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scribus-ng  1.3.4.dfsg+svn20071115
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art_render_pattern.h File Reference
#include <libart_lgpl/art_filterlevel.h>
#include <libart_lgpl/art_render.h>
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struct  _ArtPattern


typedef struct _ArtPattern


void art_render_pattern (ArtRender *render, const ArtPattern *pattern, ArtFilterLevel level)

Class Documentation

struct _ArtPattern

Definition at line 47 of file art_render_pattern.h.

Class Members
double angle
art_u8 * buffer
art_u8 opacity
unsigned int theight
unsigned int twidth

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct _ArtPattern

Definition at line 45 of file art_render_pattern.h.

Function Documentation

void art_render_pattern ( ArtRender *  render,
const ArtPattern *  pattern,
ArtFilterLevel  level 

Definition at line 97 of file art_render_pattern.c.

  ArtImageSourcePattern *image_source = art_new (ArtImageSourcePattern, 1);

  image_source->super.super.render = NULL;
  image_source->super.super.done = art_render_pattern_done;
  image_source->super.negotiate = art_render_pattern_negotiate;

  image_source->pattern = pattern;

  art_render_add_image_source (render, &image_source->super);

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