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salome-med  6.5.0
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MEDMEM_EnsightUtils.cxx File Reference
#include "MEDMEM_Field.hxx"
#include "MEDMEM_EnsightUtils.hxx"
#include "MEDMEM_EnsightMeshDriver.hxx"
#include "MEDMEM_EnsightFieldDriver.hxx"
#include "MEDMEM_DriverTools.hxx"
#include <unistd.h>
#include <fcntl.h>

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namespace  MEDMEM
 A template class to generate an array of any particular type (int, long, float, double) for our purpose in the MED++ library.


#define FILE_SEPARATOR   '/'
#define _ATOI(str)   atoi((str).c_str())
#define _ATOF(str)   atof((str).c_str())
#define BUFFER_SIZE   16184
#define READ_NEXT_LINE   continue
#define RAISE_EXCEPTION   break


void MEDMEM::setEnSightFormatForWriting (EnSightFormat format, bool isBinary)
EnSightFormat MEDMEM::getEnSightFormatForWriting ()
bool MEDMEM::isBinaryEnSightFormatForWriting ()
void MEDMEM::setIgnoreIncompatibility (bool toIgnore)
 To raise or not if MEDMEM-EnSight incompatibility encounters or suspected.
bool MEDMEM_ENSIGHT::isToIgnore (const _CaseFileDriver_User *driver)
 Add a driver to the registry and return true if was already in.
void MEDMEM_ENSIGHT::unregister (const _CaseFileDriver_User *driver)
 Remove a driver from the registry.
_InterMed * MEDMEM_ENSIGHT::getMeshData (const string &key)
 Return mesh data needed by field driver.
STRING MEDMEM_ENSIGHT::compatibilityPb (const string &exceptionText)
 Prepend "EnSight-MEDMEM compatibility problem" to the text of an exception.
bool MEDMEM_ENSIGHT::toIgnoreIncompatibility ()
 To ignore incompatibility or not.
template<class TSet >
bool MEDMEM_ENSIGHT::isValidIndex (const string &index, const map< int, TSet > &aMap)
 Return true if set index is empty or corresponds to an existing set.
const TEnSightElemType & MEDMEM_ENSIGHT::getEnSightType (medGeometryElement medType)
 Return EnSight type corresponding to med one.
const TEnSightElemType & MEDMEM_ENSIGHT::getEnSightType (const string &theTypeName)
 Return EnSight type having a given name.
bool MEDMEM_ENSIGHT::contains (const char *what, const char *inString)
 Search substring in a string.
std::ostream & MEDMEM_ENSIGHT::operator<< (std::ostream &os, const _SubPartDesc &desc)
 print _SubPartDesc


EnSightFormat MEDMEM::theEnSightFormatForWriting = ENSIGHT_6
 Writing format.
bool MEDMEM::theBinaryFormatForWriting = false
bool MEDMEM::theIgnoreIncompatibility = false
set< const _CaseFileDriver_User * > MEDMEM_ENSIGHT::theCaseUsers
 Registry of drivers creating _CaseFileDriver.
map< string, _InterMed * > MEDMEM_ENSIGHT::theInterMedMap
 Storage of data read by mesh driver to be used by field drivers.

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#define _ATOF (   str)    atof((str).c_str())

Definition at line 122 of file MEDMEM_EnsightUtils.cxx.

#define _ATOI (   str)    atoi((str).c_str())

Definition at line 121 of file MEDMEM_EnsightUtils.cxx.

#define BUFFER_SIZE   16184

Definition at line 124 of file MEDMEM_EnsightUtils.cxx.

#define FILE_SEPARATOR   '/'

Definition at line 118 of file MEDMEM_EnsightUtils.cxx.

#define RAISE_EXCEPTION   break

Definition at line 421 of file MEDMEM_EnsightUtils.cxx.

#define READ_NEXT_LINE   continue

Definition at line 420 of file MEDMEM_EnsightUtils.cxx.