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salome-med  6.5.0
ParaMEDMEM library

The ParaMEDMEM library is based on several classes that describe the coupling between two MPI-based parallel codes.

The classes that make up the API of the library are :

Given two groups of processors groupA (source) and groupB (target), the following code excerpt gives a typical use of the InterpKernelDEC class.

    InterpKernelDEC dec(groupA, groupB);//creates the data exchange channel
    dec.attachLocalField(field);//associate the local field
    dec.synchronize();//builds the interpolation matrix
    if (groupA.containsMyRank())
    dec.recvData();//receive the target field
    else if (groupB.containsMyRank())
    dec.sendData();//send the source field

The generation of the interpolation matrix and the corresponding matrix-vector products are performed either on the source, either on the target side.