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scribus-ng  1.3.4.dfsg+svn20071115
StyleSet< STYLE > Member List
This is the complete list of members for StyleSet< STYLE >, including all inherited members.
append(STYLE *style)StyleSet< STYLE > [inline]
clear()StyleSet< STYLE > [inline]
context() const StyleSet< STYLE > [inline]
count() const StyleSet< STYLE > [inline]
create(const STYLE &proto)StyleSet< STYLE > [inline]
find(const QString &name) const StyleSet< STYLE > [inline]
isDefault(const STYLE &style) const StyleSet< STYLE > [inline]
m_contextStyleSet< STYLE > [private]
m_defaultStyleSet< STYLE > [private]
makeDefault(STYLE *def)StyleSet< STYLE > [inline]
operator=(const StyleSet &)StyleSet< STYLE > [inline, private]
operator[](uint index)StyleSet< STYLE > [inline]
operator[](const QString &name) const StyleSet< STYLE > [inline]
operator[](uint index) const StyleSet< STYLE > [inline]
redefine(const StyleSet< STYLE > &defs, bool removeUnused=false)StyleSet< STYLE > [inline]
remove(uint index)StyleSet< STYLE > [inline]
rename(const QMap< QString, QString > &newNames)StyleSet< STYLE > [inline]
resolve(const QString &name) const StyleSet< STYLE > [inline]
setContext(const StyleContext *context)StyleSet< STYLE > [inline]
stylesStyleSet< STYLE > [private]
StyleSet()StyleSet< STYLE > [inline]
StyleSet(const StyleSet &)StyleSet< STYLE > [inline, private]
~StyleSet()StyleSet< STYLE > [inline]