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md5.h File Reference
#include <stdio.h>
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struct  md5_ctx


#define __P(x)   ()


typedef unsigned int md5_uint32


void md5_init_ctx __P ((struct md5_ctx *ctx))
void md5_process_block __P ((const void *buffer, size_t len, struct md5_ctx *ctx))
void *md5_finish_ctx __P ((struct md5_ctx *ctx, void *resbuf))
void *md5_read_ctx __P ((const struct md5_ctx *ctx, void *resbuf))
int md5_stream __P ((FILE *stream, void *resblock))
void *md5_buffer __P ((const char *buffer, size_t len, void *resblock))

Class Documentation

struct md5_ctx

Definition at line 91 of file md5.h.

Class Members
md5_uint32 A
md5_uint32 B
char buffer
md5_uint32 buflen
md5_uint32 C
md5_uint32 D
md5_uint32 total

Define Documentation

#define __P (   x)    ()

Definition at line 87 of file md5.h.


Definition at line 63 of file md5.h.


Definition at line 54 of file md5.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef unsigned int md5_uint32

Definition at line 67 of file md5.h.

Function Documentation

void md5_init_ctx __P ( (struct md5_ctx *ctx)  )
void md5_process_bytes __P ( (const void *buffer, size_t len, struct md5_ctx *ctx)  )
void* md5_finish_ctx __P ( (struct md5_ctx *ctx, void *resbuf)  )
void* md5_read_ctx __P ( (const struct md5_ctx *ctx, void *resbuf)  )
int md5_stream __P ( (FILE *stream, void *resblock)  )
void* md5_buffer __P ( (const char *buffer, size_t len, void *resblock)  )