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salome-paravis  6.5.0
MyView Member List
This is the complete list of members for MyView, including all inherited members.
background() const MyView
canDisplay(pqOutputPort *opPort) const MyView
captureImage(int)MyView [inline]
captureImage(const QSize &)MyView [inline]
LabelsMyView [protected]
MyView(const QString &viewtypemodule, const QString &group, const QString &name, vtkSMViewProxy *viewmodule, pqServer *server, QObject *p)MyView
MyWidgetMyView [protected]
onRepresentationAdded(pqRepresentation *)MyView [protected, slot]
onRepresentationRemoved(pqRepresentation *)MyView [protected, slot]
saveImage(int, int, const QString &)MyView [inline]
setBackground(const QColor &col)MyView