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salome-smesh  6.5.0
_FaceSide Member List
This is the complete list of members for _FaceSide, including all inherited members.
_FaceSide(const _FaceSide &other)_FaceSide
_FaceSide(const TopoDS_Edge &edge=TopoDS_Edge())_FaceSide
_FaceSide(const list< TopoDS_Edge > &edges)_FaceSide
AppendSide(const _FaceSide &side)_FaceSide
Contain(const _FaceSide &side, int *which=0) const _FaceSide
Contain(const TopoDS_Vertex &vertex) const _FaceSide
Dump() const _FaceSide
FirstVertex() const _FaceSide
GetNbSegments(SMESH_Mesh &mesh) const _FaceSide
GetSide(const int i)_FaceSide
GetSide(const int i) const _FaceSide
LastVertex() const _FaceSide
myChildren_FaceSide [private]
myEdge_FaceSide [private]
myID_FaceSide [private]
myNbChildren_FaceSide [private]
myVertices_FaceSide [private]
NbVertices() const _FaceSide
ptr(const TopoDS_Shape &theShape)_FaceSide [inline, static]
SetBottomSide(int i)_FaceSide
SetID(EQuadSides id)_FaceSide [inline]
size()_FaceSide [inline]
StoreNodes(SMESH_Mesh &mesh, vector< const SMDS_MeshNode * > &myGrid, bool reverse)_FaceSide
Vertex(int i) const _FaceSide