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salome-med  6.5.0
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MPIAccess.hxx File Reference
#include "CommInterface.hxx"
#include "ProcessorGroup.hxx"
#include "MPIProcessorGroup.hxx"
#include <map>
#include <list>
#include <vector>
#include <iostream>
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struct  ParaMEDMEM::TimeMessage
class  ParaMEDMEM::MPIAccess
struct  ParaMEDMEM::MPIAccess::RequestStruct


namespace  ParaMEDMEM


enum  ParaMEDMEM::_MessageIdent { ParaMEDMEM::_message_unknown, ParaMEDMEM::_message_time, ParaMEDMEM::_message_int, ParaMEDMEM::_message_double }


ostream & ParaMEDMEM::operator<< (ostream &f, const _MessageIdent &methodtype)
ostream & ParaMEDMEM::operator<< (ostream &f, const TimeMessage &aTimeMsg)


static MPI_Request ParaMEDMEM::mpirequestnull = MPI_REQUEST_NULL

Class Documentation

struct ParaMEDMEM::TimeMessage

Definition at line 34 of file MPIAccess.hxx.

Class Members
double deltatime
int tag
double time
struct ParaMEDMEM::MPIAccess::RequestStruct

Definition at line 47 of file MPIAccess.hxx.

Class Members
bool MPIAsynchronous
bool MPICompleted
MPI_Datatype MPIDatatype
bool MPIIsRecv
int MPIOutCount
MPI_Request MPIRequest
MPI_Status * MPIStatus
int MPITag
int MPITarget