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scribus-ng  1.3.4.dfsg+svn20071115
CsvIm Member List
This is the complete list of members for CsvIm, including all inherited members.
colCountCsvIm [private]
colIndexCsvIm [private]
CsvIm(const QString &fname, const QString &enc, gtWriter *w, const QString &fdelim=",", const QString &vdelim="\"", bool header=false, bool usevdelim=true)CsvIm
dataCsvIm [private]
encodingCsvIm [private]
fieldDelimiterCsvIm [private]
filenameCsvIm [private]
hasHeaderCsvIm [private]
headerCsvIm [private]
loadFile()CsvIm [private]
parseLine(const QString &line, bool isHeader)CsvIm [private]
pstyleDataCsvIm [private]
pstyleHeaderCsvIm [private]
rowNumberCsvIm [private]
setFieldDelimiter(const QString &fdelim)CsvIm
setupPStyles()CsvIm [private]
setupTabulators()CsvIm [private]
setValueDelimiter(const QString &vdelim)CsvIm
toUnicode(const QString &text)CsvIm [private]
useVDelimCsvIm [private]
valueDelimiterCsvIm [private]
writerCsvIm [private]