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salome-med  6.5.0
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namespace  dumpMEDMEM


def dumpMEDMEM._showNodalConnectivity
def dumpMEDMEM._showSupport
def dumpMEDMEM.ShowFamily
 Dump i-th family of given entity in mesh.
def dumpMEDMEM.ShowFamilies
 Dump all families in mesh.
def dumpMEDMEM.ShowGroup
 Dump a GROUP.
def dumpMEDMEM.ShowGroups
 Dump all GROUP's in mesh.
def dumpMEDMEM.ShowMesh
 Dump mesh general information.
def dumpMEDMEM.ShowFields
 Dump all FIELD's in MED.
def dumpMEDMEM.ReadFields
 Read all fields in MED.
def dumpMEDMEM.supprimer
def dumpMEDMEM.deleteFile


dictionary dumpMEDMEM.theEntityName
dictionary dumpMEDMEM.theTypeName
dictionary dumpMEDMEM.medModeSwitch
dictionary dumpMEDMEM.med_type_champ
string = " "
 dumpMEDMEM.debugShowConn = True
int dumpMEDMEM.SHOW_ALL = 1