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salome-smesh  6.5.0
Public Member Functions
SMESH::EqualNodes Interface Reference

Logical functor (predicate) "Equal Nodes". More...

import "SMESH_Filter.idl";

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Public Member Functions

void SetTolerance (in double theToler)
double GetTolerance ()
boolean IsSatisfy (in long thEntityId)
void SetMesh (in SMESH_Mesh theMesh)
FunctorType GetFunctorType ()
ElementType GetElementType ()

Detailed Description

Logical functor (predicate) "Equal Nodes".

Verify whether there is another mesh node with same coordinates

Definition at line 204 of file SMESH_Filter.idl.

Member Function Documentation

Here is the caller graph for this function:

boolean SMESH::Predicate::IsSatisfy ( in long  thEntityId) [inherited]
void SMESH::Functor::SetMesh ( in SMESH_Mesh  theMesh) [inherited]
void SMESH::EqualNodes::SetTolerance ( in double  theToler)

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