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salome-kernel  6.5.0
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SALOME_ContainerPy Namespace Reference


class  SALOME_ContainerPy_i


tuple orb = CORBA.ORB_init(sys.argv, CORBA.ORB_ID)
tuple poa = orb.resolve_initial_references("RootPOA")
list containerName = sys.argv[1]
tuple cpy_i = SALOME_ContainerPy_i(orb, poa, containerName)
tuple cpy_o = cpy_i._this()
tuple poaManager = poa._get_the_POAManager()

Variable Documentation

Definition at line 325 of file

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tuple SALOME_ContainerPy.cpy_o = cpy_i._this()

Definition at line 328 of file

tuple SALOME_ContainerPy.orb = CORBA.ORB_init(sys.argv, CORBA.ORB_ID)

Definition at line 318 of file

tuple SALOME_ContainerPy.poa = orb.resolve_initial_references("RootPOA")

Definition at line 319 of file

tuple SALOME_ContainerPy.poaManager = poa._get_the_POAManager()

Definition at line 334 of file