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salome-kernel  6.5.0
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calcium_uses_port Class Reference

#include <calcium_uses_port.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 calcium_uses_port ()
virtual ~calcium_uses_port ()
virtual void disconnect (bool provideLastGivenValue)
virtual const char * get_repository_id ()=0
 This is used by the component to get the CORBA repository id of the uses port.
virtual void uses_port_changed (Engines::DSC::uses_port *new_uses_port, const Engines::DSC::Message message)=0
 This method is the uses port's callback to be aware of connections states.
virtual Ports::PortProperties_ptr get_port_properties ()
 This is used to get the property object of the port.

Protected Attributes


Detailed Description

Definition at line 35 of file calcium_uses_port.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Definition at line 32 of file calcium_uses_port.cxx.


Definition at line 34 of file calcium_uses_port.cxx.


Member Function Documentation

virtual void calcium_uses_port::disconnect ( bool  provideLastGivenValue) [inline, virtual]

Reimplemented in CalciumGenericUsesPort< DataManipulator, CorbaPortType, repositoryName >.

Definition at line 40 of file calcium_uses_port.hxx.


Here is the caller graph for this function:

Ports::PortProperties_ptr base_port::get_port_properties ( ) [virtual, inherited]

This is used to get the property object of the port.

property's CORBA reference.

Definition at line 42 of file base_port.cxx.

  return default_properties->_this();
virtual const char* uses_port::get_repository_id ( ) [pure virtual, inherited]
virtual void uses_port::uses_port_changed ( Engines::DSC::uses_port new_uses_port,
const Engines::DSC::Message  message 
) [pure virtual, inherited]

This method is the uses port's callback to be aware of connections states.

It's an abstract method. The uses port uses this method to manage the sequence of the DSC_Basic uses port.

new_uses_portnew uses port sequence.
messagemessage associated with this modification.

Implemented in data_short_port_uses, GenericUsesPort< seq_u_manipulation< Ports::Calcium_Ports::seq_string, char * >, Ports::Calcium_Ports::Calcium_String_Port, repositoryName, calcium_uses_port >, GenericUsesPort< seq_u_manipulation< Ports::Calcium_Ports::seq_float, CORBA::Float >, Ports::Calcium_Ports::Calcium_Complex_Port, repositoryName, calcium_uses_port >, GenericUsesPort< seq_u_manipulation< Ports::Calcium_Ports::seq_float, CORBA::Float >, Ports::Calcium_Ports::Calcium_Real_Port, repositoryName, calcium_uses_port >, GenericUsesPort< seq_u_manipulation< Ports::Calcium_Ports::seq_double, CORBA::Double >, Ports::Calcium_Ports::Calcium_Double_Port, repositoryName, calcium_uses_port >, GenericUsesPort< seq_u_manipulation< Ports::Calcium_Ports::seq_long_long, CORBA::LongLong >, Ports::Calcium_Ports::Calcium_Long_Port, repositoryName, calcium_uses_port >, GenericUsesPort< DataManipulator, CorbaPortType, repositoryName, calcium_uses_port >, GenericUsesPort< seq_u_manipulation< Ports::Calcium_Ports::seq_boolean, CORBA::Boolean >, Ports::Calcium_Ports::Calcium_Logical_Port, repositoryName, calcium_uses_port >, and GenericUsesPort< seq_u_manipulation< Ports::Calcium_Ports::seq_long, CORBA::Long >, Ports::Calcium_Ports::Calcium_Intc_Port, repositoryName, calcium_uses_port >.

Member Data Documentation

Definition at line 49 of file base_port.hxx.

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