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salome-med  6.5.0
Log.hxx File Reference

Simple pre-processor logging utility. More...

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#define LOG_LEVEL   0
 define LOG_LEVEL here if it is not already defined
#define LOG(x, msg)
#define LOG3(x, msg1, msg2)

Detailed Description

Simple pre-processor logging utility.

Replaces LOG( lvl, x ) with "if(lvl <= LOG_LEVEL) std::cout << x << std::endl" when logging is active (LOG_LEVEL > 0 is defined). x is the level at which the message should be logged - if it is smaller or equal to LOG_LEVEL (which can be defined at compile-time for each file by passing option -DLOG_LEVEL=x to gcc) than the message is logged.

Definition in file Log.hxx.

Define Documentation

#define LOG (   x,

Definition at line 51 of file Log.hxx.

#define LOG3 (   x,

Definition at line 52 of file Log.hxx.

#define LOG_LEVEL   0

define LOG_LEVEL here if it is not already defined

Definition at line 38 of file Log.hxx.