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salome-kernel  6.5.0
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SALOMEDS_EXPORT Protocol Reference

#include <SALOMEDS_StudyBuilder.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 SALOMEDS_StudyBuilder (SALOMEDSImpl_StudyBuilder *theBuilder)
 SALOMEDS_StudyBuilder (SALOMEDS::StudyBuilder_ptr theBuilder)
 ~SALOMEDS_StudyBuilder ()
virtual void RemoveComponent (const _PTR(SComponent)&theSCO)
virtual _PTR (SObject) NewObject(const _PTR(SObject)&theFatherObject)
virtual _PTR (SObject) NewObjectToTag(const _PTR(SObject)&theFatherObject
virtual void AddDirectory (const std::string &thePath)
virtual void LoadWith (const _PTR(SComponent)&theSCO, const std::string &theIOR)
virtual void Load (const _PTR(SObject)&theSCO)
virtual void RemoveObject (const _PTR(SObject)&theSO)
virtual void RemoveObjectWithChildren (const _PTR(SObject)&theSO)
virtual _PTR (GenericAttribute) FindOrCreateAttribute(const _PTR(SObject)&theSO
virtual bool FindAttribute (const _PTR(SObject)&theSO, _PTR(GenericAttribute)&theAttribute, const std::string &aTypeOfAttribute)
virtual void RemoveAttribute (const _PTR(SObject)&theSO, const std::string &aTypeOfAttribute)
virtual void Addreference (const _PTR(SObject)&me, const _PTR(SObject)&thereferencedObject)
virtual void RemoveReference (const _PTR(SObject)&me)
virtual void SetGUID (const _PTR(SObject)&theSO, const std::string &theGUID)
virtual bool IsGUID (const _PTR(SObject)&theSO, const std::string &theGUID)
virtual void NewCommand ()
virtual void CommitCommand ()
virtual bool HasOpenCommand ()
virtual void AbortCommand ()
virtual void Undo ()
virtual void Redo ()
virtual bool GetAvailableUndos ()
virtual bool GetAvailableRedos ()
virtual int UndoLimit ()
virtual void UndoLimit (int theLimit)
virtual void SetName (const _PTR(SObject)&theSO, const std::string &theValue)
virtual void SetComment (const _PTR(SObject)&theSO, const std::string &theValue)
virtual void SetIOR (const _PTR(SObject)&theSO, const std::string &theValue)
SALOMEDS::StudyBuilder_ptr GetBuilder ()

Public Attributes

virtual int theTag
virtual const std::string & aTypeOfAttribute

Private Member Functions

void CheckLocked ()
void init_orb ()

Private Attributes

bool _isLocal
SALOMEDSImpl_StudyBuilder * _local_impl
SALOMEDS::StudyBuilder_var _corba_impl
CORBA::ORB_var _orb

Detailed Description

Definition at line 39 of file SALOMEDS_StudyBuilder.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Member Function Documentation

virtual SALOMEDS_EXPORT::_PTR ( SObject  ) const [virtual]
virtual SALOMEDS_EXPORT::_PTR ( SObject  ) const [virtual]
virtual SALOMEDS_EXPORT::_PTR ( GenericAttribute  ) const [virtual]

Reimplemented from SALOMEDSClient_StudyBuilder.

virtual void SALOMEDS_EXPORT::AbortCommand ( ) [virtual]
virtual void SALOMEDS_EXPORT::AddDirectory ( const std::string &  thePath) [virtual]
virtual void SALOMEDS_EXPORT::Addreference ( const _PTR(SObject)&  me,
const _PTR(SObject)&  thereferencedObject 
) [virtual]
void SALOMEDS_EXPORT::CheckLocked ( ) [private]
virtual void SALOMEDS_EXPORT::CommitCommand ( ) [virtual]
virtual bool SALOMEDS_EXPORT::FindAttribute ( const _PTR(SObject)&  theSO,
_PTR(GenericAttribute)&  theAttribute,
const std::string &  aTypeOfAttribute 
) [virtual]
SALOMEDS::StudyBuilder_ptr SALOMEDS_EXPORT::GetBuilder ( )
virtual bool SALOMEDS_EXPORT::HasOpenCommand ( ) [virtual]
void SALOMEDS_EXPORT::init_orb ( ) [private]
virtual bool SALOMEDS_EXPORT::IsGUID ( const _PTR(SObject)&  theSO,
const std::string &  theGUID 
) [virtual]
virtual void SALOMEDS_EXPORT::Load ( const _PTR(SObject)&  theSCO) [virtual]
virtual void SALOMEDS_EXPORT::LoadWith ( const _PTR(SComponent)&  theSCO,
const std::string &  theIOR 
) [virtual]
virtual void SALOMEDS_EXPORT::NewCommand ( ) [virtual]
virtual void SALOMEDS_EXPORT::Redo ( ) [virtual]
virtual void SALOMEDS_EXPORT::RemoveAttribute ( const _PTR(SObject)&  theSO,
const std::string &  aTypeOfAttribute 
) [virtual]
virtual void SALOMEDS_EXPORT::RemoveComponent ( const _PTR(SComponent)&  theSCO) [virtual]
virtual void SALOMEDS_EXPORT::RemoveObject ( const _PTR(SObject)&  theSO) [virtual]
virtual void SALOMEDS_EXPORT::RemoveObjectWithChildren ( const _PTR(SObject)&  theSO) [virtual]
virtual void SALOMEDS_EXPORT::RemoveReference ( const _PTR(SObject)&  me) [virtual]
SALOMEDS_EXPORT::SALOMEDS_StudyBuilder ( SALOMEDSImpl_StudyBuilder *  theBuilder)
SALOMEDS_EXPORT::SALOMEDS_StudyBuilder ( SALOMEDS::StudyBuilder_ptr  theBuilder)
virtual void SALOMEDS_EXPORT::SetComment ( const _PTR(SObject)&  theSO,
const std::string &  theValue 
) [virtual]
virtual void SALOMEDS_EXPORT::SetGUID ( const _PTR(SObject)&  theSO,
const std::string &  theGUID 
) [virtual]
virtual void SALOMEDS_EXPORT::SetIOR ( const _PTR(SObject)&  theSO,
const std::string &  theValue 
) [virtual]
virtual void SALOMEDS_EXPORT::SetName ( const _PTR(SObject)&  theSO,
const std::string &  theValue 
) [virtual]
virtual void SALOMEDS_EXPORT::Undo ( ) [virtual]
virtual int SALOMEDS_EXPORT::UndoLimit ( ) [virtual]
virtual void SALOMEDS_EXPORT::UndoLimit ( int  theLimit) [virtual]

Member Data Documentation

SALOMEDS::StudyBuilder_var SALOMEDS_EXPORT::_corba_impl [private]

Definition at line 44 of file SALOMEDS_StudyBuilder.hxx.

Definition at line 42 of file SALOMEDS_StudyBuilder.hxx.

SALOMEDSImpl_StudyBuilder* SALOMEDS_EXPORT::_local_impl [private]

Definition at line 43 of file SALOMEDS_StudyBuilder.hxx.

CORBA::ORB_var SALOMEDS_EXPORT::_orb [private]

Definition at line 45 of file SALOMEDS_StudyBuilder.hxx.

virtual const std::string& SALOMEDS_EXPORT::aTypeOfAttribute

Reimplemented from SALOMEDSClient_StudyBuilder.

Definition at line 64 of file SALOMEDS_StudyBuilder.hxx.

Reimplemented from SALOMEDSClient_StudyBuilder.

Definition at line 57 of file SALOMEDS_StudyBuilder.hxx.

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