImageInfoDialog (QWidget *parent, ImageInfoRecord *info)
 ~ImageInfoDialog ()
 InsertAFrame (QWidget *parent, ScribusDoc *doc)
 ~InsertAFrame ()
void getNewFrameProperties (InsertAFrameData &iafData)
 InsertTable (QWidget *parent, int maxRow, int maxCol)
 ~InsertTable ()
 InsPage (QWidget *parent, ScribusDoc *currentDoc, int currentPage, int maxPages)
 ~InsPage ()
const QStringList getMasterPages ()
const QString getMasterPageN (uint n)
const int getWhere ()
const int getWherePage ()
const int getCount ()
 JavaDocs (QWidget *parent, ScribusDoc *doc, ScribusView *vie)
 ~JavaDocs ()
 LanguageManager ()
 ~LanguageManager ()
void init (bool generateInstalledList=true)
const QString getLangFromAbbrev (QString, bool getTranslated=true)
const QString getAbbrevFromLang (QString, bool getFromTranslated=true, bool useInstalled=true)
void fillInstalledStringList (QStringList *stringListToFill, bool addDefaults)
void printInstalledList ()
QString numericSequence (QString seq)
 LayerLabel (QTable *parent)
 ~LayerLabel ()
virtual void paint (QPainter *p, const QColorGroup &cg, const QRect &cr, bool selected)
 LayerTable (QWidget *parent)
 ~LayerTable ()
 LayerPalette (QWidget *parent)
 ~LayerPalette ()
void setDoc (ScribusDoc *doc)
void rebuildList ()
 LineCombo (QWidget *pa)
 ~LineCombo ()
 LineFormate (QWidget *parent, ScribusDoc *doc)
 ~LineFormate ()
void UpdateFList ()
 LineFormateItem (ScribusDoc *Doc, const multiLine &MultiLine, const QString &Text)
virtual int rtti () const
 LinkButton (QWidget *pa)
 Constructor for Link buttons.
 ~LinkButton ()
virtual QSize sizeHint () const
 Returns size of QPixmap, see the Qt-Documentation for further explaining of that.
virtual QSize minimumSizeHint () const
 Returns minimum size of QPixmap, see the Qt-Documentation for further explaining of that.
 LoadSavePlugin ()
 ~LoadSavePlugin ()
virtual bool loadFile (const QString &fileName, const FileFormat &fmt, int flags, int index=0)
virtual bool saveFile (const QString &fileName, const FileFormat &fmt)
virtual bool fileSupported (QIODevice *file, const QString &fileName=QString::null) const =0
virtual void setupTargets (ScribusDoc *targetDoc, ScribusView *targetView, ScribusMainWindow *targetMW, QProgressBar *targetMWPRogressBar, SCFonts *targetAvailableFonts)
virtual void getReplacedFontData (bool &getNewReplacement, QMap< QString, QString > &getReplacedFonts, QValueList< ScFace > &getDummyScFaces)
virtual bool loadPage (const QString &fileName, int pageNumber, bool Mpage, QString renamedPageName=QString::null)
virtual bool readStyles (const QString &fileName, ScribusDoc *doc, StyleSet< ParagraphStyle > &docParagraphStyles)
virtual bool readCharStyles (const QString &fileName, ScribusDoc *doc, StyleSet< CharStyle > &docCharStyles)
virtual bool readLineStyles (const QString &fileName, QMap< QString, multiLine > *Sty)
virtual bool readColors (const QString &fileName, ColorList &colors)
virtual bool readPageCount (const QString &fileName, int *num1, int *num2, QStringList &masterPageNames)
 FileFormat ()
 FileFormat (LoadSavePlugin *plug)
bool loadFile (const QString &fileName, int flags, int index=0) const
bool saveFile (const QString &fileName) const
void setupTargets (ScribusDoc *targetDoc, ScribusView *targetView, ScribusMainWindow *targetMW, QProgressBar *targetMWPRogressBar, SCFonts *targetAvailableFonts) const
void getReplacedFontData (bool &getNewReplacement, QMap< QString, QString > &getReplacedFonts, QValueList< ScFace > &getDummyScFaces) const
bool loadPage (const QString &fileName, int pageNumber, bool Mpage, QString renamedPageName=QString::null) const
bool readStyles (const QString &fileName, ScribusDoc *doc, StyleSet< ParagraphStyle > &docParagraphStyles) const
bool readCharStyles (const QString &fileName, ScribusDoc *doc, StyleSet< CharStyle > &docCharStyles) const
bool readLineStyles (const QString &fileName, QMap< QString, multiLine > *Sty) const
bool readColors (const QString &fileName, ColorList &colors) const
bool readPageCount (const QString &fileName, int *num1, int *num2, QStringList &masterPageNames) const
 LoremParser (QString filename)
 parse a XML file with given name
 ~LoremParser ()
QString createLorem (uint parCount)
 Construct a LI.
