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salome-med  6.5.0
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MED_Algorithm.cxx File Reference
#include "MED_Algorithm.hxx"
#include "MED_Wrapper.hxx"
#include "MED_Utilities.hxx"

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namespace  MED


TEntity2TGeom2ElemInfo MED::GetEntity2TGeom2ElemInfo (const PWrapper &theWrapper, const PMeshInfo &theMeshInfo, const MED::TEntityInfo &theEntityInfo)
 Get set of TElemInfo by its geometrical type and corresponding MED ENTITY.
TFamilyInfoSet MED::GetFamilyInfoSet (const PWrapper &theWrapper, const PMeshInfo &theMeshInfo)
 Read set of MED FAMILIES for defined MED file.
TGroupInfo MED::GetGroupInfo (const TFamilyInfoSet &theFamilyInfoSet)
 Split the input set of MED FAMILIES by corresponding MED GROUPS.
TFieldInfo2TimeStampInfoSet MED::GetFieldInfo2TimeStampInfoSet (const PWrapper &theWrapper, const PMeshInfo &theMeshInfo, const MED::TEntityInfo &theEntityInfo)
 Read set of MED TIMESTAMPS groupped by corresponding MED FIELDS.
TEntite2TFieldInfo2TimeStampInfoSet MED::GetEntite2TFieldInfo2TimeStampInfoSet (const TFieldInfo2TimeStampInfoSet &theFieldInfo2TimeStampInfoSet)
 Split the input set of MED TIMESTAMPS by corresponding MED FIELDS and MED ENTITIES.
bool MED::operator< (const TFamilyTSize &theLeft, const TFamilyTSize &theRight)
TEntity2FamilySet MED::GetEntity2FamilySet (const PWrapper &theWrapper, const TEntity2TGeom2ElemInfo &theEntity2TGeom2ElemInfo, const TFamilyInfoSet &theFamilyInfoSet)
 Split set of MED FAMILIES by corresponding MED ENTITY.
TKey2Gauss MED::GetKey2Gauss (const PWrapper &theWrapper, TErr *theErr=NULL, EModeSwitch theMode=eFULL_INTERLACE)
 Read set of MED GAUSS.
PProfileInfo MED::GetProfileInfo (const PWrapper &theWrapper, const std::string &theProfileName, TErr *theErr=NULL, EModeProfil theMode=eCOMPACT)
 Get MED PROFILE by its name.
TMKey2Profile MED::GetMKey2Profile (const PWrapper &theWrapper, TErr *theErr=NULL, EModeProfil theMode=eCOMPACT)
 Read set of MED PROFILES.
EEntiteMaillage MED::GetEntityByFamilyId (PGrilleInfo &theInfo, TInt theId)
 Get Entity for Grille by family id.
TFamilyID2NbCells MED::GetFamilyID2NbCells (PGrilleInfo &theInfo)
 Get Number of cells for theId family, for Grille.
EEntiteMaillage MED::ConvertEntity (const EEntiteMaillage &aEntity)