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salome-smesh  6.5.0
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SMESHGUI_VTKUtils.cxx File Reference
#include "SMESHGUI_VTKUtils.h"
#include "SMESHGUI.h"
#include "SMESHGUI_Utils.h"
#include "SMESHGUI_Filter.h"
#include "SMESH_ControlsDef.hxx"
#include <SMESH_Actor.h>
#include <SMESH_ActorUtils.h>
#include <SMESH_ObjectDef.h>
#include <SMDS_Mesh.hxx>
#include <SUIT_Desktop.h>
#include <SUIT_Session.h>
#include <SUIT_MessageBox.h>
#include <SUIT_ViewManager.h>
#include <SUIT_ResourceMgr.h>
#include <SALOME_ListIO.hxx>
#include <SALOME_ListIteratorOfListIO.hxx>
#include <SVTK_Selector.h>
#include <SVTK_ViewModel.h>
#include <SVTK_ViewWindow.h>
#include <VTKViewer_Algorithm.h>
#include <LightApp_SelectionMgr.h>
#include <SalomeApp_Application.h>
#include <SalomeApp_Study.h>
#include <utilities.h>
#include <SALOMEconfig.h>
#include <vtkMath.h>
#include <vtkRenderer.h>
#include <vtkActorCollection.h>
#include <vtkUnstructuredGrid.h>
#include <TColStd_IndexedMapOfInteger.hxx>
#include <Standard_ErrorHandler.hxx>

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struct  SMESH::MemoryReserve
 Allocate some memory at construction and release it at destruction. More...


namespace  SMESH


typedef std::map
< TKeyOfVisualObj,


void SMESH::RemoveVisualObjectWithActors (const char *theEntry, bool fromAllViews)
 Remove VisualObj and its actor from all views.
void SMESH::RemoveAllObjectsWithActors ()
 Remove all VisualObjs and their actors from all views.
void SMESH::RemoveVisuData (int studyID)
 Remove all VisualObjs of a study.
void SMESH::OnVisuException ()
 Notify the user on problems during visualization.
TVisualObjPtr SMESH::GetVisualObj (int theStudyId, const char *theEntry, bool nulData)
 Returns an updated visual object.
SVTK_ViewWindow * SMESH::GetViewWindow (const SalomeApp_Module *theModule, bool createIfNotFound)
 Return active view window, if it instantiates SVTK_ViewWindow class, overwise find or create corresponding view window, make it active and return it.
SVTK_ViewWindow * SMESH::FindVtkViewWindow (SUIT_ViewManager *theMgr, SUIT_ViewWindow *theWindow)
SVTK_ViewWindow * SMESH::GetVtkViewWindow (SUIT_ViewWindow *theWindow)
SVTK_ViewWindow * SMESH::GetCurrentVtkView ()
void SMESH::RepaintCurrentView ()
void SMESH::RepaintViewWindow (SVTK_ViewWindow *theWindow)
void SMESH::RenderViewWindow (SVTK_ViewWindow *theWindow)
void SMESH::FitAll ()
SMESH_Actor * SMESH::FindActorByEntry (SUIT_ViewWindow *theWindow, const char *theEntry)
SMESH_Actor * SMESH::FindActorByEntry (const char *theEntry)
SMESH_Actor * SMESH::FindActorByObject (CORBA::Object_ptr theObject)
SMESH_Actor * SMESH::CreateActor (_PTR(Study) theStudy, const char *theEntry, int theIsClear)
void SMESH::DisplayActor (SUIT_ViewWindow *theWnd, SMESH_Actor *theActor)
void SMESH::RemoveActor (SUIT_ViewWindow *theWnd, SMESH_Actor *theActor)
bool SMESH::noSmeshActors (SUIT_ViewWindow *theWnd)
 Return true if there are no SMESH actors in a view.
bool SMESH::UpdateView (SUIT_ViewWindow *theWnd, EDisplaing theAction, const char *theEntry)
bool SMESH::UpdateView (EDisplaing theAction, const char *theEntry)
void SMESH::UpdateView ()
bool SMESH::Update (const Handle(SALOME_InteractiveObject)&theIO, bool theDisplay)
bool SMESH::UpdateNulData (const Handle(SALOME_InteractiveObject)&theIO, bool theDisplay)
void SMESH::UpdateSelectionProp (SMESHGUI *theModule)
SVTK_Selector * SMESH::GetSelector (SUIT_ViewWindow *theWindow)
void SMESH::SetFilter (const Handle(VTKViewer_Filter)&theFilter, SVTK_Selector *theSelector)
 SMESH::Handle (VTKViewer_Filter) GetFilter(int theId


static TVisualObjCont SMESH::VISUAL_OBJ_CONT
static MemoryReserveSMESH::theVISU_MemoryReserve = new MemoryReserve