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salome-med  6.5.0
Configuring and Installing MEDMEM from sources

The MEDMEM library can be configured in several manners so that it can run inside or outside the Salome platform.

Also, partitioning and parallel functionalities are optional.

The sources of the library are located in the MED_SRC directory. The first step consists in preparing the configuration of the library :

cd ${MED_SRC}

This will create a MEDMEM library with link to the SALOME Kernel. If it is desirable to have a standalone version of the library to be used independently from SALOME, use :

cd ${MED_SRC}
./build_configure --without-kernel

The library can then be configured :

mkdir ../MED_BUILD
../MED_SRC/configure --prefix=`pwd`/../MED_INSTALL

This will configure the library without splitting functionalities. ParaMEDMEM will be compiled if an MPI version has been found.

The following options can be useful to configure MEDMEM :