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salome-kernel  6.5.0
Static Public Member Functions
TOOLSDS_EXPORT Protocol Reference

#include <SALOMEDS_Tool.hxx>

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Static Public Member Functions

static std::string GetTmpDir ()
static void RemoveTemporaryFiles (const std::string &theDirectory, const SALOMEDS::ListOfFileNames &theFiles, const bool IsDirDeleted)
static SALOMEDS::TMPFilePutFilesToStream (const std::string &theFromDirectory, const SALOMEDS::ListOfFileNames &theFiles, const int theNamesOnly=0)
static SALOMEDS::TMPFilePutFilesToStream (const SALOMEDS::ListOfFileNames &theFiles, const SALOMEDS::ListOfFileNames &theFileNames)
PutStreamToFiles (const SALOMEDS::TMPFile &theStream, const std::string &theToDirectory, const int theNamesOnly=0)
static std::string GetNameFromPath (const std::string &thePath)
static std::string GetDirFromPath (const std::string &thePath)
static bool GetFlag (const int theFlag, SALOMEDS::Study_var theStudy, SALOMEDS::SObject_var theObj)
static bool SetFlag (const int theFlag, SALOMEDS::Study_var theStudy, const std::string &theEntry, const bool theValue)
static void GetAllChildren (SALOMEDS::Study_var theStudy, SALOMEDS::SObject_var theObj, std::list< SALOMEDS::SObject_var > &theList)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 50 of file SALOMEDS_Tool.hxx.

Member Function Documentation

static void TOOLSDS_EXPORT::GetAllChildren ( SALOMEDS::Study_var  theStudy,
SALOMEDS::SObject_var  theObj,
std::list< SALOMEDS::SObject_var > &  theList 
) [static]
static std::string TOOLSDS_EXPORT::GetDirFromPath ( const std::string &  thePath) [static]
static bool TOOLSDS_EXPORT::GetFlag ( const int  theFlag,
SALOMEDS::Study_var  theStudy,
SALOMEDS::SObject_var  theObj 
) [static]
static std::string TOOLSDS_EXPORT::GetNameFromPath ( const std::string &  thePath) [static]
static std::string TOOLSDS_EXPORT::GetTmpDir ( ) [static]
static SALOMEDS::TMPFile* TOOLSDS_EXPORT::PutFilesToStream ( const std::string &  theFromDirectory,
const SALOMEDS::ListOfFileNames theFiles,
const int  theNamesOnly = 0 
) [static]
static SALOMEDS::TMPFile* TOOLSDS_EXPORT::PutFilesToStream ( const SALOMEDS::ListOfFileNames theFiles,
const SALOMEDS::ListOfFileNames theFileNames 
) [static]
static SALOMEDS::ListOfFileNames_var TOOLSDS_EXPORT::PutStreamToFiles ( const SALOMEDS::TMPFile theStream,
const std::string &  theToDirectory,
const int  theNamesOnly = 0 
) [static]
static void TOOLSDS_EXPORT::RemoveTemporaryFiles ( const std::string &  theDirectory,
const SALOMEDS::ListOfFileNames theFiles,
const bool  IsDirDeleted 
) [static]
static bool TOOLSDS_EXPORT::SetFlag ( const int  theFlag,
SALOMEDS::Study_var  theStudy,
const std::string &  theEntry,
const bool  theValue 
) [static]

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