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salome-med  6.5.0
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#include <MEDMEMTest.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

void setUp ()
void tearDown ()
void testArray ()
void testArrayConvert ()
void testAsciiFieldDriver ()
void testConnectivity ()
void testCoordinate ()
void testDriverFactory ()
void testException ()
void testFamily ()
void testField ()
void testFieldConvert ()
void testFormulae ()
void testGaussLocalization ()
void testGibiMeshDriver ()
void testGrid ()
void testGroup ()
void testIndexCheckingPolicy ()
void testInit ()
void testMedFieldDriver ()
void testReadFieldOnNodesAndCells ()
void testMedFileBrowser ()
void testMedMeshDriver ()
void testMedVersion ()
void testMeshAndMeshing ()
void testModulusArray ()
void testnArray ()
void testPartialDescendingConnectivity ()
void testPointerOf ()
void testPorflowMeshDriver ()
void testSkyLineArray ()
void testSTRING ()
void testSupport ()
void testTopLevel ()
void testTypeMeshDriver ()
void testUnit ()
void testVtkFieldDriver ()
void testVtkMedDriver ()
void testVtkMeshDriver ()
void testExtractor ()
void testMeshFuse ()
void testDesactivateFacesComputation ()
void testGetVolumeAbs ()
void test_RemapperP0P0 ()
void test_RemapperP1P1 ()
void test_RemapperP1P0 ()
void test_RemapperP0P1 ()
void test_remapper4 ()
void test_remapper5 ()
void test_remapper6 ()
void test_remapper7 ()
void test_remapper3DTo1D ()
void testGetGaussPointsCoordinates ()
void absField (MEDMEM::FIELD< double > &)
 MEDMEMTest_TmpFilesRemover ()
 ~MEDMEMTest_TmpFilesRemover ()
bool Register (const std::string theTmpFile)

Private Member Functions

 CPPUNIT_TEST (testArray)
 CPPUNIT_TEST (testArrayConvert)
 CPPUNIT_TEST (testAsciiFieldDriver)
 CPPUNIT_TEST (testConnectivity)
 CPPUNIT_TEST (testCoordinate)
 CPPUNIT_TEST (testDriverFactory)
 CPPUNIT_TEST (testFamily)
 CPPUNIT_TEST (testField)
 CPPUNIT_TEST (testFieldConvert)
 CPPUNIT_TEST (testFormulae)
 CPPUNIT_TEST (testGaussLocalization)
 CPPUNIT_TEST (testGibiMeshDriver)
 CPPUNIT_TEST (testGroup)
 CPPUNIT_TEST (testIndexCheckingPolicy)
 CPPUNIT_TEST (testInit)
 CPPUNIT_TEST (testMedFieldDriver)
 CPPUNIT_TEST (testReadFieldOnNodesAndCells)
 CPPUNIT_TEST (testMedFileBrowser)
 CPPUNIT_TEST (testMedMeshDriver)
 CPPUNIT_TEST (testMedVersion)
 CPPUNIT_TEST (testMeshAndMeshing)
 CPPUNIT_TEST (testModulusArray)
 CPPUNIT_TEST (testnArray)
 CPPUNIT_TEST (testPartialDescendingConnectivity)
 CPPUNIT_TEST (testPointerOf)
 CPPUNIT_TEST (testPorflowMeshDriver)
 CPPUNIT_TEST (testSkyLineArray)
 CPPUNIT_TEST (testSupport)
 CPPUNIT_TEST (testUnit)
 CPPUNIT_TEST (testVtkFieldDriver)
 CPPUNIT_TEST (testVtkMedDriver)
 CPPUNIT_TEST (testVtkMeshDriver)
 CPPUNIT_TEST (testExtractor)
 CPPUNIT_TEST (testMeshFuse)
 CPPUNIT_TEST (testDesactivateFacesComputation)
 CPPUNIT_TEST (testGetVolumeAbs)
 CPPUNIT_TEST (test_remapper4)
 CPPUNIT_TEST (test_remapper5)
 CPPUNIT_TEST (test_remapper6)
 CPPUNIT_TEST (test_remapper7)
 CPPUNIT_TEST (test_remapper3DTo1D)
 CPPUNIT_TEST (test_RemapperP0P0)
 CPPUNIT_TEST (test_RemapperP1P1)
 CPPUNIT_TEST (test_RemapperP1P0)
 CPPUNIT_TEST (test_RemapperP0P1)
 CPPUNIT_TEST (testGetGaussPointsCoordinates)
double sumAll (const std::vector< std::map< int, double > > &matrix)

Private Attributes

std::set< std::string > myTmpFiles

Detailed Description

Definition at line 38 of file MEDMEMTest.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

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Definition at line 206 of file MEDMEMTest.hxx.

bool MEDMEMCPPTEST_EXPORT::Register ( const std::string  theTmpFile)
double MEDMEMCPPTEST_EXPORT::sumAll ( const std::vector< std::map< int, double > > &  matrix) [private]

Member Data Documentation

std::set<std::string> MEDMEMCPPTEST_EXPORT::myTmpFiles [private]

Definition at line 211 of file MEDMEMTest.hxx.

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