 LoremManager (ScribusDoc *doc, QWidget *parent=0, const char *name=0, bool modal=true, WFlags fl=0)
 Reads all XML files in cfg directory.
 ~LoremManager ()
void insertLoremIpsum (QString name, int paraCount)
 Apply created LI into a frame.
 MarginDialog (QWidget *parent, ScribusDoc *doc)
 GUI setup.
 ~MarginDialog ()
int pageOrder ()
 Returns recomputed "Links" index/value for facing pages.
int getPageOrientation ()
 Current value of orientationQComboBox.
double getPageWidth ()
 Selected page width.
double getPageHeight ()
 Selected page height.
bool getMoveObjects ()
 Bool value of moveObjects "property".
QString getpPrefsPageSizeName ()
 Returns prefsPageSizeName value.
double top ()
 Top Margin.
double bottom ()
 Bottom Margin.
double left ()
 Left Margin.
double right ()
 Right Margin.
QString masterPage ()
 Master Page.
 PresetLayout (QWidget *parent=0, const char *name=0)
 QComboBox like constructor.
 ~PresetLayout ()
MarginStruct getMargins (int index, double pageWidth, double pageHeight, double leftMargin)
 Compute the margins here.
bool needUpdate ()
 returns updateMargins value
 MarginWidget (QWidget *parent, QString title, const MarginStruct *margs, int unitIndex, bool showChangeAll=false, bool showBleeds=true)
 It creates an user interface for base margin settings for the document.
 ~MarginWidget ()
void setFacingPages (bool facing, int pagetype=0)
 Setup the labels by facing pages option.
void setPageWidthHeight (double width, double height)
 Setup the spinboxes properties (min/max value etc.) by width and height.
void setPageWidth (double width)
 Setup the spinboxes properties (min/max value etc.) by width.
void setPageHeight (double heigth)
 Setup the spinboxes properties (min/max value etc.) by height.
void unitChange (double newUnit, int newDecimals, QString newSuffix)
 Setup the widgets by new options.
void setPageSize (const QString &pageSize)
 Set the page size for margin getting from cups.
double top ()
 Top Margin.
double bottom ()
 Bottom Margin.
double left ()
 Left Margin.
double right ()
 Right Margin.
void setNewMargins (MarginStruct &m)
 set new margin values for the dialog It calls overridden setTop(), setBottom() etc.
double topBleed ()
 Top Bleed.
double bottomBleed ()
 Bottom Bleed.
double leftBleed ()
 Left Bleed.
double rightBleed ()
 Right Bleed.
void setNewBleeds (MarginStruct &b)
 set new bleed values for the dialog
bool getMarginsForAllPages ()
 Return marginsForAllPages property.
