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salome-smesh  6.5.0
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DriverMED_R_SMESHDS_Mesh.cxx File Reference
#include "DriverMED_R_SMESHDS_Mesh.h"
#include "SMESHDS_Mesh.hxx"
#include "utilities.h"
#include "DriverMED_Family.h"
#include "SMESHDS_Group.hxx"
#include "MED_Factory.hxx"
#include "MED_CoordUtils.hxx"
#include "MED_Utilities.hxx"
#include <stdlib.h>

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#define _EDF_NODE_IDS_


static const SMDS_MeshNode * FindNode (const SMDS_Mesh *theMesh, TInt theId)


static int MYDEBUG = 0

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#define _EDF_NODE_IDS_

Definition at line 48 of file DriverMED_R_SMESHDS_Mesh.cxx.

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static const SMDS_MeshNode* FindNode ( const SMDS_Mesh *  theMesh,
TInt  theId 
) [static]

Definition at line 61 of file DriverMED_R_SMESHDS_Mesh.cxx.

  const SMDS_MeshNode* aNode = theMesh->FindNode(theId);
  if(aNode) return aNode;
  EXCEPTION(runtime_error,"SMDS_Mesh::FindNode - cannot find a SMDS_MeshNode for ID = "<<theId);

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int MYDEBUG = 0 [static]

Definition at line 45 of file DriverMED_R_SMESHDS_Mesh.cxx.