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scribus-ng  1.3.4.dfsg+svn20071115
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prefsstructs.h File Reference
#include <qcolor.h>
#include <qstring.h>
#include "scribusstructs.h"
#include "pdfoptions.h"
#include "scfonts.h"
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struct  checkerPrefs
struct  typoPrefs
struct  windowPrefs
struct  guidesPrefs
struct  toolPrefs
struct  ApplicationPrefs


typedef QMap< QString,

Class Documentation

struct checkerPrefs

Definition at line 20 of file prefsstructs.h.

Class Members
bool autoCheck
bool checkAnnotations
bool checkForGIF
bool checkGlyphs
bool checkOrphans
bool checkOverflow
bool checkPictures
bool checkRasterPDF
bool checkResolution
bool checkTransparency
bool ignoreErrors
bool ignoreOffLayers
double maxResolution
double minResolution
struct typoPrefs

Definition at line 40 of file prefsstructs.h.

Class Members
int autoLineSpacing
double offsetBaseGrid
int scalingSubScript
int scalingSuperScript
double valueBaseGrid
int valueSmallCaps
int valueStrikeThruPos
int valueStrikeThruWidth
int valueSubScript
int valueSuperScript
int valueUnderlinePos
int valueUnderlineWidth
struct windowPrefs

Definition at line 56 of file prefsstructs.h.

Class Members
bool docked
int height
bool maximized
bool visible
int width
int xPosition
int yPosition
struct guidesPrefs

Definition at line 67 of file prefsstructs.h.

Class Members
QColor baseColor
bool baseShown
bool before
bool colBordersShown
bool framesShown
int grabRad
bool gridShown
QColor guideColor
double guideRad
bool guidesShown
bool layerMarkersShown
bool linkShown
QColor majorColor
double majorGrid
QColor margColor
bool marginsShown
QColor minorColor
double minorGrid
bool rulerMode
bool rulersShown
bool showBleed
bool showControls
bool showPic
struct toolPrefs

Definition at line 94 of file prefsstructs.h.

Class Members
bool aspectRatio
double constrain
QString dBrush
QString dBrushPict
int dCols
QString defFont
int defSize
int dEndArrow
double dGap
double dispX
double dispY
int dLineArt
int dLstyleLine
QString dPen
QString dPenLine
QString dPenText
int dShade
int dShade2
int dShadeLine
int dStartArrow
QString dStrokeText
double dTabWidth
QString dTextBackGround
int dTextBackGroundShade
QString dTextLineColor
int dTextLineShade
int dTextPenShade
int dTextStrokeShade
double dWidth
double dWidthLine
int lowResType
int magMax
int magMin
int magStep
int polyC
double polyF
int polyFd
double polyR
bool polyS
bool scaleType
double scaleX
double scaleY
int shadePict
QString tabFillChar
bool useEmbeddedPath
struct ApplicationPrefs

Definition at line 151 of file prefsstructs.h.

Collaboration diagram for ApplicationPrefs:
Class Members
int AppFontSize
QValueList< ArrowDesc > arrowStyles
bool askBeforeSubstituite
bool AutoCheck
bool Automatic
bool AutoSave
int AutoSaveTime
SCFonts AvailFonts
MarginStruct bleeds
CheckerPrefsList checkerProfiles
bool ClipMargin
QString curCheckProfile
QStringList CustomColorSets
ColorList DColors
QString DColorSet
QColor DControlCharColor
ObjAttrVector defaultItemAttributes
ToCSetupVector defaultToCSetups
QColor DFrameAnnotationColor
QColor DFrameColor
QColor DFrameGroupColor
QColor DFrameLinkColor
QColor DFrameLockColor
QColor DFrameNormColor
double DisScale
QString DocDir
bool doCopyToScrapbook
QString documentTemplatesDir
int docUnitIndex
bool doOverprint
QColor DPageBorderColor
QColor DpapColor
QString extBrowserExecutable
int FacingPages
bool Gcr_Mode
bool GCRMode
QMap< QString, QString > GFontSub
bool gs_AntiAliasGraphics
bool gs_AntiAliasText
QString gs_exe
int gs_Resolution
QString GUI
guidesPrefs guidesSettings
QString guiLanguage
bool haveStylePreview
int HyCount
QString imageEditorExecutable
QMap< QString, Keys > KeyActions
QString Language
windowPrefs mainWinSettings
bool marginColored
MarginStruct margins
int MinWordLen
int moveTimeout
int numScrapbookCopies
double PageHeight
int pageOrientation
QValueList< PageSet > pageSets
QString pageSize
double PageWidth
int PaletteFontSize
int paragraphsLI
PDFOptions PDF_Options
bool persistentScrapbook
QString PrinterCommand
QString PrinterFile
QString PrinterName
QString ProfileDir
bool PrPr_AntiAliasing
bool PrPr_C
bool PrPr_K
bool PrPr_M
bool PrPr_Mode
bool PrPr_Transparency
bool PrPr_Y
uint RecentDCount
QStringList RecentDocs
QStringList RecentScrapbooks
MarginStruct scratch
QString ScriptDir
bool SepalN
bool SepalT
bool showStartupDialog
bool showToolTips
QColor STEcolor
QString STEfont
bool stickyTools
toolPrefs toolSettings
typoPrefs typographicSettings
bool useStandardLI
int Wheelval

Typedef Documentation

typedef QMap<QString, checkerPrefs> CheckerPrefsList

Definition at line 38 of file prefsstructs.h.