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salome-med  6.5.0

General Information

The GRID class represents structured meshes in the MEDMEM library. The GRID class inherits mesh common information from GMESH class, in particular, reading and writing from files (c.f. Mesh I/O), general information access (c.f. MESH_general), access to families and other supports (c.f. Families and Groups handling). However, because of the particular nature of structured meshes, there exist methods to access information related to the axes of the grid.

The numbering of the cells and nodes in a grid starts at one and the inner loop is that of the first axis, the outer loop being the one of the last axis (c.f. figure fig_grid_connectivity} ).

Example for structured mesh connectivity. The numbering is automatically defined from the two input verctors X and Y.


Constructors are defined in Constructors, methods related to axes are defined in Information about axes, while connectivity methods are given in Utility methods for defining element positions in the grid. A structured mesh can be obtained from a GRID using MEDMEM::GRID::convertInMESH() method.