bool getMarginsForAllMasterPages ()
 Measurements (QWidget *parent)
 ~Measurements ()
 MenuManager (QMenuBar *mb, QObject *parent=0, const char *name=0)
 ~MenuManager ()
bool createMenu (const QString &menuName, const QString &menuText=QString::null, const QString parent=QString::null, bool checkable=false)
bool createMenu (const QString &menuName, const QIconSet menuIcon, const QString &menuText=QString::null, const QString parent=QString::null, bool checkable=false)
bool addMenuToMenu (const QString &child, const QString &parent)
bool deleteMenu (const QString &menuName, const QString &parent=QString::null)
bool clearMenu (const QString &menuName)
void setMenuText (const QString &menuName, const QString &menuText)
void setMenuIcon (const QString &menuName, const QIconSet &menuIcon)
QPopupMenu * getLocalPopupMenu (const QString &menuName)
void setMenuEnabled (const QString &menuName, const bool enabled)
bool addMenuToMenuBar (const QString &menuName)
bool addMenuToMenuBarAfter (const QString &, const QString &)
bool removeMenuFromMenuBar (const QString &menuName)
bool addMenuToWidgetOfAction (const QString &menuName, ScrAction *action)
bool addMenuItem (ScrAction *menuAction, const QString &parent)
bool addMenuItem (QWidget *widget, const QString &parent)
bool addMenuItemAfter (ScrAction *menuAction, const QString &parent, ScrAction *afterMenuAction)
bool addMenuSeparator (const QString &parent)
bool removeMenuItem (ScrAction *menuAction, const QString &parent)
void runMenuAtPos (const QString &, const QPoint)
void generateKeyManList (QStringList *actionNames)
bool empty ()
 MergeDoc (QWidget *parent, bool importMasterPages, int targetDocPageCount=-1, int currentPage=1)
 ~MergeDoc ()
const QString getFromDoc ()
const int getMasterPageNameItem ()
const QString getMasterPageNameText ()
const int getImportWhere ()
const int getImportWherePage ()
const bool getCreatePageChecked ()
const QString getPageNumbers ()
const int getPageCounter ()
 MissingFont (QWidget *parent, QString fon, ScribusDoc *doc)
 ~MissingFont ()
const QString getReplacementFont ()
 MovePages (QWidget *parent, int currentPage, int maxPages, bool moving)
 ~MovePages ()
const int getFromPage ()
const int getToPage ()
const int getWhere ()
const int getWherePage ()
const int getCopyCount ()
 NameWidget (QWidget *parent)
 ~NameWidget ()
 Mpalette (QWidget *parent)
 ~Mpalette ()
virtual void closeEvent (QCloseEvent *closeEvent)
void updateColorSpecialGradient ()
const VGradient getFillGradient ()
void updateColorList ()
void setGradientEditMode (bool)
void updateCmsList ()
void setTextFlowMode (PageItem::TextFlowMode mode)
void ShowCMS ()
void fillLangCombo (QMap< QString, QString > langMap)
 fills the langs combobox in language specific order
bool userActionOn ()
 Returns true if there is a user action going on at the moment of call.
 UserActionSniffer ()
 MSpinBox (QWidget *pa, int s)
 MSpinBox (double minValue, double maxValue, QWidget *pa, int s)
 MSpinBox (QWidget *parent, const char *name=0)
 A dummy constructor for use in Designer's custom widgets.
 ~MSpinBox ()
double value ()
 Returns the current Value of the SpinBox.
double minValue ()
 Gets the Minimum Value of the Spinbox.
double maxValue ()
 Gets the Maximim Value of the Spinbox.
virtual QString mapValueToText (int value)
virtual int mapTextToValue (bool *ok)
 Maps the Text of the Spinbox to the Value, does scUnit Conversion and Calculations.
void setNewUnit (double oldUnitRatio, double newUnitRatio, int unitIndex)
 Sets a new unit for the spinbox, doing the value conversions.
void setTabAdvance (bool enable)
void setDecimals (int deci)
bool isReadOnly () const
void setConstants (const QMap< QString, double > &)
void setLineStepM (int val)
 MultiLine (QWidget *parent, ScribusDoc *doc, multiLine ml, QString nam, QMap< QString, multiLine > *Sty)
void updatePreview ()
QColor calcFarbe (const QString &name, int shade)
void updateSList ()
void reSort ()
void RebuildList ()
 ~MultiLine ()
 MultiProgressDialog (QWidget *parent=0, const char *name=0, bool modal=false, WFlags f=0)
 MultiProgressDialog (const QString &titleText, const QString &cancelButtonText, QWidget *parent=0, const char *name=0, bool modal=true, WFlags f=0)
 Create a multi progress bar dialog for long operations with multiple steps.
 ~MultiProgressDialog ()
void removeExtraProgressBars ()
 Remove all progress bars other than the main one.
bool addExtraProgressBars (const QStringList &barsList, const QStringList &barsTexts, const QValueList< bool > &barsNumerical)
 Add a list of progress bars, where barsList contains a list of references and barTexts contains the labels for the bars.
bool setLabel (const QString &barName, const QString &newLabel)
 Set a new label for a user defined progress bar.
bool setTotalSteps (const QString &barName, int totalSteps)
 Set the total steps for a user defined progress bar.
bool setProgress (const QString &barName, int progress)
 Set the progress for a user defined progress bar.
bool setProgress (const QString &barName, int progress, int totalSteps)
 Set the prgress and total steps for a user defined progress bar.
void setOverallTotalSteps (int totalSteps)
 Set the overall total steps for the dialog.
void setOverallProgress (int progress)
 Set the overall progress for the dialog.
void setOverallProgress (int progress, int totalSteps)
 Set the overall progress and total steps for the dialog.
bool setupBar (const QString &barName, const QString &barText, int progress, int totalSteps)
 Create a new progress bar in one step.
void setCancelButtonText (const QString &cancelButtonText)
 Set the cancel button text.
