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salome-med  6.5.0
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MEDPARTITIONER::MeshCollectionMedAsciiDriver Class Reference

#include <MEDPARTITIONER_MeshCollectionMedAsciiDriver.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 MeshCollectionMedAsciiDriver (MeshCollection *)
virtual ~MeshCollectionMedAsciiDriver ()
int read (const char *, ParaDomainSelector *sel=0)
 reads a MED File v>=2.3 and mounts the corresponding meshes in memory the connect zones are created from the joints
void write (const char *, ParaDomainSelector *sel=0) const
 writes the collection of meshes in a MED v2.3 file with the connect zones being written as joints

Private Attributes

std::string _master_filename

Detailed Description

Definition at line 28 of file MEDPARTITIONER_MeshCollectionMedAsciiDriver.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Definition at line 44 of file MEDPARTITIONER_MeshCollectionMedAsciiDriver.cxx.


Definition at line 32 of file MEDPARTITIONER_MeshCollectionMedAsciiDriver.hxx.

{ }

Member Function Documentation

int MeshCollectionMedAsciiDriver::read ( const char *  filename,
ParaDomainSelector *  domainSelector = 0 

reads a MED File v>=2.3 and mounts the corresponding meshes in memory the connect zones are created from the joints

filenameascii file containing the list of MED v2.3 files

Definition at line 55 of file MEDPARTITIONER_MeshCollectionMedAsciiDriver.cxx.

  //distributed meshes
  std::vector<int*> cellglobal;
  std::vector<int*> nodeglobal;
  std::vector<int*> faceglobal;
  int nbdomain;

  //reading ascii master file
      std::ifstream asciiinput(filename);
      if (!asciiinput)
        throw INTERP_KERNEL::Exception("Master ASCII File does not exist");
      char charbuffer[512];

      while (charbuffer[0]=='#')

      //reading number of domains

      if (nbdomain == 0)
        throw INTERP_KERNEL::Exception("Empty ASCII master file");
      for (int i=0; i<nbdomain;i++)
          //reading information about the domain
          std::string mesh,host;
          int idomain;

          asciiinput >> mesh >> idomain >> MyGlobals::_Mesh_Names[i] >> host >> MyGlobals::_File_Names[i];

          //Setting the name of the global mesh (which should be is the same for all the subdomains)
          if (i==0)

          if (idomain!=i+1)
              throw INTERP_KERNEL::Exception("domain must be written from 1 to N in ASCII file descriptor");
          if ( !domainSelector || domainSelector->isMyDomain(i))
            readSubdomain(cellglobal,faceglobal,nodeglobal, i);

        } //loop on domains
    } //of try
      throw INTERP_KERNEL::Exception("I/O error reading parallel MED file");

  //creation of topology from mesh and connect zones
  ParallelTopology* aPT = new ParallelTopology((_collection->getMesh()), (_collection->getCZ()), cellglobal, nodeglobal, faceglobal);

  for (int i=0; i<nbdomain; i++)
      delete [] cellglobal[i];
      delete [] nodeglobal[i];
      delete [] faceglobal[i];
  return 0;
void MeshCollectionMedAsciiDriver::write ( const char *  filename,
ParaDomainSelector *  domainSelector = 0 
) const

writes the collection of meshes in a MED v2.3 file with the connect zones being written as joints

filenamename of the ascii file containing the meshes description

Definition at line 135 of file MEDPARTITIONER_MeshCollectionMedAsciiDriver.cxx.

  int nbdomains=_collection->getMesh().size();
  std::vector<std::string> filenames;

  //loop on the domains
  for (int idomain=0; idomain<nbdomains; idomain++)
      std::string distfilename;
      std::ostringstream suffix;
      suffix << filename << idomain+1 << ".med";

      if ( !domainSelector || domainSelector->isMyDomain( idomain ) )
          if ( !_collection->getMesh()[idomain]->getNumberOfCells()==0 ) continue;//empty domain
          //writeSubdomain(idomain, nbdomains, distfilename.c_str(), domainSelector);

  //write master file
  if ( !domainSelector || domainSelector->rank() == 0 )
      std::ofstream file(filename);
      file << "#MED Fichier V 2.3"<<" " << std::endl;
      file << "#" << " " << std::endl;
      file << _collection->getMesh().size() << " " << std::endl;

      for (int idomain=0; idomain<nbdomains; idomain++)
        file << _collection->getName() <<" "<< idomain+1 << " "
             << (_collection->getMesh())[idomain]->getName() << " localhost "
             << filenames[idomain] << " "<< std::endl;


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