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salome-med  6.5.0
MED::TTMeshInfo< eVersion > Member List
This is the complete list of members for MED::TTMeshInfo< eVersion >, including all inherited members.
GetDesc() const MED::TTMeshInfo< eVersion > [inline, virtual]
GetName() const MED::TTNameInfo< eVersion > [inline, virtual]
SetDesc(const std::string &theValue)MED::TTMeshInfo< eVersion > [inline, virtual]
SetName(const std::string &theValue)MED::TTNameInfo< eVersion > [inline, virtual]
SetName(const TString &theValue)MED::TTNameInfo< eVersion > [inline, virtual]
TNameInfoBase typedefMED::TTMeshInfo< eVersion >
TTMeshInfo(const PMeshInfo &theInfo)MED::TTMeshInfo< eVersion > [inline]
TTMeshInfo(TInt theDim, TInt theSpaceDim, const std::string &theValue, EMaillage theType, const std::string &theDesc)MED::TTMeshInfo< eVersion > [inline]
TTNameInfo(const std::string &theValue)MED::TTNameInfo< eVersion > [inline]