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salome-med  6.5.0

General information

The MESH class is dedicated to the handling of unstructured meshes. Class MESHING deriving from it supplies functions for creating meshes from scratch (c.f. MESHING).

Content of the connectivity array

Underlying the unstructured meshes is the notion of connectivity. This section only covers meshes made out of standard elements, the MED_POLYGON and MED_POLYHEDRA case being detailed in section Polyhedra and polygons .

Nodal connectivity storage scheme
In MEDMEM, an unstructured mesh nodal connectivity is defined with these arrays:

The cell types are ordered by their number of nodes; MED_POLYGON and MED_POLYHEDRA is always the last type, if present.

As an example, let us consider a mesh made out of a linear triangle, two linear quadrangles and a quadratic triangle (c.f. figure fig_connectivity_example ).

Example for mesh connectivity
The number of types is : 3

The type array writes : MED_TRIA3, MED_QUAD4, MED_TRIA6