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salome-smesh  6.5.0
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SMESHGUI_HypothesesUtils.cxx File Reference
#include "SMESHGUI_HypothesesUtils.h"
#include "SMESHGUI.h"
#include "SMESHGUI_Hypotheses.h"
#include "SMESHGUI_XmlHandler.h"
#include "SMESHGUI_Utils.h"
#include "SMESHGUI_GEOMGenUtils.h"
#include <SUIT_Desktop.h>
#include <SUIT_MessageBox.h>
#include <SUIT_OverrideCursor.h>
#include <SUIT_ResourceMgr.h>
#include <SalomeApp_Study.h>
#include <SalomeApp_Tools.h>
#include <utilities.h>
#include <string>
#include <QMap>
#include <QDir>
#include <dlfcn.h>

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namespace  SMESH


#define LibHandle   void*
#define LoadLib(name)   dlopen( name, RTLD_LAZY )
#define GetProc   dlsym
#define UnLoadLib(handle)   dlclose( handle );
#define CASE2MESSAGE(enum)   case SMESH::enum: msg = QObject::tr( "STATE_" #enum ); break;


typedef IMap< QString,
HypothesisData * > 


void SMESH::processHypothesisStatus (const int theHypStatus, SMESH::SMESH_Hypothesis_ptr theHyp, const bool theIsAddition)
static QString SMESH::mangledHypoSetName (HypothesesSet *hypSet)
 Prepends dimension and appends '[custom]' to the name of hypothesis set.
static QString SMESH::demangledHypoSetName (QString name)
 Removes dimension and '[custom]' from the name of hypothesis set.
void SMESH::InitAvailableHypotheses ()
QStringList SMESH::GetAvailableHypotheses (const bool isAlgo, const int theDim, const bool isAux, const bool isNeedGeometry)
QStringList SMESH::GetHypothesesSets (int maxDim)
HypothesesSetSMESH::GetHypothesesSet (const QString &theSetName)
HypothesisDataSMESH::GetHypothesisData (const QString &aHypType)
bool SMESH::IsAvailableHypothesis (const HypothesisData *algoData, const QString &hypType, bool &isAuxiliary)
bool SMESH::IsCompatibleAlgorithm (const HypothesisData *algo1Data, const HypothesisData *algo2Data)
SMESHGUI_GenericHypothesisCreator * SMESH::GetHypothesisCreator (const QString &aHypType)
SMESH::SMESH_Hypothesis_ptr SMESH::CreateHypothesis (const QString &aHypType, const QString &aHypName, const bool isAlgo)
bool SMESH::AddHypothesisOnMesh (SMESH::SMESH_Mesh_ptr aMesh, SMESH::SMESH_Hypothesis_ptr aHyp)
bool SMESH::AddHypothesisOnSubMesh (SMESH::SMESH_subMesh_ptr aSubMesh, SMESH::SMESH_Hypothesis_ptr aHyp)
bool SMESH::RemoveHypothesisOrAlgorithmOnMesh (const Handle(SALOME_InteractiveObject)&IObject)
bool SMESH::RemoveHypothesisOrAlgorithmOnMesh (_PTR(SObject) MorSM, SMESH::SMESH_Hypothesis_ptr anHyp)
SObjectList SMESH::GetMeshesUsingAlgoOrHypothesis (SMESH::SMESH_Hypothesis_ptr AlgoOrHyp)
QString SMESH::GetMessageOnAlgoStateErrors (const algo_error_array &errors)


static int MYDEBUG = 0
THypothesisDataMap SMESH::myHypothesesMap
THypothesisDataMap SMESH::myAlgorithmsMap
QList< HypothesesSet * > SMESH::myListOfHypothesesSets

Define Documentation

#define CASE2MESSAGE (   enum)    case SMESH::enum: msg = QObject::tr( "STATE_" #enum ); break;

Definition at line 699 of file SMESHGUI_HypothesesUtils.cxx.

#define GetProc   dlsym

Definition at line 72 of file SMESHGUI_HypothesesUtils.cxx.

#define LibHandle   void*

Definition at line 70 of file SMESHGUI_HypothesesUtils.cxx.

#define LoadLib (   name)    dlopen( name, RTLD_LAZY )

Definition at line 71 of file SMESHGUI_HypothesesUtils.cxx.

#define UnLoadLib (   handle)    dlclose( handle );

Definition at line 73 of file SMESHGUI_HypothesesUtils.cxx.

Variable Documentation

int MYDEBUG = 0 [static]

Definition at line 79 of file SMESHGUI_HypothesesUtils.cxx.