 MasterPagesPalette (QWidget *parent, ScribusDoc *pCurrentDoc, ScribusView *pCurrentView, QString masterPageName)
 ~MasterPagesPalette ()
void closeEvent (QCloseEvent *closeEvent)
void updateMasterPageList (QString MasterPageName)
 Navigator (QWidget *parent, int Size, int Seite, ScribusView *vie, QString fn="")
 ~Navigator ()
void mouseMoveEvent (QMouseEvent *m)
void mousePressEvent (QMouseEvent *m)
void mouseReleaseEvent (QMouseEvent *m)
void paintEvent (QPaintEvent *e)
void drawMark (int x, int y)
bool SetSeite (int Seite, int Size, QString fn="")
 NewDoc (QWidget *parent, const QStringList &recentDocs, bool startUp=false)
 ~NewDoc ()
void createNewDocPage ()
void createOpenDocPage ()
void createRecentDocPage ()
void setSize (QString gr)
 NewTm (QWidget *parent, QString text, QString titel, ScribusDoc *doc, const QString &answerText=QString::null)
 ~NewTm ()
 OneClick (QWidget *parent, QString titel, int unitIndex, double defW, double defH, bool remember, int origin, int mode)
 ~OneClick ()
 Page (const double x, const double y, const double b, const double h)
 ~Page ()
double xOffset () const
double yOffset () const
double width () const
double height () const
double initialWidth () const
double initialHeight () const
void setXOffset (const double)
void setYOffset (const double)
void setWidth (const double)
void setHeight (const double)
void setInitialWidth (const double)
void setInitialHeight (const double)
void copySizingProperties (Page *sourcePage, const MarginStruct &pageMargins)
ScribusDocdoc () const
void setDocument (ScribusDoc *doc)
uint pageNr () const
void setPageNr (int pageNr)
const QString & pageSectionNumber () const
void setPageSectionNumber (const QString &)
const QString & pageName () const
 Return the page's name.
void setPageName (const QString &newName)
void restore (UndoState *state, bool isUndo)
virtual PageItem_ImageFrameasImageFrame ()
virtual PageItem_LineasLine ()
virtual PageItem_PathTextasPathText ()
virtual PageItem_PolygonasPolygon ()
virtual PageItem_PolyLineasPolyLine ()
virtual PageItem_TextFrameasTextFrame ()
 PageItem (ScribusDoc *pa, ItemType newType, double x, double y, double w, double h, double w2, QString fill, QString outline)
 ~PageItem ()
virtual void saxx (SaxHandler &handler, const Xml_string &elemtag) const
 Writes an XML representation of this object.
virtual void saxx (SaxHandler &handler) const
 Writes an XML representation of this object using the default element tag, see below.
virtual void clearContents ()
 Clear the contents of a frame.
void AdjustPictScale ()
 Adjust the picture scale, moved from the view, no view code here FIXME: Move to PageItem_TextFrame.
QRect getRedrawBounding (const double)
 Set or get the redraw bounding box of the item, moved from the View.
void setRedrawBounding ()
void updateGradientVectors ()
 Update the gradient vectors, moved from the View.
void moveImageInFrame (double newX, double newY)
 Move the image within the frame Old ScribusView::MoveItemI.
ObjAttrVectorgetObjectAttributes ()
ObjectAttribute getObjectAttribute (QString) const
 brief Returns a complete ObjectAttribute struct if 1 is found, or will be QString::null if 0 or >1 are found
void setObjectAttributes (ObjAttrVector *)
void paintObj (QRect e=QRect(), QPixmap *ppX=0)
 Zeichnet das Item.
void DrawObj (ScPainter *p, QRect e)
void DrawObj_Pre (ScPainter *p, double &sc)
virtual void DrawObj_Post (ScPainter *p)
virtual void DrawObj_Item (ScPainter *p, QRect e, double sc)=0
QImage DrawObj_toImage ()
QImage DrawObj_toImage (QPtrList< PageItem > &emG)
void DrawObj_Embedded (ScPainter *p, QRect e, const CharStyle &style, PageItem *cembedded)
void SetFrameShape (int count, double *vals)
void SetRectFrame ()
void SetOvalFrame ()
void SetFrameRound ()
void setPolyClip (int up, int down=0)
void updatePolyClip ()
void updateClip ()
void convertClip ()
void getBoundingRect (double *x1, double *y1, double *x2, double *y2) const
bool pointWithinItem (const int x, const int y) const
 Check if a QPoint is within the items boundaries No coordinates transformation is performed.
