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salome-med  6.5.0
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SauvUtilities.hxx File Reference
#include "MEDLoaderDefines.hxx"
#include "MEDCouplingRefCountObject.hxx"
#include "NormalizedUnstructuredMesh.hxx"
#include <string>
#include <sstream>
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struct  SauvUtilities::nameGIBItoMED
class  SauvUtilities::FileReader
 Base class for ASCII and XDR file readers. More...


namespace  SauvUtilities


#define THROW_IK_EXCEPTION(text)


enum  SauvUtilities::Readable_Piles {
  SauvUtilities::PILE_SOUS_MAILLAGE = 1, SauvUtilities::PILE_NODES_FIELD = 2, SauvUtilities::PILE_TABLES = 10, SauvUtilities::PILE_LREEL = 18,
  SauvUtilities::PILE_LOGIQUES = 24, SauvUtilities::PILE_FLOATS = 25, SauvUtilities::PILE_INTEGERS = 26, SauvUtilities::PILE_STRINGS = 27,
  SauvUtilities::PILE_LMOTS = 29, SauvUtilities::PILE_NOEUDS = 32, SauvUtilities::PILE_COORDONNEES = 33, SauvUtilities::PILE_MODL = 38,
  SauvUtilities::PILE_FIELD = 39, SauvUtilities::PILE_LAST_READABLE = 39


SauvUtilities::gibi2medGeom (size_t gibiType)
 Conver gibi element type to med one.
int SauvUtilities::med2gibiGeom (INTERP_KERNEL::NormalizedCellType medGeomType)
 Conver med element type to gibi one.
const int * SauvUtilities::getGibi2MedQuadraticInterlace (INTERP_KERNEL::NormalizedCellType type)
 Returns interlace array to transform a quadratic GIBI element to a MED one.
unsigned SauvUtilities::getDimension (INTERP_KERNEL::NormalizedCellType type)
 Return dimension for the given cell type.
template<class T >
std::string SauvUtilities::toString (const T &anything)
 Converts anything to string.

Class Documentation

struct SauvUtilities::nameGIBItoMED

Definition at line 77 of file SauvUtilities.hxx.

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Class Members
int gibi_id
string gibi_name
int gibi_pile
int med_id
string med_name

Define Documentation

#define THROW_IK_EXCEPTION (   text)
{                                                     \
    std::ostringstream oss; oss << text;                \
    throw INTERP_KERNEL::Exception(oss.str().c_str());  \

Definition at line 33 of file SauvUtilities.hxx.