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salome-smesh  6.5.0
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SMESH_2smeshpy.hxx File Reference
#include <Standard_DefineHandle.hxx>
#include <Standard_Type.hxx>
#include <Standard_Transient.hxx>
#include <TCollection_AsciiString.hxx>
#include <TColStd_SequenceOfAsciiString.hxx>
#include <TColStd_SequenceOfInteger.hxx>
#include <list>
#include <map>
#include <vector>
#include <SALOMEconfig.h>
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class  _pyCommand
 Class operating on a command string looking like ResultValue = Object.Method( Arg1, Arg2,...) More...
class  _pyObject
 Root of all objects. More...
struct  ExportedMeshData
 Data used to restore cleared Compute() command of an exported mesh when an imported mesh is created. More...
class  _pyGen
 Class corresponding to SMESH_Gen. More...
class  _pyMesh
class  _pyMeshEditor
 MeshEditor convert its commands to ones of mesh. More...
class  _pyHypothesis
 Root class for hypothesis. More...
struct  _pyHypothesis::CreationMethod
class  _pyAlgorithm
 Class representing smesh.Mesh_Algorithm. More...
class  _pyComplexParamHypo
 Class for hypotheses having several parameters modified by one method. More...
class  _pyLayerDistributionHypo
 Class for LayerDistribution hypothesis conversion. More...
class  _pyNumberOfSegmentsHyp
 Class representing NumberOfSegments hypothesis. More...
class  _pySegmentLengthAroundVertexHyp
 Class representing SegmentLengthAroundVertex hypothesis. More...
class  _pySelfEraser
 SelfEraser erases creation command if no more it's commands invoked. More...
class  _pySubMesh
 SubMesh creation can be moved to the end of engine commands. More...
class  _pyFilter
 A filter sets a human readable name to self. More...
class  _pyGroup
 To convert creation of a group by filter. More...
class  _pyHypothesisReader
 Class reading _pyHypothesis'es from resource files of mesher Plugins. More...


#define _pyMesh_ACCESS_METHOD   "GetMesh()"
 Contains commands concerning mesh substructures.


typedef TCollection_AsciiString _pyID
typedef TCollection_AsciiString _AString


 DEFINE_STANDARD_HANDLE (_pyCommand, Standard_Transient)
 DEFINE_STANDARD_HANDLE (_pyObject, Standard_Transient)
 DEFINE_STANDARD_HANDLE (_pyHypothesisReader, Standard_Transient)
 DEFINE_STANDARD_HANDLE (_pyMesh, _pyObject)
 DEFINE_STANDARD_HANDLE (_pySubMesh, _pyObject)
 DEFINE_STANDARD_HANDLE (_pyGroup, _pySubMesh)
 DEFINE_STANDARD_HANDLE (_pyMeshEditor, _pyObject)
 DEFINE_STANDARD_HANDLE (_pyHypothesis, _pyObject)
 DEFINE_STANDARD_HANDLE (_pyAlgorithm, _pyHypothesis)
 DEFINE_STANDARD_HANDLE (_pyComplexParamHypo, _pyHypothesis)
 DEFINE_STANDARD_HANDLE (_pyLayerDistributionHypo, _pyHypothesis)
 DEFINE_STANDARD_HANDLE (_pyNumberOfSegmentsHyp, _pyHypothesis)
 DEFINE_STANDARD_HANDLE (_pySegmentLengthAroundVertexHyp, _pyHypothesis)
 DEFINE_STANDARD_HANDLE (_pySelfEraser, _pyObject)
 DEFINE_STANDARD_HANDLE (_pyFilter, _pyObject)

Class Documentation

struct _pyHypothesis::CreationMethod

Definition at line 360 of file SMESH_2smeshpy.hxx.

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Class Members
vector< _AString > myArgMethods
vector< int > myArgNb
vector< _AString > myArgs
_AString myMethod

Define Documentation

#define _pyMesh_ACCESS_METHOD   "GetMesh()"

Contains commands concerning mesh substructures.

Definition at line 293 of file SMESH_2smeshpy.hxx.

Typedef Documentation

typedef TCollection_AsciiString _AString

Definition at line 87 of file SMESH_2smeshpy.hxx.

typedef TCollection_AsciiString _pyID

Definition at line 86 of file SMESH_2smeshpy.hxx.

Function Documentation

DEFINE_STANDARD_HANDLE ( _pyHypothesisReader  ,