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salome-med  6.5.0
TestMEDCouplingCorbaServ Namespace Reference


tuple orb = CORBA.ORB_init([''])
tuple poa = orb.resolve_initial_references("RootPOA")
tuple mgr = poa._get_the_POAManager()
tuple compo = MEDCouplingCorbaSwigTestServ.MEDCouplingMeshFieldFactoryComponentPy(orb)
tuple compoPtr = compo._this()
tuple ior = orb.object_to_string(compoPtr)
tuple test = MEDCouplingCorbaSwigTest.MEDCouplingCorbaServBasicsTest()
tuple f = file(test.buildFileNameForIOR(),"w")

Variable Documentation

Definition at line 28 of file

tuple TestMEDCouplingCorbaServ.compoPtr = compo._this()

Definition at line 29 of file

tuple TestMEDCouplingCorbaServ.f = file(test.buildFileNameForIOR(),"w")

Definition at line 32 of file

tuple TestMEDCouplingCorbaServ.ior = orb.object_to_string(compoPtr)

Definition at line 30 of file

tuple TestMEDCouplingCorbaServ.mgr = poa._get_the_POAManager()

Definition at line 26 of file

tuple TestMEDCouplingCorbaServ.orb = CORBA.ORB_init([''])

Definition at line 24 of file

tuple TestMEDCouplingCorbaServ.poa = orb.resolve_initial_references("RootPOA")

Definition at line 25 of file

Definition at line 31 of file