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salome-med  6.5.0


MEDLoader is a package in charge of loading from a file or write to a file in MED format a MEDCoupling data structure. The fact that these functionalities are not merged in MEDCoupling is explained by a willingness of reducing as much as possible the dependancies of MEDCoupling libraries.

As a MED file can combine several MEDCoupling aspects in one (for exemple meshes in MED file on different mesh dimension with families and groups) the API of MEDLoader is much more rich than simply read and write.

MEDCoupling mesh does not fit a MED file mesh, and a MEDCoupling field does not fit a MED file field. But it is possible to emulate with a very good fidelity a MED file mesh and a MED file field with a collection of MEDCoupling instances for each.

That's why MEDLoader module offers two different approaches to perform Read/Write from/to MED file.

The two methods are not opposed, they are compatible each other so it is possible to mix them. But the user should keep in mind that behaviour of these two methods can vary.