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SWDialog Class Reference

GUI dialog for user to make decision. More...

#include <vlnadialog.h>

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Public Slots

virtual void okButton_pressed ()
 run shorts processing
virtual void cancelButton_pressed ()
 cancel and quit

Public Member Functions

 SWDialog (QWidget *parent=0, const char *name=0, bool modal=FALSE, WFlags fl=0)
 ~SWDialog ()
void selectAction (int aAction)
 from config file

Public Attributes

 reference on the config structure
QButtonGroup * buttonGroup
QRadioButton * frameRadio
QRadioButton * pageRadio
QRadioButton * allRadio
QPushButton * okButton
QPushButton * cancelButton
int actionSelected
 1-3 integer - value of the radio button group transformed

Protected Slots

virtual void languageChange ()
virtual void buttonGroup_clicked (int key)
 Move keyboard focus after mouse click.

Protected Attributes

QGridLayout * SWDialogLayout
QVBoxLayout * layout4
QHBoxLayout * layout3
QVBoxLayout * layout2
QVBoxLayout * layout1

Detailed Description

GUI dialog for user to make decision.

Generated from Qt designer UI file. Later changes by my hands :)

Petr Vanek

Definition at line 38 of file vlnadialog.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SWDialog::SWDialog ( QWidget *  parent = 0,
const char *  name = 0,
bool  modal = FALSE,
WFlags  fl = 0 

Definition at line 44 of file vlnadialog.cpp.

       : QDialog(parent, name, modal, fl)
       if (!name)
       cfg = new SWConfig();

       SWDialogLayout = new QGridLayout(this, 1, 1, 11, 6, "SWDialogLayout");

       layout4 = new QVBoxLayout(0, 0, 6, "layout4");

       layout3 = new QHBoxLayout(0, 0, 6, "layout3");

       buttonGroup = new QButtonGroup(this, "buttonGroup");

       QGridLayout *gridLayout = new QGridLayout(buttonGroup);
       QVBoxLayout *vboxLayout = new QVBoxLayout();

       frameRadio = new QRadioButton(buttonGroup, "frameRadio");

       pageRadio = new QRadioButton(buttonGroup, "pageRadio");

       allRadio = new QRadioButton(buttonGroup, "allRadio");

       gridLayout->addLayout(vboxLayout, 0, 0);
       buttonGroup->setMinimumWidth(250); // these Germans withe their long words...


       layout2 = new QVBoxLayout(0, 0, 6, "layout2");
       QSpacerItem* spacer = new QSpacerItem(20, 40, QSizePolicy::Minimum, QSizePolicy::Expanding);

       layout1 = new QVBoxLayout(0, 0, 6, "layout1");

       okButton = new QPushButton(this, "okButton");
       okButton->setSizePolicy(QSizePolicy((QSizePolicy::SizeType)1, (QSizePolicy::SizeType)0, 0, 0, okButton->sizePolicy().hasHeightForWidth()));

       cancelButton = new QPushButton(this, "cancelButton");
       cancelButton->setSizePolicy(QSizePolicy((QSizePolicy::SizeType)1, (QSizePolicy::SizeType)0, 0, 0, cancelButton->sizePolicy().hasHeightForWidth()));


       SWDialogLayout->addLayout(layout4, 0, 0);

       resize(QSize(306, 193).expandedTo(minimumSizeHint()));


       // signals and slots connections
       connect(okButton, SIGNAL(clicked()), this, SLOT(okButton_pressed()));
       connect(cancelButton, SIGNAL(clicked()), this, SLOT(cancelButton_pressed()));
       connect(buttonGroup, SIGNAL(clicked(int)), this, SLOT(buttonGroup_clicked(int)));

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Definition at line 117 of file vlnadialog.cpp.

Here is the call graph for this function:

Member Function Documentation

void SWDialog::buttonGroup_clicked ( int  key) [protected, virtual, slot]

Move keyboard focus after mouse click.

keyid of the button

Definition at line 160 of file vlnadialog.cpp.


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void SWDialog::cancelButton_pressed ( ) [virtual, slot]

cancel and quit

Definition at line 147 of file vlnadialog.cpp.


Here is the caller graph for this function:

void SWDialog::languageChange ( ) [protected, virtual, slot]

Definition at line 127 of file vlnadialog.cpp.

       setCaption( tr("Short Words", "short words plugin"));
       buttonGroup->setTitle( tr("Apply unbreakable space on:", "short words plugin"));
       frameRadio->setText( tr("&Selected frames", "short words plugin"));
       pageRadio->setText( tr("Active &page", "short words plugin"));
       allRadio->setText( tr("&All items", "short words plugin"));
       QToolTip::add(frameRadio, tr("Only selected frames processed.", "short words plugin"));
       QToolTip::add(pageRadio, tr("Only actual page processed.", "short words plugin"));
       QToolTip::add(allRadio, tr("All items in document processed.", "short words plugin"));

Here is the call graph for this function:

Here is the caller graph for this function:

void SWDialog::okButton_pressed ( ) [virtual, slot]

run shorts processing

Definition at line 141 of file vlnadialog.cpp.

       actionSelected = buttonGroup->id(buttonGroup->selected());

Here is the caller graph for this function:

void SWDialog::selectAction ( int  aAction)

from config file

Definition at line 152 of file vlnadialog.cpp.

       if (aAction!=0 && aAction!=1 && aAction!=2) {
                     aAction = 0;

Here is the caller graph for this function:

Member Data Documentation

1-3 integer - value of the radio button group transformed

Definition at line 58 of file vlnadialog.h.

QRadioButton* SWDialog::allRadio

Definition at line 52 of file vlnadialog.h.

QButtonGroup* SWDialog::buttonGroup

Definition at line 49 of file vlnadialog.h.

QPushButton* SWDialog::cancelButton

Definition at line 54 of file vlnadialog.h.

reference on the config structure

Definition at line 47 of file vlnadialog.h.

QRadioButton* SWDialog::frameRadio

Definition at line 50 of file vlnadialog.h.

QVBoxLayout* SWDialog::layout1 [protected]

Definition at line 74 of file vlnadialog.h.

QVBoxLayout* SWDialog::layout2 [protected]

Definition at line 73 of file vlnadialog.h.

QHBoxLayout* SWDialog::layout3 [protected]

Definition at line 72 of file vlnadialog.h.

QVBoxLayout* SWDialog::layout4 [protected]

Definition at line 71 of file vlnadialog.h.

QPushButton* SWDialog::okButton

Definition at line 53 of file vlnadialog.h.

QRadioButton* SWDialog::pageRadio

Definition at line 51 of file vlnadialog.h.

QGridLayout* SWDialog::SWDialogLayout [protected]

Definition at line 70 of file vlnadialog.h.

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