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salome-smesh  6.5.0
SMESH_box Namespace Reference


tuple geom = salome.lcc.FindOrLoadComponent("FactoryServer", "GEOM")
tuple box = geompy.MakeBox(0.,0.,0.,1.,1.,1.)
tuple boxId = geompy.addToStudy(box,"box")
tuple box_mesh = smesh.Mesh(box, "box_mesh")
tuple alg1D = box_mesh.Segment()
tuple hypL1 = alg1D.LocalLength(0.25)
tuple alg2D = box_mesh.Quadrangle()
tuple alg3D = box_mesh.Hexahedron()

Variable Documentation

tuple SMESH_box.alg1D = box_mesh.Segment()

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tuple SMESH_box.alg2D = box_mesh.Quadrangle()

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tuple SMESH_box.alg3D = box_mesh.Hexahedron()

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tuple = geompy.MakeBox(0.,0.,0.,1.,1.,1.)


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tuple SMESH_box.box_mesh = smesh.Mesh(box, "box_mesh")

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tuple SMESH_box.boxId = geompy.addToStudy(box,"box")

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tuple SMESH_box.geom = salome.lcc.FindOrLoadComponent("FactoryServer", "GEOM")

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tuple SMESH_box.hypL1 = alg1D.LocalLength(0.25)

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