bool mouseWithinItem (QWidget *vport, const int x, const int y, double scale) const
 Check if the mouse is within the items boundaries This method performs necessary page to device transformations.
void copyToCopyPasteBuffer (struct CopyPasteBuffer *Buffer)
virtual void handleModeEditKey (QKeyEvent *k, bool &keyRepeat)
virtual void layout ()
 creates valid layout information
bool frameOverflows () const
 returns true if text overflows
int firstInFrame () const
 returns index of first char displayed in this frame, used to be 0
int lastInFrame () const
 returns index of last char displayed in this frame, used to be MaxChars-1
bool frameDisplays (int textpos) const
 tests if a character is displayed by this frame
const ParagraphStylecurrentStyle () const
 returns the style at the current charpos
ParagraphStylechangeCurrentStyle ()
 returns the style at the current charpos
const CharStylecurrentCharStyle () const
 returns the style at the current charpos
double layoutGlyphs (const CharStyle &style, const QString chars, GlyphLayout &layout)
void SetFarbe (QColor *tmp, QString farbe, int shad)
void drawGlyphs (ScPainter *p, const CharStyle &style, GlyphLayout &glyphs)
void DrawPolyL (QPainter *p, QPointArray pts)
QString ExpandToken (uint base)
const FPointArray shape () const
void setShape (FPointArray val)
const FPointArray contour () const
void setContour (FPointArray val)
bool flipPathText () const
void setFlipPathText (bool val)
int pathTextType () const
void setPathTextType (int val)
double pathTextBaseOffset () const
void setPathTextBaseOffset (double val)
bool pathTextShowFrame () const
void setPathTextShowFrame (bool val)
bool useEmbeddedImageProfile () const
void setUseEmbeddedImageProfile (bool val)
QString embeddedImageProfile () const
void setEmbeddedImageProfile (QString val)
QString externalFile () const
void setExternalFile (QString val)
QString fileIconPressed () const
void setFileIconPressed (QString val)
QString fileIconRollover () const
void setFileIconRollover (QString val)
int cmsRenderingIntent () const
void setCmsRenderingIntent (int val)
QString cmsProfile () const
void setCmsProfile (QString val)
PageItemprevInChain ()
PageItemnextInChain ()
const PageItemprevInChain () const
const PageItemnextInChain () const
void unlink ()
void link (PageItem *nextFrame)
void dropLinks ()
const QValueStack< int > & groups () const
QValueStack< int > & groups ()
void setGroups (QValueStack< int > val)
bool controlsGroup () const
void setControlsGroup (bool val)
const QValueList< double > & dashes () const
QValueList< double > & dashes ()
void setDashes (QValueList< double > val)
double dashOffset () const
void setDashOffset (double val)
void setIsTableItem (bool val)
void setHasLeftLine (bool val)
void setHasRightLine (bool val)
void setHasTopLine (bool val)
void setHasBottomLine (bool val)
void setLeftLink (PageItem *lnk)
void setRightLink (PageItem *lnk)
void setTopLink (PageItem *lnk)
void setBottomLink (PageItem *lnk)
void setGroupsLastItem (PageItem *lnk)
double xPos () const
double yPos () const
FPoint xyPos () const
void setXPos (const double, bool drawingOnly=false)
void setYPos (const double, bool drawingOnly=false)
void setXYPos (const double, const double, bool drawingOnly=false)
void moveBy (const double, const double, bool drawingOnly=false)
double width () const
double height () const
void setWidth (const double)
void setHeight (const double)
void setWidthHeight (const double, const double, bool drawingOnly)
void setWidthHeight (const double, const double)
void resizeBy (const double, const double)
double rotation () const
void setRotation (const double, bool drawingOnly)
void setRotation (const double r)
void rotateBy (const double)
bool isSelected () const
void setSelected (const bool)
double imageXScale () const
double imageYScale () const
void setImageXScale (const double)
void setImageYScale (const double)
void setImageXYScale (const double, const double)
double imageXOffset () const
double imageYOffset () const
void setImageXOffset (const double)
void setImageYOffset (const double)
void moveImageXYOffsetBy (const double, const double)
void setImageXYOffset (const double, const double)
bool reversed () const
void setReversed (bool)
double cornerRadius () const
void setCornerRadius (double)
bool isPDFBookmark () const
void setIsPDFBookmark (bool val)
int gradientType () const
void setGradientType (int val)
bool fillEvenOdd () const
void setFillEvenOdd (bool val)
bool overprint () const
void setOverprint (bool val)
int frameType () const
void setFrameType (int val)
bool hasDefaultShape () const
void setHasDefaultShape (bool val)
bool isAutoFrame () const
void setIsAutoFrame (bool val)
bool keepAspectRatio () const
void setKeepAspectRatio (bool val)
bool fitImageToFrame () const
void setFitImageToFrame (bool val)
double textToFrameDistLeft () const
double textToFrameDistRight () const
double textToFrameDistTop () const
double textToFrameDistBottom () const
int columns () const
double columnGap () const
double gridOffset () const
double gridDistance () const
void setTextToFrameDistLeft (double)
void setTextToFrameDistRight (double)
void setTextToFrameDistTop (double)
void setTextToFrameDistBottom (double)
void setColumns (int)
void setColumnGap (double)
void setGridOffset (double)
void setGridDistance (double)
void setTextToFrameDist (double newLeft, double newRight, double newTop, double newBottom)
 Set the text to frame distances all at once.
