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scribus-ng  1.3.4.dfsg+svn20071115
FSize Member List
This is the complete list of members for FSize, including all inherited members.
boundedTo(const FSize &) const FSize [inline]
expandedTo(const FSize &) const FSize [inline]
FSize()FSize [inline]
FSize(double w, double h)FSize [inline]
height() const FSize [inline]
htFSize [private]
isEmpty() const FSize [inline]
isNull() const FSize [inline]
isValid() const FSize [inline]
operatorFSize [related]
operatorFSize [related]
operatorFSize [related]
operator!=(const FSize &, const FSize &)FSize [friend]
operator*(const FSize &, int)FSize [friend]
operator*(int, const FSize &)FSize [friend]
operator*(const FSize &, double)FSize [friend]
operator*(double, const FSize &)FSize [friend]
operator*=(int c)FSize [inline]
operator*=(double c)FSize [inline]
operator+(const FSize &, const FSize &)FSize [friend]
operator+=(const FSize &)FSize [inline]
operator-(const FSize &, const FSize &)FSize [friend]
operator-=(const FSize &)FSize [inline]
operator/(const FSize &, int)FSize [friend]
operator/(const FSize &, double)FSize [friend]
operator/=(int c)FSize [inline]
operator/=(double c)FSize [inline]
operator==(const FSize &, const FSize &)FSize [friend]
rheight()FSize [inline]
rwidth()FSize [inline]
scale(double w, double h, ScaleMode mode)FSize
scale(const FSize &s, ScaleMode mode)FSize
ScaleFree enum valueFSize
ScaleMax enum valueFSize
ScaleMin enum valueFSize
ScaleMode enum nameFSize
setHeight(double h)FSize [inline]
setWidth(double w)FSize [inline]
warningDivByZero()FSize [private, static]
wdFSize [private]
width() const FSize [inline]