QString itemName () const
 Get name of the item.
void setItemName (const QString &newName)
 Set name of the item.
QString pattern () const
 Get the name of the pattern of the object.
void patternTransform (double &scaleX, double &scaleY, double &offsetX, double &offsetY, double &rotation) const
 Get the pattern transformation matrix of the object.
void setPattern (const QString &newPattern)
 Set the fill pattern of the object.
void setPatternTransform (double scaleX, double scaleY, double offsetX, double offsetY, double rotation)
 Set the fill pattern transformation of the object.
QString fillColor () const
 Get the (name of the) fill color of the object.
void setFillColor (const QString &newColor)
 Set the fill color of the object.
int fillShade () const
 Get the shade of the fill color.
void setFillShade (int newShade)
 Set the fill color shade.
double fillTransparency () const
 Get the transparency of the fill color.
void setFillTransparency (double newTransparency)
 Set the transparency of the fill color.
int fillBlendmode () const
 Get the blendmode of the fill color.
void setFillBlendmode (int newBlendmode)
 Set the blendmode of the fill color.
int lineBlendmode () const
 Get the blendmode of the stroke color.
void setLineBlendmode (int newBlendmode)
 Set the blendmode of the stroke color.
QString lineColor () const
 Get the line color of the object.
void setLineColor (const QString &newColor)
 Set the line color of the object.
int lineShade () const
 Get the line color shade.
void setLineShade (int newShade)
 Set the line color shade.
double lineTransparency () const
 Get the line transparency.
void setLineTransparency (double newTransparency)
 Set the transparency of the line color.
void setLineQColor ()
 Set the QColor for the line.
void setFillQColor ()
 Set the QColor for the fill.
Qt::PenStyle lineStyle () const
 Get the style of line.
void setLineStyle (Qt::PenStyle newStyle)
 Set the style of line.
double lineWidth () const
 Get the width of the line.
void setLineWidth (double newWidth)
 Set the width of line.
Qt::PenCapStyle lineEnd () const
 Get the end cap style of the line.
void setLineEnd (Qt::PenCapStyle newStyle)
 Set the end style of line.
Qt::PenJoinStyle lineJoin () const
 Get the join style of multi-segment lines.
void setLineJoin (Qt::PenJoinStyle newStyle)
 Set the join style of line.
QString customLineStyle () const
 Get name of active custom line style.
void setCustomLineStyle (const QString &newStyle)
 Set custom line style.
int startArrowIndex () const
 Get start arrow index.
void setStartArrowIndex (int newIndex)
 Set start arrow index.
int endArrowIndex () const
 Get end arrow index.
void setEndArrowIndex (int newIndex)
 Set end arrow index.
bool imageFlippedH () const
 Is the image flipped horizontally?
void setImageFlippedH (bool flipped)
 Horizontally flip / unflip the image.
void flipImageH ()
 Flip an image horizontally.
bool imageFlippedV () const
 Is the image flipped vertically?
void setImageFlippedV (bool flipped)
 Vertically flip / unflip the image.
void flipImageV ()
 Flip an image vertically.
void setImageScalingMode (bool freeScale, bool keepRatio)
 Set the image scaling mode.
void toggleLock ()
 Lock or unlock this pageitem.
bool locked () const